Friday, September 30, 2005

Shunned No More

Santa Clara is pretty sweet. The weather is absolutely amazing and the girls are even better. Classes sucks but that's really no suprise. I actually have to do homework which sucks majorly. The diversity dorm is, uh, very diverse. It's actually not that bad since about half of the people on my floor are white. Although, I'm pretty sure the other two floors are almost 100% Mexican. The one bad thing about Santa Clara is our lack of a football team. It really sucks. Also, they're doing construction outside my building which wakes me up at like 7:30 every day during the week. Lame. Other than that, things are great here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

just putting it out there

Hey all, I just wanted to post cause today I had one of those 'I miss home moments' for about five seconds before I got over it. Mostly I’m doing this cause I’m putting of doing my Poli Sci paper which is not due till Friday, I’m just being responsible. So college is defiantly still cool and in fact I was just talking to Ben and thought of something. Today I tried my first cigar, which was pretty good. Now I’m not planning on doing anything else but I figured why not try. Finding it to be quite relaxing and cool I wanted to ask is there anyone else on this blog who does smoke an occasional cigar, and if you are thinking about trying I encourage it. It would be really cool to go home and have a cigar with a bunch of you guys. Like the title of the post, I’m just putting it out there, and hope no one ridicules me for doing so :(. Anyways have a great week guys, and since I don’t feel like proofing this piece it probably has mistakes in it, I apologize.

Seems like a lifetime ago, but here...

I realized that I never put up pictures from my crazy cross-country road trip here. Here's a few. A lot of 'em look weird because I took them from the inside of a moving car. But there's some pretty stuff too. If there's any demand I can put up all of 'em on an offsite location and then link to them here.

From Indiana... "HOW FAST CAN A MAN SINK IN GRAIN??" from one of the grain awareness booths at the state fair. I kid you not. They even had a tug-o-war with an grain simulator. I lost :(

Rolling hills and incoming thunder in Iowa. Purdy.

Night at the Olympic Village just outside of Salt Lake.

Driving through Wyoming... so pretty. I have a lot of shots of Wyoming. The nothingness that is out there is so dramatic.


I miss you guys.


Yes, I know it's September still (barely...almost October which is almost Halloween) but I wanted to just throw this out there so that people know.

This applies to anyone at Marquette or going to Marquette for Thanksgiving:

I will not make it to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.

I'm going to Virginia with my roommate, Emily, to spend Thanksgiving with her's closer, and I can continue training over the break.

But man, what I wouldn't give to be with you...think of me while you're eating God-knows-what (a delicious God-knows-what, I'm sure).

Trust me, it makes my heart hurt to think that I won't see a lot of you guys until Christmas...Christmas, that's not until, that's a long time.

Everybody feel free to post your Thanksgiving plans (or lack thereof), whether you're going home or not, etc...that way, people going home can hang out, and people who aren't can... have solidarity.

"Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day." Robert Caspar Lintner
(what do you think, guys, have another thanksgiving on some random day when everybody's home? i think it could be a great time. of course, at this point, sitting in the same room with you guys would qualify as a great time for me...i'm easy to please.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Good, the OK, and the Pretty

The Good
Orientation Week. I played tennis, basketball, and guitar with some of the guys at Varsity House. Entering Jesuit I knew a couple people and slowly got to know a few at a time until it grew into our big group. Upon moving in Sunday I’ve been picking up about twenty names a day. And a lot of them are really befriend-able, especially the church groups. There were a couple social activities everyday like potlucks, night-games, a dance (I’m so glad I learned to swing dance).

Varsity House. It’s is my ideal home. The guys are all pretty cool. There’s half of an outdoor basketball court by the parking lot. Our cook definitely knows what she’s doing. We get two home-cooked meals every weekday. We make our own breakfast, and there’s a whole bunch of cereals, waffles, and bagels. Plus we have a Bible study for new guys every Tuesday and worship every Thursday. We have a piano, so I’m learning the Moonlight Sonata right now. 69 measures. I have about 8 of them down. It’ll take awhile.

Friends. I keep seeing people from Jesuit, and I have a few classes with Chris Dieringer. I played basketball with Matt Heberling (soccer team Matt). Good times. Plus I got to see people from my old school again. Even better though, is hanging out with some of the girls from my old church.

My Room. It’s in the basement. It's pretty roomy. We have a three person couch facing a TV. I have a couple roommates. One of them spent the summer in Germany, and he’s studying German, so I’m picking up some of it. He looks like Andrew Cotton. The other knows computers pretty well, so he’s pretty useful to have around.

My Classes. Chemistry, Math, Engineering, and Spanish. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get all of my classes out of the way in the morning, and Tuesdays and Thursdays I have one class. They’re all pretty close together, and they’re close to Varsity House. The course load isn’t too much work, and what I’m learning feels interesting/relevant enough for me to be motivated for them.

The Churches. They’re everywhere. Greater Portland Bible Church didn’t really help my faith all that much, so this time I’m checking out a whole bunch of different church groups before becoming a regular member. I went to United Pentecostal Church last Sunday. Man that was interesting.

Sports. I'll be doing intramural basketball, tennis, and soccer. Dixon Recreation Center is about as awesome as it gets as far as athletic facilities go concerning my preferences.

The Just OK
My sleeping porch. A couple guys snore sometimes, and I have a top bunk that’s hard to climb into. Plus it’s below a creaky part of the main floor. I have a soft sleeping pad on top of a new mattress with two heavy blankets, so it’s really hard to get out of bed in the morning on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but I have to if I want to wake in time to be allowed to have the breakfast food (which tends to cost more) before they cut off the supplies at 10:30.

The Pretty
The Girls! I know Maggie earned Jesuit’s “most likely to win a beauty pageant,” but college girls seem to be in a whole other league. The school is full of runner-ups to say the least. And what’s more, they’re really easy to meet at college-age church groups.

P.S. Ken was right. You guys are unique and no one can replace you. Being in a new community doesn’t take away the place in my life you guys are a part of as the high school group I’ll always remember.

So I went and saw me some Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (a tribute to the dearly departed Harumph!)

Because Shakeer has decided that he wasn't breaking enough hearts the old-fashioned way and chose to discontinue his blog (when I read that last post I felt like Obi-Wan when the Death Star destroys Alderaan), the Outsiders obviously need to pick up the slack with regards to concert reviews. As such, your two intrepid Irish investigators, John and myself, were in attendance when Clap Your Hands Say Yeah played here at Notre Dame Saturday night. And I was moderately disappointed, mainly in Alec, the lead singer who appeared half-hearted in everything except "Helpless," a Neil Young song they covered to end the show. I can't really blame him because maybe 10% of the people there were actually fans or had even previously listened to their music, the rest were there for other reasons (there is something to be said for charging for tickets.) So they got very little crowd feedback, except for plenty of inebriated dancing. Their CD just sounds significantly better to me, which made seeing them live unsatisfying. On the other hand, I really dug the opening band, Margot & The Nuclear So & So's and didn't feel so bad about accidentally buying their CD before I had even heard them. Unfortunately the CD isn't nearly as good as they were live. Man, life is just crazy, isn't it?

I don't really have any other Domer news. I guess I didn't know it was possible to miss this many things at one time.

"It is a horrible thing to feel slipping away everything that we possess." -Blaise Pascal

Monday, September 26, 2005

It has been a while

Hey everyone hope things are going just swell!
now for the real business: for all those that have not heard the buzz YOU MUST MAKE A TODD KEOUGH FAN CLUB! make it on face book please. so far there are around 5 in the country. Act now! it does not matter if you didnt know him or if you are the only one at your school just make it and invite all those that went to JHS last year.
Unite the class of 2005 under one leader!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Twice Bitten, Once Shy

I really have no reason to be posting, but I really wanted to post with that title. Fits really well; during rehersal, I hid this girl's sandwhich after she told that if I did, she'd stab me with her room key. So she tried to key me. I easily blocked the attack, but doing so, I left my arm open to bittage. She bit and held on. I still have a welt there, and its been over a day. Then she bit me again today. The once shy thing, I think I actually found friends that begin to compare to you guys. First of all, Ken went caving this weekend, so I had to find another source of amusement, which happened to take the form of a Disney dance party in my room. We stayed up until 4, and most of us ended up sleeping on the floor, but there was a bed and an air mattress that went unused so... whatever. (Okay, it quickly faded into a non-Disney dance party, but still there was way too much Disney for my tastes). I also found out that the people who live directly above me are huge Harry Potter fans. Contrary to what I'm assuming is the general opinion amongst you guys, they like Ron's hair and detest Harry's. But they are obsessed, and I found people to go to the midnight showing (like I'd actually go to the midnight showing, but my RA might make it a floor event, in which case it'd be free...).

PS: Ben, the football gods have taken their revenge on me. Cornell lost to Yale. Horribly.

