Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yes, I know it's September still (barely...almost October which is almost Halloween) but I wanted to just throw this out there so that people know.

This applies to anyone at Marquette or going to Marquette for Thanksgiving:

I will not make it to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving.

I'm going to Virginia with my roommate, Emily, to spend Thanksgiving with her's closer, and I can continue training over the break.

But man, what I wouldn't give to be with you...think of me while you're eating God-knows-what (a delicious God-knows-what, I'm sure).

Trust me, it makes my heart hurt to think that I won't see a lot of you guys until Christmas...Christmas, that's not until, that's a long time.

Everybody feel free to post your Thanksgiving plans (or lack thereof), whether you're going home or not, etc...that way, people going home can hang out, and people who aren't can... have solidarity.

"Thanksgiving was never meant to be shut up in a single day." Robert Caspar Lintner
(what do you think, guys, have another thanksgiving on some random day when everybody's home? i think it could be a great time. of course, at this point, sitting in the same room with you guys would qualify as a great time for me...i'm easy to please.)


KtHumm said...

i miss you ktbz.

Miguel said...

I've been a lousy communicator, but I miss everybody a lot.

Dave said...

Chillin' aqui unless the whole meeting @ Marquette thing falls through in which case voy a chill con un amigo I met here a su casa. Which would be excellent, but of course I'd rather see you guys.

Nancy said...

So are the east costers still planning on going to New York? Because if not, I might be coming home.

Adrianna said...

You'll be missed here Katie. I was looking forward to blowing up a turkey with you. We'll have to do that 'round Christmastime then.

Hanging out here regardless of what happens, unless one of my roommates kidnaps me and hauls me back to Appleton or Kickapoo or wherever it is she lives.

Hee hee kickapoo. I miss you guys so much it's not even funny.

Pat said...

I will definitely be back in Portland for Thanksgiving since I have that entire week off. Yeah, I'm never at school.

Scott said...

I'll be in Milwaukie (if that thing falls through there'll be hell to pay...I have a plane ticket). Definitely be missing you, Katie.

Aw, heck, I miss everyone.

imac said...

I'm also in portland for Thanksgiving. Alright, five days with Pat!

Magda said...

Does anyone want to blow a few hundred bucks and come keep me company in Hawaii?


Pat said...

Why would I go to Hawaii when Ian's in Portland? Five days with Machuca!

And everyone always says I encourage his self-belittlement. Pshaw.

Cory said...

Hawaii sounds great! If only I could...