Saturday, March 05, 2005

For Funny Links... Go Post Now!

The Outsiders Looking In

Thought I'd start a post so people can find funny links and share them. It could be a good news story, such as this story about a monkey
or it could be a funny link to a video or music thing like this one I Like Big... . In any case post some funny junk, and we will all laugh, if we are so inclined, and hopefully it will help us to steer away from all the strife that has hindered this normally successful blog.


Ben said...

Fucking monkeys, Katie and I are going to kill them all.

Cory said...

This isn't a funny link but rather a funny homily I heard last Sunday.

A Greek Orthodox Christian immigrated to America. He had nothing when he came but he spent a whole lot of time at church praying and he got a job as a painter. He made enough to get a truck and soon he started taking jobs on his own. His small business grew and his busy-ness kept him from church. Well he got greedy and started watering down his paint to make it last longer. One day one of his clients notices that he's been thinning his paints and she threatens to expose him. He gets all worried and goes to church. On his knees, he cries out to God and says, 'Lord, what do I do?' He hears a voice that says "Repaint, you thinner!"