PPS: I also have another story that involves me being bitten but that's better because it involves lesbians. But alas, it's a story for another time.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

The Jesuit Game

Speaking as a person who stood on the side of the Beaverton field in 2003 with a broken heart, desperately trying to console myself while watching the players walk off the field(shut up, it hurt), it felt unbelievably good to watch us kick Beaverton's ass on Friday. Yes, I was there but that's another story. Anyway, for those of you who weren't the game was better for JHS than the score would suggest. One, Weatheroy hurt his shoulderin the first halfand Keo had to come in and run in his place. Second, we don't have a punter. Third, second-half domination. Some numbers: 0, 8, 5, 134. In other words, 0 rushing yards in the game for Beaverton, 8 second-half plays for Beaverton, 5 yards total in the second half for Beaverton, 134 rushing yards(mostly in the second half) for Keo. Anytime you can post those kind of numbers, you're going to do pretty well. It was great to go in there and show that we can play with anyone including the second ranked team in the state.

Also, I talked to several people about the Southridge game. From what I heard, it was just one of those games where everything went wrong(one of those things being that the punter broke his foot the day before the game, thus the no punter comment above). We also made some terrible mistakes. Southrisge is a good team, as Pat astutely stated, and seeing as how they have never beat Jesuit in the history of their school, they were due for one. But we really are better than we played in that game so take heart.

As you can see, I still refer to Jesuit as we also.

Good news, everyone!

Just so y'all know, Jesuit football beat Beaverton this Friday. Hells yeah!

Friday, September 23, 2005


Look at that...mere HOURS after Ken mentions it on the blog, the review is up. Now let's all pretend it was coordinated. Oh, and I TOTALLY skipped the last fifteen minutes of history to catch this during its matinee hours.

First off, there’s not way I can talk about this without comparing it to the play it’s adapted from, which I and a number of others had the opportunity to really dig into (I not as much as say…the cast, but I saw it like ten times or whatever, and Jeff talked about it incessantly). So for those of you who didn’t see the JHS production, you probably won’t get a lot of where I’m coming from.

Also, there are some spoilers, but if you saw the play it’s nothing you don’t know.

First, it is a GOOD film. It’s a very GOOD film. But it’s not a GREAT film, whereas the play IS. Some of the problems are inherent to the medium, largely in terms of the dialogue, which is left mostly intact and in many instances doesn’t read as well as it did onstage.

And although most of the dialogue is the same, most of it does not take place in the same location. In fact, only one scene that I recall in the entire film takes place on the back porch of the house. The rest is either in the house, on the front porch, in cars, in department stores, at the funeral, at the school, et cetera. One thing I thought about pretty quickly was actually something I heard while in Nebraska when we took the play there. At this writing workshop, the guy running it said that Hollywood almost requires the scene to change at least every ninety seconds. A conversation can continue, but the characters have to go to another room, get in a car, just go somewhere ELSE. And there are a lot of scenes where the dialogue is the EXACT same as the play, but the characters are running all over the place.

But with that, we also get to fill in some of the gaps. We get to see a lot of the house (despite the fact that director John Madden (not that one) used a TON of close-ups), which I always wanted to walk into and look around. We get to see Catherine at school, which makes it all the more heartbreaking when she has to go back to take care of Robert (the why of which unfortunately isn’t fully explained until the end of the film).

Of course, it means you also see the sex scene, which comes off really awkward (the big lead-up to it is Catherine taking Hal to her room and saying "Well, this is my room!"). But yeah, try not thinking of the JHS production during THAT little ditty.

The acting is solid, even if Anthony Hopkins goes over the top a lot. That’s all I’ll really say on the subject, as I cannot possibly objectively compare it to the JHS show. I either already was or became friends with the cast of the show during the whole thing, and saw them go on many nights and all that it took to do that. I do believe wholeheartedly that the folks in the film don’t hold a candle to Kate, Matt, Langan, and Chris. But then again, they never had a chance.

It’s easier to harp on a good film’s few flaws rather than talk about all the great things about it. So if that helps explain why the good comments have been shuffled aside, you’re welcome. To summarize, it is definitely a good film, but it’s not nearly as amazing as the play.

And it’s an easy film to recommend, especially for those who really got into the play, if only for curiosity’s sake. You’ll spend the whole time comparing it to the play and thinking of all the good times behind it (the walk home was flooded by Nebraska memories), but it’s a worthwhile thing to check out.

Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk

(This title is applicable for two reasons:
1. I've been listening to that song lately, and I really like it.
2. I can now buy cigarettes, and I love chocolate milk.)

So, yesterday I became an adult. No more child's play for me, I magically matured the instant I turned exactly 18 years old.

Thanks to all of you who texted/IMed/called/wrote on my facebook wall/sent me a facebook message/sent a card for my was seriously overwhelming, and so nice to know that you were thinking of me. One of the best parts of facebook is that it lists birthdays, so I got upwards of 30 e-mails from facebook with "blahdy mcblahblah has written on your wall" which was ridiculous, but really nice...and I got random "Happy Birthday!"s from people I hadn't talked to since elementary school, so that was cool too.

So on to how it all went. First, I was watching Boondock Saints in this one guy's room on my birthday eve with a bunch of people, and fell asleep, then randomly woke up at 11:40. I remembered that I had morning practice the next morning, so I said "I'm going to bed." They proceeded to wait until midnight, then come down and wish me happy birthday on the first minute of my birthday...except I was asleep, and I always put my phone on silent when I go to bed. I've also learned that I sleep through everything, so I didn't hear them knocking either. They left me rather frustrated voice mails for me to wake up to, let me tell you.

I woke up at 5:45 for my first birthday swim practice of the day, then took a crazy fast shower, grabbed a muffin and speed walked (I refuse to run for busses or classes. Just part of who I am.) to my first birthday class, Gender and Sexuality in Christian Tradition, where the only reason I was awake, I'm not really sure how I stayed awake. Meh. I then had Traditions in Documentary Studies, and to celebrate my birthday, I did not go. I told Alex, this junior on the swim team, that I wasn't going, and he agreed to check my name off on the attendance list, and so I will do the same for him one day. So instead of going to class, I opened the presents my family had sent me. Much better.

I had lunch with Liqiao from next door, then went and grabbed Becky and Nick to take them to Ben & Jerry's to celebrate my birthday. Nick paid for me as a birthday present. Awesome.

Then I had Birthday Practice #2, which of course had to be a Lifting day, with our crazy she-man trainer KB. She's really nice, but she's slowly killing all of us and making us ridiculously sore.

I officially turned 18, to the minute, while I was doing wall sits.

Then my roommates and I grabbed dinner and went back to our room to get dressed for my "birthday surprise", which I was a little worried about, until I was reassured that it wasn't "Surprise! We're getting you drunk and taking you to a frat party!"

They took me to a Sister Hazel Concert.

I love them.

It was amazing.

We got back to the room at 1:00, then decided to eat cake, because we hadn't yet. Liqiao, Nick, and Becky had stayed up to wait for us (and for cake), so they had some too.

We went to bed at 2:30.

We woke up at 5:45 for morning practice this morning, and swam 4 miles, and now I'm back.

And now I get to learn 50 latin words by 3:00 class because I didn't do work yesterday. On 3 hours of sleep.


I just wanted to share my birthday with you, because you all would have been a part of it if you were here with me. And all the messages and such made me feel very special and very loved, so thank you.

p.s. sorry that was so long. i actually have another story that some of you might have heard from me already, the swim team scavenger hunt initiation task story, but i might have to save that for another post. just don't let me forget.
p.p.s. pictures:

Some items.

First, happy birthday, Katie!

Second, Alex, that science fiction post happened to be the blog's 600th. Six hundred posts. I guess it's appropriate that you took it since probably at least 150 of them were yours.

Third, I'm going on a caving trip this weekend for my P.E. credit this semester and I had to buy coveralls... think a mechanic's jumpsuit. It's because the caves are so mucky that they ruin normal clothes. However, it appears that there are no coveralls available for purchase in the entire city of Ithaca, so I ended up buying hunting overalls (Mossy Oak camo) and a twill shirt from Dick's Sporting Goods. I also accidentally got a really short haircut last week, so I look like a redneck when I wear all of this together. I'd send a picture but it's kind of embarrassing.

Fourth, Doug is alive and well and since we have Physics section together I get to see him macking it up with this girl Gabriella from Florida who happens to be pretty hot. I think he should make a move. Who cares if she has a boyfriend, Doug's an actor now. (Doug, if you dislike this paragraph, tell me and I will edit it out. But I'm proud of you.)

Fifth, I have an Ipod now. It's black and very small and I'm going to lose it, but so far it's been great fun. I don't know if you guys have DC++ hubs, but I'm getting accustomed to downloading stuff at ~1 mb/s to put on said Ipod.

Sixth, they made Proof into a movie with Anthony Hopkins? Who? What? Discuss.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Oh shit it's my mother!

Well okay not really. But Hurricane Rita, my mother's namesake, is currently rumbling through the Gulf of Mexico at a rather rapid clip, with sustained winds of 140 MPH+. It's expected to become a Category 5 hurricane shortly and make landfall in the Galveston, Texas area within 70 hours. Houston and Galveston are going to get smashed to hell if this thing stays strong... there are also major oil and gas fields between this hurricane and landfall, so that's going to be bad as well. Some weather service bouys have already been yanked from anchor by the hurricane, so any big rigs or platforms are going to get tossed around quite a bit. People are evacuating from the areas projected to be hit more than ever before since what happened with Katrina, but the damage is still expected to be catastrophic. Hopefully the loss of life will not be as pronounced, and hopefully some good wind shear will develop and weaken Rita before she hits shore.

