Tuesday, March 01, 2005

In response to Ben's completely degradeing statement

But is it really fair to say that I am the reason for turning her lesbien? I mean she had to have some say in the matter, or am I really that horrible, look at Karolyn, Rachel, Misha, Maggie, or Doug. None of they are lesbiens now (that we know about). So it must have been more then just me. What about the girl I caught her with? Couldn't she have played a part in it? I feel really picked upon and degraded by being completely blaimed that one girl that I dated turned to the joys of her own gender. So Ben next time you or anyone brings that up, just remember that it could happen to you, well mabey not Doug cause he is already gay, but it could definatly happen to David. Look out Misha, I'm on to you.


Dave said...

lol, I'll stay on my toes ;)

Doug said...

I know that I am unbearably hot, but Alex, could you stop fantasizing about me? It is kinda disturbing. I know that the mere sight of me must send you mad, but still...

PS: last night was wonderful

Shinekaze said...

erm... alrighty then... heh I do think its funny that the one girl you dated became a lesbian. if you are still on good terms with her (which if ben's allegations are true, you prolly are not on good terms) ask her if you can watch... lol. just an idea.

John and Karolyn said...

Lest I'm mistaken, you've dated none of the aforementioned girls. Nor Dog. I fail to see how they are relevent.

If Megan becomes a lesbian, we'll know to be suspicious...you do seem to be developing into a serious actor.

And just a thought, but Ben was being maliciously sarcastic. I must compliment him on the quality of his humor...my own is devolving into "*insert name here* is a slut and wants to have sex" or "haha, you suck!" type jokes. I find his style refreshing and entertaining, though my chess playing antics, irrational fear of high places, or love of a sharp pointed object that jeff is scared of could easily become targets. Or maybe not...after all, comedically speaking, I'm rather bland. *shrug*

Yeah, I working on that deep post...I'm almost tired enough. Give it a few more days of the show and I'll rock your socks off.


Ben said...

Most of the time responses to comments are also in the comment section (as in your masterful Conservative Stronghold post and the subsequent debate), but I understand the need you feel to clear your name. I apologize for drawing attention to that regrettable turn of events. As a show of my utter repentance, I will refrain from typing the most beautiful small penis insult that has ever crossed this diseased mind of mine. Again, my apologies.

post script
It warms my heart to see that one of the first things Doug, Devon, and John did after coming home from tech was to check the blog.

Xan said...

First of all Doug the other night was fantastic, but you need to loose some wieght you almost crushed me to death.

Second, Devon you know you like it.

Third, I have date other girls, I just don't talk about it because they are also all lesbiens now, no just kidding, but in all honesty I have had other Girlfriends. I don't have to have my personal life exposed to every extent, That is what is horrible about the whole Hollywood, movie star craze is that they have no private life everything is public, There is no reason I should have to disclose my own information if I do not wish it. And obviously the people I dated havn't said anything to you either, because you don't know about it. (P.S. how'd you know about Megan?)

Fourth, Thank you ben for your fine comments about my conservative stronghold post and about my attept at acting, however I must tell you, I don't go telling people about the time you hit on a nun downtown or the time that you got lost and asked a hitchhiker for directions then left him there. Or about the time that Mrs. Turvy made you sit in a corner for punishment. Or the time Mrs. Davis threated to sit on you, or the time that Mrs. Rains complemented you on your fine northern skelitol sword dance. And how do you know I have a beautiful small penis?

Adrianna said...

Wow I didn't even make Alex's list. Now that's depressing. I think I'm gonna go cut myself now.

Xan said...

Sorry Adrianna, I just haven't given you the opertunity to become lesbien yet. But you know that if you really want to become a woman for others (more specificly other women) you don't need me, Ben is just as compitent in that field of expertise.