Friday, March 04, 2005

Deviating From the Trend of Inflammatory Posts

Senior year: your thoughts. Go.


Jeff said...

its going to fast. i'm sad to see it go. i'm having a hell of a lot of fun though.

Ben said...


Miguel said...

I concur, Ben.

Ken said...

It sucks.

And it's waaaay too long.

John and Karolyn said...

I'm dying to leave and dying to stay. There's some things I'll miss more than anything next year and some things won't get a second glance. The year's been going on too long, homework is old, but there's still so much left to do that I enjoy. Though yeah, this year's highs have been higher than I ever imagined, and the lows were more plentiful and more terrible than I could have ever predicted.
Definately not the year I thought I'd get, not the year I wanted, but when I look back in 20 years and remember it, I'm pretty sure the parts I remember will be a blast and all the shit will be gone and forgotten. Assuming I remember anything, of course.


Adrianna said...

Good things about senior year:

1. I have a social life.
2. It's almost over.

Seriously, I love it here but like John said I'd also love to leave. 6 more months until I'm free to live my life as I so choose (as long as my parents approve, of course.)

Cory said...

I love it. This being our last year here is something that's always in the back of my mind. But I have high hopes for college life.