For sheer "oh christ" factor, here is a picture of the same region that Rita is going to hit when it was struck by a tropical storm in the 1990s (Alicia, it stalled out over the area and dumped a lot of rain; imagine that this is storm surge instead):

That is an interstate highway.

This hurricane season has been batshit insane. Katrina alone made it the most deadly and most expensive in history, and the hits just keep on coming... for the first time in history, the NHC is going to most likely run out of names for hurricanes and have to start using the Greek alphabet to name them instead. The hurricane season ends November 30th, and we've already had a full season's worth of storms within the past couple of months. Historically, September is the busiest month for such storms, so we'll see what happens.

Oh, and that's just the Atlantic. Check this out:

It's from a few days ago, in the eastern Pacific. What you see there is Hurricane Jova (Category 2), Hurricane Kenneth (barely a Category 3), and Tropical Storm Lidia, all lined up in a neat little row. Since the picture was taken they have moved in a more northwesterly direction, out into the open Pacific to where they'll most likely become rather destructive typhoons.

So in conclusion, geez mom you should really not be so angry. I know you hate Texas, but seriously... seesh.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hi guys, it's Ken.

(It's long but please read it. Please.)

Hi guys. I haven't posted yet about Cornell because I've been really busy. Sometime soon I'll tell you about it. Mostly I'm having fun and waiting for my Verizon cell phone to get here so I can actually call you. (T Mobile doesn't get any reception on North Campus, where I live. More on that later.) But even though it's 1:26 AM right now in Ithaca, and I'm really tired (not to mention out of practice writing), I feel like now would be a good time to write something. Here goes.

I have never really been the type to miss people. Sleepovers, summer camp, whatever, I would almost totally forget about the other people in my life and focus on what was going on. I didn't really think about my parents or siblings or friends all that much, even though I liked them.

One of the things college has shown me, though, is that although there may be cool people anywhere I go, they're not you. They don't have the same sense of humor, or they're not as laid-back, or they're not as understanding... not yet, anyway. I can't think of any less lame way to say this, but the people who read this blog are some of the best people I've ever met. I'm not just going to find extra copies of you guys hanging out in random places all over the United States. (Which would have surprised me if I'd heard that back in spring. Hey, it's a big country.)

With the exception of Patrick and maybe Misha, you're not going to end up here at Cornell. So when I miss you guys, which happens upwards of five times a day, I walk to my computer and check this blog. If there's something new, I read that. If there isn't, I read something old and smile at it and then I get up and finish my beer. (Ha ha just kidding.) I am sitting here writing this because this blog is such an important part of my life right now. (I know this sounds more and more sappy the farther along you read but important things sound like that sometimes. Please bear with me.)

Ben told me a while ago that he's tired of people thinking this is his blog. It's not, anymore. It's our blog. Enough of our lives--our lives, not just Ben's--has been recorded and discussed and remembered here that it's become, at least for me, something almost... sacred. ESPECIALLY since I can't see you anymore. I don't have pictures of you guys and I don't have a working phone and I don't have my cookies and this is how I feel like I'm sitting on a couch across from you laughing and chatting about whatever random crap we used to chat about.

Here's my point. This blog isn't here for us to work out our issues with each other. When we have issues with each other we can use AIM or a phone, or we can complain about it in some livejournal somewhere or talk to another friend about it. This blog is here for us to keep in touch. It's here so we can hang out. Of course things are changing now, and of course there's gonna be some friction there. But please, for my sake if no one else's, store it somewhere else. In fact, call or message me. Just, before you ever hit "post comment," think about each one of the twenty-odd names on the left side of the screen reading what you wrote and hearing what you said. There have been a lot of times where I hesitated over the comment button and just closed the window for that reason. If you see something turning into an argument, and you're part of it, leave my couch and my buddies for a second and talk about it outside the room, okay? If you can't bring yourself to do that, I just really wish you would hold off on posting until you've at least discussed it with someone.

I'll say it again. This blog is a place for me and everyone else to feel safe and be who we are. I wish there was an irritation filter so it could stay positive, but there isn't, so you have to do it yourself. It makes me so sad when I load this page to feel better and more at home and I end up feeling like home is farther away than it's ever been before, or that the home I remember isn't going to be there anymore when I get back. (It won't be home if we're not friends.)

As Misha said, "I like it better when everybody is just okay with everybody else." Can we do that? Swallow the little annoyances and if they get too big find somewhere else to blurt them out? Because I don't want to lose this blog--I don't need anything else to miss right now.

Can I get an amen?

Sunday, September 18, 2005

A weekend of sights.

So, along with all the exciting bits of college there are the times when you find yourself sitting at your computer with absolutely nothing to do. That is where I am at this moment. Like many others I am what we call a chronic procrastinator. Homework? Yea tons, but who cares! Don't get me wrong, I do it, but you all know what I mean. Anyways some updates for the week: yesterday during the ND game (which was depressing, my sympathies to john and ben, hell of a game tho) a car ran straight into the restaurant across from my dorm. It was intense. Evidently the guy in the car ran a red light, almost hit a guy crossing the street and then swerved right into a 'no parking' sign and then into the restaurant. Some humor in that I suppose since the ‘no parking’ sign was right infront of the car inside the restaurant. It was sweet. No one died so don’t worry. On a side note, yesterday was also intense because one of my friends went to the hospital. We were at a party, he had way too much to drink, and so we had to take him back to McCormick in a public saftey car. Later, my friend and I couldn't keep him awake so our RA called public safety, who then sent him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. It was pretty freaky, I would suggest not doing it. As if this was not enough, I was in my room still sorting everything out and another of my friends came back hammered of his ass. He then proceeded to dance/make out with a fan and try to throw it out a window. Shortly after he threw some pizza out the window and pissed out of it to. We have videos. And no ken, not of the peeing. Then some other stuffed happened which I will not repeat. So over all Saturday was one of the most intense day's I’ve ever had. I hope you are all having as much fun as I am, and stay safe all of ye.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Notre Dame Football: A Students Perception

As I promised to Ben, I will attempt to provide a glimpse into the insanity and pure enjoyment that is a ND football home game, particularly one in times such as these. What times, you ask? Well, all you need to know about the Weisage shall be explained in good time, oh inquisitive amoungst you.

