Saturday, September 17, 2005

A real post from Penn

Reading Terminal Market is the most amazing place. Think Saturday Market but on a grander scale with all sorts of odds and ends shops, meat markets, diners, and candy and dessert counters galore. The place is huge.

Look Magda, bread!

We stopped by a little bookshop that sold ancient books that look like they could be ornamental pieces in a rich home. I searched all over for a particular book and finally found it when we were about to leave. Which book you ask?

The Don of course! I only found the first part but it was cool nonetheless. We wandered around for a bit til 3:30 and then headed back to watch Penn's first football game which was against Duquesne.

There was a stand for students to take bread to throw after each quarter. I figured out why we throw's not because we were trying to say that the other team was "toast" like I thought, but because there's a line about toasting our university in our fight song. So that's that. The football game however was quite slow and pretty uneventful. The only good part, besides Penn winning 41 to 14, was that students get free admission. There were a couple of pretty obnoxious people sitting behind us which made the game all the more unpleasant. One was a drunk blonde girl and she kept reading a guy's shirt who was sitting a few rows below us. It read, "Shit happens when you party naked." I guess she wanted to get his attention but he kept ignoring her and she kept yelling at him. The other was a guy who kept yelling "Duquesne sucks!" every so often like he couldn't come up with anything more original than that. It makes me wonder how people can be so smart and so retarded at the same time. Most of the toast was thrown after the third quarter and my group decided to leave a little after the fourth started. It's kind of sad when the only reason you want to stay at a football game is to watch the machine drive around to pick up the toast. I think the machine broke though because it picked up a plastic bowling pin someone threw and was dropping more toast than it was picking up.

The whole throwing toast tradition is so wastful. You could make so many grilled cheese sandwiches with all that toast..or feed several hungry African children.

Here is a picture of a helmet vehicle.


Cynda said...

wow your school is wasteful...

But it brings back memories of throwing gluten at a certain pole...

Magda said...

Throwing bread, huh? Sounds familiar somehow. And even though it is gluten, still really sad how it's just getting thrown away... But at least it's not being thrown at people... ahem.

Hey, look... it's The Story of Poland! You should have got that one. On second thought, it's probably a really boring story.

Thanks for the picture of the delicious-looking bread by the way. I think I'm going to go kill myself now.

Cynda said...

magda no!!!!!


Nancy look what you've done!!!

How could you?!!?!?!

Nancy said...

hey I didn't notice that book..and the toast was kind of being thrown at the cheerleaders

Ben said...

I am here to rectify the severe lack of Harry Potter themes in this otherwise very good post. This was on McSweeney's:


"Blimey, jeez, it's be gettin' ter lunchtime, an' I could eat meself the back end of a Phil'stine. How 'bout doublin' up a quick pile o' loaves?"

"Budge up, yeh money-changin' lumps! This 'ere boy weren't meant ter be a blinkin' Muggle! Fer gawd sake, he's King o' the Jews!"

"Codswallop! All 'm sayin'‚ boy, is tha' yeh gots ta be eyeballin' tha' Judas bloke. When a disciple goes o'er to the dark side, they's nothin' tha' matters to 'em anymore!"

"Speakin' of cups runnethin' over, laddie, mine's be gettin' a mite dry. How 'bout changin' this 'ere water into somethin' a bit more, well, frisky?"

"Lilies o' the field? What lilies? The way yeh jabber on, yeh all mus' be pullin' straight A's in Professor Dumbledore's Exposit'ry Metaphors and Parables class!"

"Why, if a fellow wanted ta get away clean, Peter-me-lad, all they'd have ter do would be ta deny they ever even knowed Jesus. Uh-oh. I shouldn't eh told yeh that."

"Ah, go boil yer spleen, Pilate! Yeh stink-handed prune! Yeh've done me savior wrong, an' now yeh've gots ter pay!"

Shakeer said...

They say Philly is the sixth burrough.

Doug said...

They say that Ithaca... IS IN THE MIDDLE OF F***ING NOWHERE!

Adrianna said...

Nancy please steal a toast-mobile for me, okay? And if possible, could you drive it up here so I can eat toast in style? Seriously, a cross-country journey on a toast-car would be the best thing ever.

Thank you!

Katie said...

Oh, Doug, and Durhman is a bustling metropolis. I WISH I HAD A CAR. At least you have gorges...all I have are southern men. Life is just so hard.

Cynda said...

mmm southern men...

Too bad they aren't british and wear uniforms because that would be hawt.

as I said to Nancy: boys+uniform=hot men

J. Fugue said...

Onward, brave Rocinante, Onward!

Yeah, I've been talking up Don Quixote to everyone I meet. A teacher at camp spoke Spanish as his native tongue - I believe he had read Don Quixote in the original Castilian - and was about as big a fan of the great knight as I am, so together we hopefully managed to convert a few followers.

Power to the pathological examples!

Nancy said...

Ben, thank you for fixing my post. And I'll have you know I got a good seven and a half hours of sleep.

Adrianna, the toast mobile doesn't make toast nor does it look like toast, it merely picks up toast on the ground and other things that it shouldn't.

Cynda, I agree 100%

and Joe, I have been talking up DQ a lot too. Not quite as much as Harry Potter but close.

Adrianna said...

... I still want it :(

Ken said...

Ha, well we have Southern men too, Katie. My roommate is one of them.

Given the comparison though I'm interested to see what you would do with a gorge..

Shakeer said...

Durham isn't bad Katie. It's not the most exciting place but it's pretty country out there. And we have to read Don Quixote for our Lit class here.

Ben said...

Good Shakeer, now you can actually read it.

Katie said...

Ken, I'm sure you'd love to see that, but really, I'm a little tired from morning practice, okay?

Yeah, Shakeer, it's pretty, there's just nothing to do. Unless you have a car. Which I don't. One can only walk so far.

Although there is this awesome cafe called The Mad Hatter where the adorable waiter said I looked like a young Jodie Foster and called me Jodie the entire time so my friends and I are going back there soon to visit. So really, who needs gorges?