Monday, March 07, 2005

Hey Kids, Ben Has A New Game

Hey, sorry for the absence. Fell asleep on the couch, book and sprial notebook on chest, Beagle at feet. Very Norman Rockwell. If Norman Rockwell liked painting pictures of ugly kids asleep on loveseats that aren't big enough for a satisfying nap. So I am currently deciding whether or not I have the balls to go to bed right now. I say this because I have a very shitty intro done (without a thesis), half on a conclusion, less than half of one body paragraph, and that is all. Am I ballsy enough? As I type I am not sure what I will do, as decision making is hard at this time. I know, I will work on something unrelated and totally useless instead (the Oregon AEA technology schlarship app that there is no chance in hell I will use but will make my pa happy. Because we did just have ourselves a nice little retreat. Its funny. He asks me if it went well. As if he wasn't there. That's my dad.) Oh, the new game would be trying to write virtually an entire paper in the few minutes before school, at break, and at lunch.

post script
Now gave up on the app.

post post script
Just thought of a new thesis/direction to take this still non-existant paper.

post post post script
Still haven't decided whether or not to go to bed. Mother, who woke me up from sleep on the couch, was assured I would soon go to bed (thirty minutes ago.)

post post post post script
Ben is gonna play the game.

[Edit: Ben apologizes for the shittiness of tonight's posts.]


Shakeer said...

I was worried about you. All I have to say is holy shit Ben that is hardcore.

I thought I'd check by before I signed off. I finished.

And I blogged about it.

Ben said...

Yeah, currently I am running 28.5 kilobytes. And I am currently saying currently too much. Anyway, good job, see ya tomorrow (kind of.) I am sending the email now and am also going to bed.

Satan said...

to the question of your ballsyness
the answer is no, you don't have the balls. But does it even matter in the whole scheme of things? Does one paper make a difference. You will all soon be mine. And yes your posts are shitty.

Cory said...

i found this post quite amusing

Satan said...

Yeah you would wouldn't you cory. Don't worry you will soon be with me.