Not counting the weeklong anticipation for the game, the football weekend began on Thursday with a large pep rally sponsored by one of the guys dorms. Plates were broken over heads, Brady Quinn and other stars spoke motivationally while girls (and some guys...) swooned, and God's instrument on the feild, Weis himself, appeard to speak breifly. Regretfully, the festivities ended early due to inclimental weather (namedly, a lot of rain) but people still had fun. After, those so inclined set out to local apartment complexes and other off campus venues to begin the ritual here-known as "pregaming". Further revelry was had on the quad, but all I heard of this was the screams. And the resulting muddy clothes... Friday classes were more or less ignored, as what appeared to be roughly half the student body slept in. After class Friday, (or perhaps during?) the pregaming resumed, as did other assorted insanities. Games were to be found aplenty on the quads, there was a showing of Rudy on an inflatable screen, several rooms in Stanford were converted to one of the biggest un-fined in-dorm parties on campus (at least, I don't think they got fined...) which attracted females from across campus with the flashing lights and blaring speakers. Not to mention the whispered claims of over fifty cases having been secreted about the rooms. Claims I beleive were only slightly, if at all, exaggerated. Yet here I neglect the key moments of the night. At around 4:30, dorms began massing and donning spirited apparel before making the (distance varying by dorm, ours is quite far away) almost mile sprint to the JACC, where the "official" pep rally was to be held. The Gentlemen of St. Ed's went topless with naught but kilts to protect their manhoods, while the more intelligent (or modest) men of Stanford Hall wore matching green shirts in honor of being irish, from stanford, and hating the choice of yellow (fine, gold) shirts for the student section. Imagine the JHS student body, all of it, packing into the Moyer. This would be accomplished by having students stand in the aisle, on seats, basically everywhere. So close together that they need to turn slightly sideways at times to fit. Then imagine a bhs player walking on stage and taking a crap. In front of us. Picture that rage. Hold it in your mind. Maginfy it by a a hundred, and you have the energy level and pure, unadulterated hatred of our crowd. I would have been terrified to be the "michigan state student{" who came out to aid in firing the students and more energetic alumni up. At games, one chant we do is "Kill, Kill, KILL!". And I'm pretty sure the majority mean it. Mob mentality is a frightening thing. After numerous different cheers that shook the massive, yet completely full, fieldhouse and performances by the cheerleaders, dance team, and band, they brought out Sir Weis and the ND Fighting Irish. Captains and an old coach (who's name escapes me, sadly....he's famous, though. Won lots of games. Things like that) spoke, before Weis took the mic and told us to be fired up, not get too drunk BEFORE the game, and be quiet when the offence had the ball and scream our heads off when we were on defense (apparently, this was a revelatoin for some people...they don't know how to be quiet at a football game). Then the Stanford Syndicate, a group of stout lads "louder than your mother" gather others about them and headed over to the women's soccer game...note that we have always attracted offcial notice of cheerleaders as being louder than them and have yet to get kicked out of a game...or to have a soccer team lose under our encouragement) to yell loud cries of Olay! and Zahm's Gay! while applauding and thumbing-up a ref named Dick. (Can you tell I'm tired at the moment? yeah...)
For most, friday and saturday were one day. For me, I got 5 hours of sleep, from one to six, before being awoken by masked and armed upperclassmen to take a lovely morning jog through two fountains, one dyed green and one dyed blue, and trek at a trot over to the nothing but the pair of shorts I happened to have on in bed. I again popped a lense out of my glasses while showing my manliness by jumping through a fire-hose stream of water (a feat no others attempted, proving I was more badass than they) while kiwi's and phone books flew about us. This was our training in dodging opposing fans and doing whatever we must to reach our goal -- the ND stadium on Game Day. Afterwards, we all showered (separately) and naped (also separately) before grilling food in the quad (this was done shoulda seen that grease) and offering bacon to passing female joggers. Surprisingly, a few even had some.
After this were the countless tailgating parties and other pre game fun things that I barely experienced. The game can I describe ND's entire student body packed into a corner of the stadium screaming their heads off? The amazing band filling the entire field, bellowing the worlds most powerful fight song? The cheerleaders beating up the opposing mascot (that was staged, but still funny)? The emotion of going down big and coming back to win--oh wait, that WASN'T a safety and we're in overtime? WTF?!?! (still a little bitter about that and the fumble on the one yard line by our fullback who I swear didn't run for a single positive yard all game yet ended at least 3 drives by losing the ball or getting taken down in the backfield)
Yeah, ND lost by 3 in overtime, but the game was great. State played well, took advantage of our crap, but we should have beaten them. Our O-Line was owned (to the point my amigos seriously considered lobbying for me to be put in...yeah, some of them were slightly drunk, but they did see me clothesline and gut check large juniors during our no-pads section football event a few nights previously...that was fun times). But the fans...the fans were amazing. Give JHS those fans and they'd win state every year. Our freshman team could win state every year. Its truely frightening how powerful a collegiate student section that wants to win can be.
The post game celebratoins were almost no existant, due to the loss. I hear some state kids lost thier dignity (and some blood), but that might just be drunken bragging. I may post further commentary in a few weeks after we win at home.

But now, I need to sleep...cause I have a ton of homework, studying, and interhall football scheduled for tomorrow.

Go Irish!


A real post from Penn

Reading Terminal Market is the most amazing place. Think Saturday Market but on a grander scale with all sorts of odds and ends shops, meat markets, diners, and candy and dessert counters galore. The place is huge.

Look Magda, bread!

We stopped by a little bookshop that sold ancient books that look like they could be ornamental pieces in a rich home. I searched all over for a particular book and finally found it when we were about to leave. Which book you ask?

The Don of course! I only found the first part but it was cool nonetheless. We wandered around for a bit til 3:30 and then headed back to watch Penn's first football game which was against Duquesne.

There was a stand for students to take bread to throw after each quarter. I figured out why we throw's not because we were trying to say that the other team was "toast" like I thought, but because there's a line about toasting our university in our fight song. So that's that. The football game however was quite slow and pretty uneventful. The only good part, besides Penn winning 41 to 14, was that students get free admission. There were a couple of pretty obnoxious people sitting behind us which made the game all the more unpleasant. One was a drunk blonde girl and she kept reading a guy's shirt who was sitting a few rows below us. It read, "Shit happens when you party naked." I guess she wanted to get his attention but he kept ignoring her and she kept yelling at him. The other was a guy who kept yelling "Duquesne sucks!" every so often like he couldn't come up with anything more original than that. It makes me wonder how people can be so smart and so retarded at the same time. Most of the toast was thrown after the third quarter and my group decided to leave a little after the fourth started. It's kind of sad when the only reason you want to stay at a football game is to watch the machine drive around to pick up the toast. I think the machine broke though because it picked up a plastic bowling pin someone threw and was dropping more toast than it was picking up.

The whole throwing toast tradition is so wastful. You could make so many grilled cheese sandwiches with all that toast..or feed several hungry African children.

Here is a picture of a helmet vehicle.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Random Stuff to Test a Theory....

So tonight my campus is pretty empty due to the wild winds, cold tempature and drenching type rain. I was walking around cause I miss the rain and I found a bunny under a tree.

They are everywhere here. Anyway I had some salad left over from dinner and pulled it out and fed some to the rabbit. I had to get back to the dorm so I started to walk away and said rabbit followed. It followed me all the way to my dorm. It looked really sad and I couldn't just let it sit out there all alone in the cold. So I decided to stay outside with this bunny for like an hour just playing with it and thinking. Finally I saw this other bunny come hopping buy and my bunny left to join him. Glad to see my bunny off safely I went inside.

I decided that that is my favorite part of campus: the wild life and more specifically the bunnies.
I suppose this post didn't really have much of a point. Is it weird that I felt more at home and comfortable outside in the dark cold with a bunny than I do hanging out im my dorm room?

Whatever at least I'm making friends, even if they don't really talk back!

Oh and my roomate got super excited when she saw the Harry Potter trailer so I will have people to see it with, one of my roomates is probably transfering to another school in a week and my last roomate loves "Only Hope" by Mandy Moore!!

P.S. I hope Ben comes back soon...

P.P.S. My roomate is playing the Love Actually soundtrack and more specifically Joni Mitchell.
Tis making me sad and nostaligic. Can I get an Amen for encounter memories MWE girls!?!?!

P.P.P.S. OWE girls too I shouldn't discriminate after all we're talking bout love here!

P.P.P.P.S. sorry last one. I guess you Encounter boys and co-ed encounter people can join in on the amens too!!

"LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE" aka "All you need is love" ~ I swear it's playing as I type! Got to love Love Actually

Ok promise going now....


Thursday, September 15, 2005

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Trailer!

I realize that every time I post, I post about Harry Potter, but I'm sorry I just have to do it. It's a lot easier than spreading the link around to people who are bored on AIM. So yeah, the full trailer for The Goblet of Fire was released today. Once again, it looks very promising, but I still hate the long hair and Harry seems to have gotten uglier. There are some full screen versions out there if you are that ambitious. Oh and there's a kid in my hall who looks exactly like Ron in the movie except skinnier and taller and slightly more goofy looking.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

E-mail change

Hey, this might be considered pimping myself, but whatever.

My e-mail has changed, and for those who don't read my personal blog, I thought you should be made aware.

Continuing the long, winding road of completely uncreative e-mail addresses.

So please now direct all your letters, comments, nude photos, love notes, and death threats to that address.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Novelty T-Shirts for Lyfe

I won this at the very first meeting of SWE last night. That stands for "society of women engineers." I just thought that I would share it with you all.

Yes nerd jokes!

A friendly warning - perhaps a bit too girly and mushy

Ok so here's the deal.

Please don't think I am trying to be elitist, arrogant, or even hypocritical I just want you to know.

It's what everyone is talking about. It's what has been dominating many conversations and it's what has been causing long nights and people beating them selves up.

My take.
I of course would prefer that none of the people I love drink. I have witnessed first hand in the worst way possible what happens when people drink and even though I was sober it didn't matter. So take heed. Be responsible guys; be smart, and if you are going to drink please just don't go crazy.

I love all of you so much and I can't imagine what I would do if something happened to you. There are creeps out there and they will take advantage of you if they think they can and being drunk gives them ample opportunity, yes even if you live in podunk Ithaca!

If you ask me we have all gone through enough shit over the past few years, some more than other and I'll admit a lot caused by yours truly so I guess what I'm trying to say is we don't need to go through something like that again or anything like that again. I am a worrier (I believe it's in my blood) and believe it or not I worry constantly about you guys and so I have to say this because if I didn't and something happened to one of you I would never forgive myself.

Ben put out a warning, John's post turned into the alcohol post, but here's my post. Me pleading that you all keep yourself safe and make smart decisions and if that includes alcohol I know I can't stop you but just be wise and just know what you're doing and if at all possible please take someone who will stay sober and watch over you. Someone you trust not just anyone.

I just don't want to see any of you hurt.

Because I love you all so very much and many of you if not all of you are the reason I am still alive. No joke.

Be careful. I love you.

Monday, September 12, 2005


I always imagine during my 8 AM calc class that my crazy old math professor (Professor Krenz!) looks kind of like this:

But alas he does not.

Also here is another picture to make everyone feel all happy because seriously my brain is full of fuzz, cobwebs, and a massive tension headache from my Chem lab... yeah. I can imagine that all of you enterprising young children probably feel similarly.

I bid you good day.


