Friday, September 23, 2005

Some items.

First, happy birthday, Katie!

Second, Alex, that science fiction post happened to be the blog's 600th. Six hundred posts. I guess it's appropriate that you took it since probably at least 150 of them were yours.

Third, I'm going on a caving trip this weekend for my P.E. credit this semester and I had to buy coveralls... think a mechanic's jumpsuit. It's because the caves are so mucky that they ruin normal clothes. However, it appears that there are no coveralls available for purchase in the entire city of Ithaca, so I ended up buying hunting overalls (Mossy Oak camo) and a twill shirt from Dick's Sporting Goods. I also accidentally got a really short haircut last week, so I look like a redneck when I wear all of this together. I'd send a picture but it's kind of embarrassing.

Fourth, Doug is alive and well and since we have Physics section together I get to see him macking it up with this girl Gabriella from Florida who happens to be pretty hot. I think he should make a move. Who cares if she has a boyfriend, Doug's an actor now. (Doug, if you dislike this paragraph, tell me and I will edit it out. But I'm proud of you.)

Fifth, I have an Ipod now. It's black and very small and I'm going to lose it, but so far it's been great fun. I don't know if you guys have DC++ hubs, but I'm getting accustomed to downloading stuff at ~1 mb/s to put on said Ipod.

Sixth, they made Proof into a movie with Anthony Hopkins? Who? What? Discuss.


Rachel said...

i want a picture

J. Fugue said...

>>Sixth, they made Proof into a movie with Anthony Hopkins? Who? What? Discuss.<<

Ken, we've known about this since they first announced they were trying to get Proof as a production. The movie was a large part of the reason why they weren't certain that they would be allowed to produce it.

Honestly, though, I'm really excited to see it. I love seeing one story told two different ways, and I'm looking forward to the differences that spring up with the different casts.

J. Fugue said...

Meh, that sounded egotistical; sorry, Ken.

What I should have said was that Proof and the problems with producing it were announced at that year's drama banquet. It came up a few times throughout that year in the drama department.

Pat said...

I want to see the picture of you looking like a redneck.

Secondly, I find it hard to believe that a hot girl would spend any amount of time talking to Doug. I should probably see a picture of her as well just to assess the validity of your statement.

Ken said...

Hey, not to worry, Fuger. (Have you seen The Motorcycle Diaries? And Che's friend calls him "Fuser" for no apparent reason? I'm gonna call you "Fuger." That's "foo," not "fyu.") Anyway, is the movie going to be any good, though? That's what I really meant.

As to the rest, fine. Pictures forthcoming. I'll edit them into the post on Monday after Physics because I don't have Section on Fridays.

Nancy said...

A guy on my floor got an IPod nano..assuming that's what you have..but he's sending it back because the screen randomly cracked..and this happened after we had read through this site:

I don't know, maybe you'll have better luck