Wednesday, March 02, 2005

One word: hoverboots


I said one word.

If you want to know click on the above link. but you don't have to if you don't want to. But it would be kind of nice. You know to show your appreciation for me and all the hard work that I have given to you all over the past few weeks. You owe me one. Okay mabey not, but just click on the above link and enjoy a little piece of heven on earth. well not really on earth. more like on the internet. Hey where is the Internet located anywhay? Is it just like floating around not doing anything or is there like one main internet server located in like China somwhere? But back to the Hoverboots, just click on the link above and if that doesn't work go to and everything will be fine, or will it? Bum Bum Bum!

EDIT: This post is under probationary status. Blatant advertisement of this nature is not tolerated on this blog. However, I do not beleive in deleting non-profane posts. Your posting status is hereby suspended. After a manditory minimum time period to be decided by the administrators, posting status will be returned to you. Any further abuse of the blog for blatant self-advertisement will result in a permenant loss of posting privledges and the deletion of all offending posts.
If you have any objections to this revokation of priveledges, contact Ben or myself. Needless whining will only prolong your suspencion.

Pardon the spelling errors, I'm tired as hell.



Ken said...

We're leaving *this* as the epitaph post?

Ben said...

One word: yes

Doug said...

Thank you Ben.
And thank you Rachel, but for some reason I can't post a comment on your post.
I promise something soon. Maybe when I don't have three projects due within a week, plus trying to apply to three jobs and finaical aid to harvard. Bastards.

Xan said...

This is bullshit! You can't take me off of the Blog because I created a Deead Man Walking cast and Crew blog, or at least it is now only a cast blog all you tech can forgit it! and sense when is "advertising" prohibited?! I wasn't even advertising! I just showed you the link to a new blog. Whats so wrong with that? And when did john become such a #### asshole!? You have no right! When was the last time you posted here. It has basicly been myseld and ben for the last few weeks. You are the only one that is abusing the blog. taking off things that have nothing to do with you or even concern you, what does it matter if another blog is created, there is no rivalry here. John You just gave all posibility of a friendly relationship a dead fate!

Cynda said...
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Cynda said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.