Notre Dame, aka My Life as a Stanford Pirate

First, allow me to explain that Stanford is my hall (or dorm, to those of you uncivilized enough to not have a hall...and NOT a house, only the men of questionable orientation at Zahm have a house). Normally, we are refered to in Stanford as "The Gentlemen" "The Syndidcate" or "Those Loud Idiots Who Just Got Fined". During our "Dis-O", where the sophmores attempted to get as many freshman plastered as possible, a group of guys were loud enough they were heard yelling "We have 40's!" inside the dining hall a quarter-mile away. And our walls are made of cinderblocks. They set a record by being fined 1,200 dollars (after talking it down from almost 2,000) for possesion of oversized containers of alcohol, namedly, 40's. In case further clarification is needed, I did not partake in this madness...amazingly, I appear to be one of the few dry souls among our highschool group. C'est la Vie.

But on to the larger reason for posting...this past Friday night, the men of Stanford transformed the Cinderblock Palace of Love (as the girls of ND/SMC/HTC refer to it) into a Roving Pirate Ship Questing Booty. We hoisted high a mainmast in the center of the famous North Quad and erected a massive tent, overflowing with tasty morsels and pizza. A resident DJ spun iPods while yours truly demonstrated his talents as a moshing pirate and amature photographer. The above link should lead you to a lovely album repleat with pirates and their wenches, and the occasional landlubber sucked into the plundering melee.

I will again post this weekend to sumerize the madness that is a ND home football game. Apparently, the school will shut down at 2 Friday and decend into a football fevor, not to awaken to acadamia until sometime late on sunday.


PS: Pardon the utter lack of grammer, spelling, or good humor...I've been doing engineering work for the last 4 hours and have a ways to go yet. Ben/Shakeer, feel free to edit this for content, correctness, or your own amusement.


College is stressful, especially at the high-caliber universities we are all attending. So during the weekends kids get together and have mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes are good, they make you feel happy and are full of good nutritious things. I enjoy mashed potatoes at least once, sometimes two or three times a weekend. The trouble comes when you start adding gravy. Gravy seems to me like it’s overkill and unnecessary. I mean, you’ve already got delicious mashed potatoes, why would you ruin it with something that can have such negative consequences, like clogged arteries and unsightly fat buildup? Now gravy in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, as some Greek guy once said “The dose makes the poison” and he’s right. The thing with gravy is once you have some, it doesn’t seem like such a bad thing to have some more, and pretty soon you’ve gone over your daily saturated fat allotment and that’s not good at all. Trust me on this one. I had just the smallest amount of gravy you can get and still be able to taste it. And suddenly I had the biggest hunger for more, a lot more and higher concentration. So I had the gravy, without even the mashed potatoes. And it made me unhealthy. But I really liked it. By the grace of God I was stopped from having any more, but it affected me all night. I didn’t want to admit to having the gravy because I knew I was a leader and should know better. I knew this even as I was going to get that big ladleful. But my judgment was clouded and I made a mistake. I hope some good can come from it though. I haven’t had any gravy since and don’t plan on it. I’ve had plenty of mashed potatoes though. That gravy scares me. It does weird things to people. I don’t want to come home for Christmas and see you all different and fat from the gravy. And it’s dangerous. There are people out there who wait for people to get fat on gravy so they can sell them diet pills. Trust me, those people are out there and if someone sells you diet pills because of the gravy, I would feel obligated to come and make sure they could never sell any more ever. (And then I might get arrested, and let’s face it, with as nice an ass as I’ve got, I would not do well in prison.) It puts friends in the uncomfortable position of feeling the need to stop keep watch on their friends and protect them. When you think about putting gravy on your mashed potatoes is really a selfish act. And it reveals some serious insecurities. It makes your friends worry about health and puts you at an increased risk for heart disease. And we love you too much to let you have a heart attack, especially this young. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I don’t think that gravy is a healthy choice at this point in our lives. I know we are better than it. Some day soon all of us can get together and enjoy some gravy on our mashed potatoes. We all trust each other. But there are a lot of diet pill salesman and other unknowns that don’t ever exist unless you start adding gravy to your potatoes. So just put some cranberry sauce on them instead. It tastes better and is a lot healthier. Thanks for your time. Remember, the government made the food pyramid for a reason. So we could defeat those damn Communists! And we did. God bless America.

Post script
If you are Fr. Ganz’s lawyer, I plead the First. And Fifth. Maybe the Twenty-First, too.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Break Up

Misha and I broke up. Just thought everyone should know, so no one says anything awkward.

I think this is a story that needs to be shared with all of you guys.

Alright, so last year, pretty much no one in our class gave me their senior picture. Well, I guess I actually never asked for them and never really took them from people. I did however always tell people that I'd never gotten one from anyone, perhaps for pity but more likely to make conversation. Finally, near the end of the year, my sad tale fell on Nitschke's sympathetic ears and he decided to give me his picture. If you haven't seen the picture, you should; it's a really funny one. He looks kind of creepy. If someone has it, I hope they'll be kind of enough to scan a copyu. Anyway, it was the only one I got so I immediately put it in my pocket notebook and kept it there. It's been in there since.

This weekend, I was on the subway with a bunch of kids heading down to the East Village. Half the kids in the group were drunk and the rest of us were just abusing the drunk kids and taking it all in. Anyway, one girl (I forget her name) was extremely drunk and accordingly very friendly. I think I told her something about how people can be on different levels of understanding and she pretty much got on her knees and started saying how beautiful a thing that was to say. It was kind of surreal. Anyway, the girl had this silver locket around her neck, the sort that you put pictures in. I kept asking her what she kept in her locket but she pretty much kept ignoring the question. Finally, when she did answer, she said she had nothing. She said she didn't know quite what to put in there because it would be weird to have her parents since they were still alive and she didn't have a boyfriend and ex-boyfriends wouldn't make sense and her friends would be creepy and she couldn't do herself and she wasn't the sort of person to put her pets in there. We all agreed that that made plenty of sense.

Later in the evening, I had my notebook out for some reason or other and someone asked if they could see it. They looked through the pocket in which I keep stuff and came across the picture of Jeff. I explained the story behind it and we all passed it around and had a good chuckle over how goofy it was. Then someone proposed that the girl with the locket put it inside there! It was too perfect. She thought it was a great idea (as aforementioned, her reason was hardly intact) and so I ripped the edges to make it fit and we shoved it in there. It was rather cute. Jeff would've been proud.

Anyway, that's another reason I really regretted not having a camera that night. It would've been too cool. If I ever do see her again (I don't know her name or anything so it'll be tricky), I'll have to take a picture of it. Until then, try your best to imagine a very visibly intoxicated girl with a silver locket containing a goofy picture of Jeff Nitschke.
Also Jeff, if you have any more pictures, feel free to mail me another. Ask me for my address. That goes for all of the rest of you too. Let's be pen pals, gang.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The steak lovers' pizza from Domino's is weird because there is no tomato sauce. That is all.

PS my roommates are really buzzed right now it's hilarious. They're primping while drunk and it's not working to well.

One Fine Day

Rise up this morning, smile with the rising sun, three little birds perch by my doorstep sang sweet songs of melodies pure and true, singing this is my message to you... "Don't you worry about a thing, every little thing is going to be alright."

Well, actually I was woken up by the chimes of the clock tower, but Bob Marley kicks ass. Anyway, I finished up my homework, had some amazing tea, was late to physics, but nobody cares, because, hell its college! Had a really good tennis class, talked to a really hot German chick on the way to Shakespeare, that was boring, but afterwards, had amazing Beef Souvlaki (sp.) at one of our amazing dining halls, helped a girl with her homework, which was on mods in a 100-level math class, which was really easy. Anyway, I didn't feel like going home for an hour before lifting weights with said chick, so I just sat in on previously mentioned math class. I loved it. It felt like High school, where I was the best one in the class... Anyway, the teacher asked who had solved this homework problem that I helped Meg with, and I was the only one in the class who knew the answer. So I went to the front and presented. At that moment, I felt how it was like to be Dr. G: teaching young kids really easy math. I totally see why Dr. G is teaching at Jesuit, rather than a university like he could. It was nice, and slightly fulfilling in a way that I don't see college-level math being. It was really relaxing, which I now miss in math, considering now I'm humming through equations and theorems like they were nothing. After that, lifting weights felt nice after not doing it for a while... Met James Connelly and Joe Walsh at a X-country meet (they didn't run, they are doing fall track, or something, I don't know). Then I had Rocky rehearsal, where we were taught how to sing. After situps and singing, I can no longer move my diaphragm, it kinda sucks. Then we went to collegetown for dessert at this Japanese place, which was pretty cool. Then we went back to the castle (Risley Hall looks like a castle, it is also the hall with the Harry Potter Dining Hall), the director of the show pole danced for us. Hot. She's a sophomore, btw, so its not like she's old or anything... Then we kinda sparred and screwed around for a while, and I found out how to download unlimited amounts of free music, and video on the on-campus p2p network. So all in all, a pretty sweet-ass day... Except that JESUIT LOST TO SOUTHRIDGE!!!! WTF!?!?! Oh well... college is pretty sweet.

