Sunday, March 06, 2005

Volcano Gets Your Hope Up That You'll Get Out of School And Then Lets You Down

Alright, we lost Doug but picked up Shakeer.

So I had another thing here but I deleted it because it was stupid. Basically it equated me with a scullery maid. It had reasoning, but, yeah. Instead I will attempt to assert myself into the realm of the musically knowledgeable. [Believe it or not, this is in question because every music reference I make in English class is to The Clash] So I just wanted to say that I was already sick of Damien Rice a month before any of those drama kids (I of course use this term with the utmost respect and deference) ever heard him. Oh, and listen to Big Star. That is all.

post script
Is Xan better than me yet?

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Shakeer said...

Lookit this quote from The Metamorphosis:

"Was he a beast if music could move him so?"

Ben said...

That's good stuff.

Shakeer said...

Kafka is so awesome.

However, it kind of really sucks to have to stay up late into the night working banally on a paper about an author who writes primarily about the banality of work and characters who either turn into gigantic insect vermin or suicidal maniacs from staying up too long working too hard.

Ben said...

I understand. I am currently trying to spin Joyce's depressing outlook on life into a subtly optimistic one because I can only write about upbeat things. But when I say currently, I don't really mean it. I haven't really written anything that will actually end up being in the paper that needs to materialize quickly.

Shakeer said...

Dude aren't you glad you don't have AIM because that would probably be a real distraction while you were trying to work?

Oh snap.

Shakeer said...

This is like the Shakeer and Ben Late Night Comedy Hour.

I'll probably regret all these stupid jokes come morning.

Anonymous said...

Hey all of you who are up working on papers.

Shakeer said...

Another thing that sucks: reading stories that are supposed to read like nightmares and are probably inspired by nightmares when you're exhausted and desperately wanting to sleep.

Shakeer said...

And the worst part about that sort of a nightmarish story is that you keep wanting to escape it and the easiest way to do that is look up at the screen and maybe refresh a blog.

John and Karolyn said...

You never spam-linked, Benny boy. And you certainly provided able distraction for me.

But now I'm going to take my four pages of shit and sleep on 'em. It'll be a fun lunch period tomorrow.

Night all!


Satan said...

None of this makes sense! Are you high?