Marquette: inside and out

Well, college is coming along swimmingly. Unlike Misha and others reading this, I do not have the massive amounts of engineering homework since I am a lazy poli sci major (one of the best decisions I’ve ever made). So I’ve been spending my afternoons playing odd sports, hanging out with cool people, and just generally having a good time (Btw ultimate Frisbee is the shiznit). My only complaint about Marquette is that Theo sucks and the food sucks. My teacher keeps preaching about how the environment is a God send and that we need to stop destroying it and killing so many plants and animals. I mean this is not just occasionally but at EVERY friggin moment. He was talking about the f-ing books of the bible and their composers and all the sudden said that we should buy a particular bible that was 'environmentally safe'. Like wtf? The food… well if not for my need to eat I wouldn’t touch most of the items with a pole and you all know how hungry I usually am.

As for other news, I’m sure most of you are aware that Hurricane Katrina has evicted a certain number of college students and Marquette has kindly opened their doors to these victims... included is none other than Erin Dunne. Needless to say my thoughts are with all of these victims and I hope that they are able to return to New Orleans as quickly and safely as possible.

In other news, kids, don't drink hard liqueur after beer, they're serious when they say 'beer before liqueur never sicker'.
And Ben's a pimp.
that pretty much all I have to say. Hope everyone’s getting along and is not doing anything that ken or I would do. laters

Friday, September 09, 2005

My First All-Nighter, Among Other Long and Drawn Out Things

So last night was my first radio show. I auditioned for this thing called Nocturne at the campus's FM station. During the day they play jazz and classical, but 12-2 every night is college rock. I beat out a fair number of kids, but now that I look back it isn't really that surprising seeing as though I have been under the tutelage of Shakeer for about a year now and the people who run the program are awesome Portland hipster-types. My partner is a really cool junior girl who thought of the name for our show: "We attempted to ford the river but our oxen drowned," paraphrasing everyone's favorite mid-90's computer game Oregon Trail. We kept the talking to a minimum and played requests, our requisite 30 minutes of rotational music, and whatever else we felt like. I forgot to tape it (damn, now you'll never know my secret feelings about the O.C.), so in a typically self-indulgent move, I will post the set list.

1. The Flaming Lips, Feeling Yourself Disintegrate
2. The Decemberists, We Both Go Down Together
3. Magnetic Fields, When My Boy Walks Down the Street
4. Talking Heads, And She Says
5. Yo La Tengo, Tom Courteney (Acoustic)
6. Pink Floyd, Shine On You Crazy Diamond (tour of the station occurred here)
7. Spoon, They Never Got You
8. Jeff Buckley, Hallelujah (Dedicated to my RA who used to be in the seminary and called in)
9. Sufjan Stevens, Casimir Pulaski Day
10. The Russian Futurists, Paul Simon
11. Beck, Girl
12. Iron and Wine, Jezebel
13. The Fiery Furnaces, Smelling Cigarettes
14. Bloc Party, Banquet
15. Death From Above 1979, You're a Woman, I'm a Machine (Dedicated to the girl who gave me the job. She wanted Rose Parade by Elliott Smith, and I was about to play it before I remembered he said 'shit' on it and would've cost the station $3000)
16. The Clash, Guns of Brixton (A drunk guy named Z called and requested it)
17. Bob Marley, Is This Love (For Z's friend Duke)
18. The Dandy Warhols, We Used To Be Friends
19. Aqualung, Brighter Than Sunshine
20. Spoon, I Turn My Camera On (I made a mistake and hit the wrong track. The one we wanted to play was #21)
21. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, Upon This Tidal Wave of Young Blood (Requested by the crazy cool guy how gave me the job)
22. Gorillaz, Feel Good Inc. (We meant to play #23)
23. Gorillaz, White Lite
24. The Arcade Fire, Wake Up (Ironic, because I meant to play the track after it, Goodnight Goodnight by the Hot Hot Heat but it didn't work)

So yeah, made a lot of mistakes but it was really fun. And being at the Grotto really late at night is cool. It makes me feel like a sentinel. I don't leave until someone else comes to take my place. Anyway, I got back at 2:45 and still had a sizable chunk of Calculus homework to do, along with sixty or so pages of Thomas More's Utopia to read, but I got held up because there was a commotion on my level. One of the largest, strongest guys in the dorm was drunk off his ass and switching violently between being jovial and being really pissed off. He said some of the funniest things I've ever heard, for example: "All I want is some vagina." Followed minutes later by, "I would never do anything unchaste. You might as well marry the girl. I am going to ask her to marry me tomorrow. All I need is a nice girl like my mom." This was amusing, and I had to hide my laughter because he would turn on a pin and get angry again. He was really pissed at his roommate. My RA wasn't having any luck getting him to go to bed, so I set him in front of my laptop and played some live AC/DC for him to sing along with (Thank you, Mr. Puett.) Eventually everyone went to bed and I was able to get to work. I got mostly done by 5:30, but my class was at 8:30 and I figured I'd just make it all the way through the night to see what it felt like. So I poured myself some Wheaties and watched daybreak reflect off the Golden Dome. I dozed off in my first class, but I haven't slept since and it's 11 here right now. So that's about 40 hours without sleep. I kind of want to see how long I can go. Everything is going pretty well for me here. Granted I'm not on the Interhall football team like J.B, which is where the glory is, but I'm on the soccer team and captain of a dodgeball squad. I'm also a sportwriter for the daily paper, so my Moleskine will get a workout. John and I are both doing chess and I signed up for this food share program that takes our leftovers from North Dining Hall to the homeless shelter. Half the reason I'm doing it is because they are going to let me drive and I miss driving. Of course the van will be no Rocinante, but I've nicknamed my rusty, creaky bike "the grey," so the tradition continues. I have some other stuff going, but I can't really remember right now. My brain doesn't feel so good. Oh yeah, I'm going to be a boxer in Bengal Bouts. It's huge here, pray for me.

post script
As I was writing this a drunk girl opened my door and talked to me about a mutual friend for a few minutes.

Luck you...i guess...

So I show my roomates the multitude of pictures I have, yes these do include such things as quidditch, zoo excursions, tigger outfits and so forth. Anyway one of my roomates excclaims "Omg Cynda all of your guy friends are like nerdy cute!!" Other roomate: "Omg you're right! They all look so hot and innocent!" Yet another roomate: "Iy makes me want to devirginize all of them! (I assume they are all virgins...)"

So yeah I suppose if any of you guys ever come to visit me you'll have to fight off my roomates who will be trying to steal your virginity.

Just fyi.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Screw posting about orientation week or my first day of classes, this is WAY more important


Safety Videos Kick Ass

So, I had my very first chemistry "lab" last week, wherein we watched a lot of safety videos and got out glassware (locker 48, room 211 represent!). Amongst the old 80's-era videos was a very... interesting guide to using the safety showers.

Picture this: old fat man spills a caustic acid on himself. Other old fat men run and grab him, put him under a safety shower, and start stripping him down while he screams a lot in the cold, cold water. Once he's down to his boxers and really drenched, they take him to another shower (because safety showers have a very small water supply). They shove him inside and just before he closes the curtian, this huge grin breaks out on his face. Then it cuts to the OTHER GUYS TAKING OFF THEIR CLOTHES AS WELL. We couldn't tell what was going on because everyone in the 200-plus person lecture hall was cracking up, but all we know is that after the brief stripping scene it cut to learning how to use the eyewash stations. Sure, there's a logical reason for the stripping of the fat men (they probably got the caustic material on their clothing too), but it was really starting to look like an awkward 80's fat man gay porno toward the end.

Yes, anyone in chem here at Marquette can tell you that they know how to use the safety showers. Apparently it's a good place to hook up. No, not really.

And to whoever put acetone in my sample of diluted calcuim salt solution this Tuesday: screw you buddy! I had to fudge my data because of you

My Pot-Smoking Hippie School

Weelllll figured ya'll should hear how things are on the other side of the country (which I guess Mike's post would count for, things are in another part of the other side of the country...yeaaaaahhhhh).

It's really cool. Boston is a great town. I'm up here posting and I know there are like fifty things I could go and do right now, many at no cost.

My dorm's pretty sweet. The building kicks ass, it's got a lotta character. We have two shared bathrooms on the floor, both of which are their own contained space with a toiler, sink, and shower, but only one of them locks and both are kinda dirty. We have mice, too, apparently, though no one has yet seen them, only their traces. I sleep next to a boarded-up fireplace. We have old, creaky spiral stairs (I love spiral stairs...always have). There's a kitchen upstairs. There's street racing at three in the morning.

And I hang out with the people here all the time (we totally got ambushed by a gang of cops on bicycles when we were eating pizza after dark in the Boston Commons...they were cool with it on account of no booze/we just moved here and don't know any damn better). My roommates are cool, even if they stay out 'til 3 which means I don't sleep 'til 3 and last night one of them never came back, but that's another matter that'll probably take care of itself once we actually...have school.

But getting, at most, five hours of sleep every night has not proved very beneficial.

Alcohol and pot are EVERYWHERE. At least it seems that way. I'm keeping clean, partially out of my own way of life and partially because someone's gotta navigate a forty-minute walk home from some dude's apartment.

Orientation has been kicking ass. Last night the guy who was the basis for "Hitch" came in to talk love with us. Greatly insightful (first dating advice thing I've seen where the guy wasn't just trying to pimp himself and his swag the entire time) and damn, damn funny.

This morning the film department talked to all us film folks. Yeah...I'm gonna be digging this.

Oh, and the food isn't out-of-this-world, but it's more than decent and the cooks are cool folk.

I miss the hell outta all of you. Write, call, IM, or e-mail (though it hasn't been working for me and I'm in the process of setting up a new one) anytime. Especially write. Even if I can't open my mailbox right now, I will be able to.

P.S. Outdated safety videos kick ass. "ATM machines are probably the greatest invention ever to exist."

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Beer Can

Now for a post from the real dorm at Marquette. You've heard from Straz, Cobeen, and now you will hear from the 12 story, all freshman, all cool dorm. McCormik: The Beer Can.

The Food: I'm not gonna lie; it's not great. But it's not bad. Salad bar, sandwiches and cereal are always available when other foods are kinda sketchy. Waffle bar every morning and fresh omelets upon request. The sandwiches really are great, and as long as you know how to avoid the crap (eg. pasta with clam sauce or anything with the word 'supreme' on it. And the Vegan menu is pretty good.

The Convenience: Well, we're smack dab in the middle of campus. Nuf said.

The Atmosphere: It's an all freshman, coed dorm. What do you think it's like? There's almost never a quiet moment, no privacy, and very little regulation. No selling your soul for a visit here.

The Dorm: Our rooms are tiny. It's almost not even funny. Everybody tries a different way to arrange their beds and shit to give the illusion of a bigger room. It doesn’t work.

So what every other dorm is supposedly "better." There's just something to being in McCormik your freshman year. An experience that other people just can't understand. You can't understand. In short, McCormik is the best dorm for a freshman. That's it. No competition.

Someone give me an Amen.

PS It's not my fault. Ben told me to post, and me with no material to post on.

PPS It is noisy here.

If Arnold Palmer ever googles himself, I bet he finds some wierd stuff. Like this.

I'm a winner.

I got a Snapple (Diet Half Lemonade Half Iced Tea...which is really a Diet Arnold Palmer, but Diet and Arnold Palmer together is a bit of an oxymoron probably) and I won in the "Win Yourself A Favor INSTANTLY!" contest.

I won a frisbee.

Which is the smallest prize you can win, I realized. But still, it's 1 in 64 odds, so I'm still pretty proud.

When I was younger I won a bike from McDonald's. It's kinda been downhill from there.

If swimming doesn't pan out (I'm so freaking sore from Pilates that I might just have to quit...thank God I live on the first floor, because stairs and I are not friends) I might just go college cliche and join an Ultimate Frisbee team.

Yeah, that was random, but I was excited and wanted to share my joy. Roommates were not as impressed as I was.

p.s. Swimming update :: (no, I'm not gonna tell you about practices and stuff, who wants to hear'll hear about initiation. Apparently it's spread out over some period of time, so I'll let you know. anyway) First Freshman Task: Ask an upperclassmen swimmer out on a date. His name is Alex and he's a junior. Should be a good time.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Okay, truth time...was it really your birthday Ben??

And could you also post your address?

OR could someone refer me to a place where I could find everyone's adresses?

Thank you

Sunday, September 04, 2005

One Week Down

So....Catholicism. This is an incredibly hardcore conservative campus, in case the name "Catholic University" didn't give it away. Hardcore Catholics, too. One guy in my dorm only goes to Latin Mass, and believes that Vatican II was evil. So far, we have avoided political confrontation (not that I am needing to confront anybody, I'm a moderate, which means here "I will not back you up if you start arguing with people about politics". But it's cool to get a new perspective on the Catholic faith, and it's cool that people are wililng to talk about it just for talking about it.

It's only been a week, but it feels like a much longer time. It's really bizarre. I'm in Regan, which is the honors housing, and it is full of dorks. I love dorks. I AM a dork. This makes for a very good time, and this is a tame dorm. There are some rowdy people, but they don't really bother us much. Well, there was this one time, but it didn't happen to me, and it's not my story to tell.

My classes are pretty cool. I wish I could actually get my brain into "study" mode, though, because when I try to read things now, the characters and words don't register in my brain. It's like I'm trying to read in a foreign language. It's odd, and frustrating. But I'm taking the honors philosophy and humanities (history) courses, general psych, probability and statistics (SO not's disappointing), and Spanish Conversation and Composition (it's like English back in 9th grade...except minus novels (so far) and with a lot more emphasis on how to write conversations). This is where I become a nerd, because I'm into this, so be warned. I walk into the class a little bit late on Monday (it was the first day, I was lost), and Professor Gomez is speaking in fluent Spanish. Really fast. And, unlike normal, where I am busy trying to discover words in his speech like "tarea" or "trabajo", I'm just listening. It was bizarre, but I take it as a good sign. In case you couldn't tell, it's my favorite class.

I wish I had more to say, but...well, I don't. Our football team kind of sucks. A lot. But I still like it here.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Oh, woe is me. My life is a mystery.

I bet that I am the last one any of you would ever see acting in college. Yes, that's right. Acting. In a musical. Okay, by acting and musical, I mean dancing in a tuxedo while a movie is playing behind me. But still, who would have guessed? Not me, hell, I still don't know if I'm going to go through with it. It really wasn't that bad auditioning, either. The only bad part was having to be Rocky during "Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me" The whole scene. Other than that, I found out something extremely, extremely cool. I live a five minute walk from a golf course. I was disappointed by the light pollution here at Cornell, but then I discovered a big, open field that is deserted at night, and you can actually see stars. It was pretty sweet.

PS: Happy Birthday, Ben... I guess, I really don't know when your birthday is, but I'm guessing from Magda's post that its today. GET YOUR ASS ON FACEBOOK, SO THAT PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY FIND OUT YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!

PPS: Dave and Misha: Guess what Milwaukee and Portland have in common that no other city in the world has? Weekly RHPS screenings. Lucky bastards. Speaking of which, Scott, did you ever go to Clinton street?

PPPS: I apologize to the readers of this blog. This post was in no way worth pushing Magda's sunset picture down to the #2 spot.

Hawaii: The Good, the Bad, and the Roommates

The Good:

Well, duh, it’s Hawaii. Gorgeous views, sunny weather, incredibly friendly people… it’s so laid-back and there’s obviously a ton to see and do.

The sunsets. The sun starts to set unusually early (right now it’s like 6:30ish). Every evening, a little bit before the sun sets, they blow a horn in Waikiki (the touristy section of Honolulu along the beach) and Hawaiian dudes in skirts light the torches that line the beach. One of the coolest things is how everyone stops what they’re doing and comes out to see the sunset, locals and tourists alike. They line up by the hundreds along the beach in Waikiki, and even the people in the water stop to watch. The sunsets themselves are beautiful, and they’re different every night. Then when it begins to get dark, the lights in the city start to go on, and the stars pop out. But despite the city lights, the stars are way more visible here than they were back home. It's pretty cool. The nightlife in Waikiki is insanely active, and there's always something going on. And the average ocean temperature is something like 80 degrees, and night swims are amazing.

TheBus. It’s Hawaii’s public transportation, and it’s pretty good (it was actually named America’s best transit system a few times). You can basically go anywhere on the Island (kind of like the Knight Bus… except it’s rainbow-colored, not purple), and I’ve been riding the bus a lot (mostly to get out of the building and away from my roommates, but that comes later). My UPass is my new best friend.

My school. I can’t say much about it, because we still haven’t started classes, but so far, I love it. It may not be Hogwarts, but it’ll do.

The Bad:

No internet. We haven’t gotten it set up yet, and I need to either go to an internet cafĂ© or to school to use it. Note my absence from like everything.

My building. Ew. I hate it. It’s like Azkaban. Okay, so it’s not that bad… and it’s not the building itself that I don’t like, but the 7 roommates and hordes of college kids swarming around that guarantee that you never have a moment of privacy. Except for at night, when they’re all outside getting drunk. But then there’s the noise (because this place is off-campus, and no one’s around to keep the rowdy college kids under control… and the RA’s gave up a long time ago.) Darn college kids.

The good thing is that I’m only staying at said building until the end of the month. Then I’m moving into a really nice, quiet, 1 bedroom apartment that’s conveniently on the same block as HPU’s downtown campus. I’m excited.

The Roommates:

Yes, seven of them. Adrianna, I can totally empathize about the estrogen levels. Three nights here, and the drama’s already started. You see… last night, Chicago took some of Texas’s alcohol that was generously provided by Older Guy, who they’re all in love with, by the way. Texas (the loudest, most obnoxious girl you’ll ever meet) threw the biggest fit… oh, she was pissed. This escalated into a shouting match, roommates storming away, and more roommates arguing about it all. I heard the whole thing from my room.

I’ve taken to hanging out in my room when the other girls are home. I’m like the biggest dork, and I can admit it… school hasn’t started yet, and I’m already a few chapters into my biology textbook (Hermione Granger’s my idol, you know). However, I’ve learned that I need to shut my door if I don’t want to be bothered. Last night, as I was talking on the phone with my mother, Older Guy kept popping his head in. I was annoyed. My roommates probably told him I don’t do anything but sit in my room, and he came by to see whether he could convince me to go do something with them. He didn’t have much luck, and when he tried to get me to “pinky-swear” him to go to the beach with them today, I kind of walked away and went back into my room. Needless to say, I am not at the beach with them. I am actually avoiding them like the plague, because I am that much of a loner, and I still have another 4 hours or so before I can safely go home and expect them to be gone.

But yeah, with annoying roommates and stupid boys providing a constant source of amusement, and daily escapades about the island… it’s been fun. I love it here, and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. Except maybe Hogwarts.

P.S. Happy birthday, Ben!

P.P.S. About the Harry Potter references… my mom took all my Harry Potter books back with her (something about too much stuff...psh), and I miss them dearly. I think I’m having withdrawals.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

News on the Home Front

I visited Jesuit today. Toffles told me there are security cameras. I didn't see any, but then again, I forgot to look. Seniors lost there off campus privileges. :-D

Dr. Gorman's first period AP Physics 2 has eight hard working guys, plus one hard working girl, Cait. I was impressed.

I follow a few friends into Miss Mahoney's Biology class. People were complaining about not being able to access the assigned reading article online. I confess to her that I did not read the article. She says that's okay. She puts us into reading groups, and while I'm writing a note on a senior picture (I scanned mine and printed out copies; they turned out pretty well) for Ahna Siegfried, she lectures me on not paying attention. I tell her to not worry, saying I'm walking out of the class in a few minutes anyway. My fun ended when Ahna explains my status and Miss Mahoney angrily kicks me out.

I see Philip, one of my old running partners sitting quietly and reading in history class in the corner closest to the door and I peak in and shake his hand. Mr. Nelson asks me what I'm doing. "Just saying hi." "You just barge in uninvited?" "Since I graduated, I have been doing that, yes." As I walk out I hear him ask who that was. I was surprised to hear a lot of the class respond "Cory Donahue." I'm glad they got a kick out of it.

Here's the highlight:
I open the door to Higgins rooms and sit down in one of the desks that has a book opened on it and begin quietly reading, fitting in with the rest of the class, except that I'm one of the few not laughing. I wait a few minutes, and though Mr. Higgins looks right at me, he does not notice anything is up. When I ask him if I can borrow a pencil, he notices me. He asks me for sources on literal interpretations of Genesis. I'm going to enjoy being his supplier.

Today was the day of the book groups. Finding people who actually did the reading was difficult. Not in the group I attended though: Harry Potter, led by Dr. G, Anarghya, and Ensaaf. I hear from Sra. Circosta that in Ensaaf's first all-school assembly as President, he gives away the ending to the book.

Michael Bauer's finally a bachelor, but I'll be living a couple hours away. Oh cruel fate. Ironically enough, I read a book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye and it made a lot of sense.

I can still open my locker. #441 doesn't need the lock taken off.

The Risk boards are still there. I'll remove them, with Ken's permission. Perhaps I'll take one and leave the other one there forever. Then I'll host a Risk game for all those Left Behind. Perhaps on Saturday.

I had my last day of work today. I will have my wisdom teeth removed in eight hours. On Tuesday I start two weeks of Habitat for Humanity service, then I move into Corvallis.

I'll post again to fill everyone in on OSU when I can.

WELCOME TO LUNCH: and other wonderful things

Well, here goes my post on Straz heard about Cobeen, now get ready for the Hilton of Marquette University. Haha, or so I'd like to think.

-18 floors of co-ed sophomore and honors freshman fun!


-Let me repeat: the BEST lunch ever. I get so excited to eat lunch, I could frolic through the cafeteria, I'm not even kidding, it's the happiest time of the day. I could't even tell you exactly why, exceptthat there are always enough napkins and ketchup for everybody.

-We watch lots of Seinfeld (are you proud, Patty?) least one episode per night

-No one gets in trouble...well aside from John and Tim's rice cooker...oops

-I must say I have a fine view of Milwaukee from the 18th floor...its one nice thing about Milwaukee, pretty lights

-If you want to visit, they basically make you sign your life away, so be prepared

-We have the GHETTO Rec Plex...and I mean it: 19 laps on the "track" will get you one mile. Plus you get lost in the maze of staircases and raquet ball courts.

Hmm, anything else? Oh, we kinda have to walk about 1/2 a mile to classes...about 10 minutes one-way...which is lame. Plus they're taking down the highway overpass bridge (in january) we take to we have to walk on this creepyass dirt road that goes underneath the highway...sketch.

Has anyone heard of the verb "smurph" ("smurf"?)? As in "Smurf me that water bottle, dude."

Just wondering. Love.

Welcome to Hobeen: Population Me

Cobeen hall, also known as Hobeen, is Marquette's all-female dorm. I live there in a quad. Wild times.

Some unique things about living in an all-girls' dorm:

-SO MUCH ESTROGEN. Seriously, I think the air is thicker up here from all of it floating around.

-The stars are aligning and soon all of our periods will synch up. We will become a festering den of PMS the likes of which the world has never seen. Watch out!

-If you can't find someone, look in the second floor lounge, especially if it's prime time or late night. There's most likely a Sex and the City and/or Laguna Beach tv-fest going on in there. Probably just Laguna Beach now because we have apparently run out of episodes of Sex and the City to watch. Smallville and Seventh Heaven are also up there on the list. In fact, pretty much all of the WB.

-Someone on my floor has a Sex and the City cell phone ring. Just throwing that one out there.

-If you want a salad at dinner and you're eating at Cobeen, come early and prepare to wait in line a looong time. All 200-odd of us want one. We also have really good fruit here.

-Prepare to do the same if there is Waffle Night.

-Whenever there is a man on the floor, you know he is taken. Sad.

-Regardless of the above fact, whenever a deep man voice rumbles down the hallway, people poke their heads out of their doors to see what's going on. ("MAN??? WHERE???"). Things get awkward when passing a guy in the stairwells or standing in the elevator with a guy and the girl bringing him up to show him the meaning of the word Hobeen.

-People do not wear bras a whole lot. Sometimes they even forget to wear them to class. 4/10 kids eating breakfast in Cobeen probably aren't wearing a bra at the time. Oh man we are so crazy.

-It's actually not that hard to get into a shower or bathroom. People get up at random times, so if you're on top of things you'll probably have no problem staying clean. Those last two sentences did not sound kinky. No, not in the least.

-We got hooked up with the guys' dorm. If you're from the all girls' dorm and they're from the all guys' dorm, there is an instant connection. ("I do not regularly have access to members of the opposite sex!" "Nor do I!" "Would you like to come to my dorm room and speak in a deep manly voice so that people poke their heads out of their doors?" "Verily as the sun doth shine!")

Yeah so that's that. Um later. I have to go and figure out how to write a lab report because I am looost.

Help my dorm is on fire!

So my dorm just had a fire alarm go off so all 19 floors had to evacuate using the stairs obviously. I went outside with my firend and a senior told me that merz always has fire alarms go off because of their sensitivity and the ability of freshman to burn all their food and they will go off a minimum of 20 times this year mostly during the early hours of the morning. So we all leave and go downstairs to wait for the all clear. Once it's given we head into the building and climb the stairs to our room. I change into a t-shirt flop onto my bed and begin to write this post and what do I hear next? You guessed it the fire alarm. The whole building (who had all just managed to get in) must evacuate yet again. So us girls (being the smart ones we are) walk to the back of the building to get in first. Now whenever you enter Merz hall you must scan your i.d. to get through the first set of doors then an RA has to check your idea against a book of all the people who live in the dorm then you have to scan your i.d to get through the second set of doors. That being said we knew it would be a long wait. What we didn't know was that they had anounced that only the male floors were being admitted (wtf?) and didn't realize it until we were given odd looks and surrounded by boys. I must say though it was refreshing to actually know boys exsist at my school since they are such a small minority. So basically this is going to happen a lot but will actually be at three in the morning instead of three in the afternoon.

Oh the joy of living in Merz hall.

Oh and on a topic completely unrelated they are sending New Orleans Loyola students here for the semester (well some of them) so maybe Erin will be my new classmate!!!

Not dead yet

Sup guys, I’m just posting to let everyone know that I’m alive which is generally a good thing. First off just wanted to say that I love Marquette and college in general. This place is so awesome. I've had more fun in this past week than I have had in my life. No exaggeration. To all those who haven't gone off to college yet, sucks to be you, but it will rock. Dorm food sucks tho. Today I did get to see a car chase on the highway outside of Marquette campus when I was in my RA's room. And he (my RA) has pictures of a burning car they saw on it yesterday. Only other news is I already got in trouble. I lost visitation rights for 2 weeks cause I was on a girls floor till 3:20 which is and 'hour and 20 min. past the allotted time and is" therefore fuckin immoral cause Jesuits say it is. But it’s not like anyone’s coming to visit so I’m good. Hope your all hanging in there. Laters