Sunday, September 18, 2005

A weekend of sights.

So, along with all the exciting bits of college there are the times when you find yourself sitting at your computer with absolutely nothing to do. That is where I am at this moment. Like many others I am what we call a chronic procrastinator. Homework? Yea tons, but who cares! Don't get me wrong, I do it, but you all know what I mean. Anyways some updates for the week: yesterday during the ND game (which was depressing, my sympathies to john and ben, hell of a game tho) a car ran straight into the restaurant across from my dorm. It was intense. Evidently the guy in the car ran a red light, almost hit a guy crossing the street and then swerved right into a 'no parking' sign and then into the restaurant. Some humor in that I suppose since the ‘no parking’ sign was right infront of the car inside the restaurant. It was sweet. No one died so don’t worry. On a side note, yesterday was also intense because one of my friends went to the hospital. We were at a party, he had way too much to drink, and so we had to take him back to McCormick in a public saftey car. Later, my friend and I couldn't keep him awake so our RA called public safety, who then sent him to the hospital to get his stomach pumped. It was pretty freaky, I would suggest not doing it. As if this was not enough, I was in my room still sorting everything out and another of my friends came back hammered of his ass. He then proceeded to dance/make out with a fan and try to throw it out a window. Shortly after he threw some pizza out the window and pissed out of it to. We have videos. And no ken, not of the peeing. Then some other stuffed happened which I will not repeat. So over all Saturday was one of the most intense day's I’ve ever had. I hope you are all having as much fun as I am, and stay safe all of ye.


Doug said...

One of our readers, who wishes to remain anonymous, would like to tell Jeff that he is retarded.

Ken said...

Note to self: don't get stomach pumped. Thanks Jeff! ;)

I miss driving. I know I wasn't the absolute best driver on the road but please either empathize or leave me unjudged.

I don't understand you how can urinate out of a pizza.

Pat said...

I miss Ken driving too.

KtHumm said...

i for one do not miss ken driving.
please referr to nancy's xanga picture.

'nuf said.


check that out once and a while.


Jeff said...

myself, who wishes not to remain anonymous, would like to tell 'doog' that he should refrain from commenting unless he wishes to express his own opinion.

Doug said...

I give a voice to those who have none...

Ben said...

And he gives head to those...

post script
I did not mean that. Douglas Puett is a saint.

Adrianna said...

No wonder the grass is so green around McCormick.

Drunk man piss.

Shinekaze said...

except for the fact that the toxins in the piss will kill the plants...

Cynda said...

wait sorry I am not understanding correctly.

Do you mean we should refrain from having to have our stomachs pumped or from getting so completely shitfaced that we have to rely on people we just met to take care of us and send us to the hospital.

Jeff seriously do you think were all retarded!?!? I mean I guess I can see how you would think that all of us go out every night and think "hmmm I wonder how I should go about getting so fucking drunk that I require my stomach to be pumped, becuase oh gee golly that sounds like fun!!"

So in short thanks for the advice Jeff cause without it I hate to think what would have happened.

Finally I don't know if you've picked up on it but NO ONE CARES!!! Seriously who gives a fuck if your always out partying!!! we don't need to hear about it and you can stop trying to seem cool because you are always partying!! I don't think anyone who reads the blog actually has a higher opinion of you when you go on about your party adventures. So why don't you keep it to yourself or go call your mom and let her know about it!!

Jeff said...

alright... well if you feel that way then keep that to yourself, or you could consider the fact that i was pretty disturbed by the fact that one of my friends was carted off to the hospital and that i was upset enough to share it with you people since i considered you my friends. But since i am not human and "NO ONE CARES!!!" then i shall refrain from posting if i am once again shaken up and quite upset. goodday

Adrianna said...

It's just the way that you put it:

"oh yeah somebody I know got taken to the hospital and then we pissed out a window"

is not

"shit guys my friend got hauled off to the hospital. I was really worried about him and it shook me up a lot. Sure we party but he went overboard, which was stupid, but I'm glad he's gonna be okay."

One of the guys who was at the Jimmy John's broke both of his legs. That's really scary because it could have been a lot worse.

Just sayin'.

Cynda said...

keep it to myslef?

I can say whatever I fucking want to Jeff!

Don't try to tell me what to do!
I am so sick of people thinking they can tell me what to do and ordering me around!

and I'm not even going to begin to feel sorry for you. If you are stupid enough to hang out with people who feel the need to get so drunk they have to go to the hospital it's your own fault. Everyone does it. We make supid decisions; we go places we shouldn't; we hang out with people we shouldn't; we trust people we shouldn't and then when bad things happen there is no one to blame but ourselves.

In the end you learn a lesson. Maybe you shouldn't post about the stupid things you do or tell people about them if you don't want them to tell you the truth!

You put yourself in that situation and asking people to feel sorry for you is definately not the response you should be looking for.

truth hurts.
I've learned that and so have most of your peers. Now it's your turn.

someone had to say it and forgive my frankness (or don't I actually don't care anymore it takes too much work to try and make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside) but I have a distinct feeling your reason for posting was not because you were shaken up but was in fact just your way of trying to show everyone else how much you are living it up aka being retarded.

grow up.

(ok well grow up within reason, because being old is no fun.)

Ben said...

So, how about that blow job joke I made, huh? Pretty classy, right? Dave?

John and Karolyn said...

Wtf, mates?

As those from the south might say, y'all all need to settle down.

Cynda, that's quite a trip right there. Sounds like you've got a lot more going on then concern over Jeff's choice of friends, activities, or your perception of him as enjoying bragging about his exploits. Why are you speaking for everyone? The beauty of gravy is that anyone and everyone can post for themselves. Please don't go electing yourself speaker for the masses to try and prove a point. That's just egotistical, ya know? But really, this sounds like its more about you or something going on in your life than it is about Jeff. I'd think about that, were I you.

Jeff, I hope your friend is ok, but I gotta agree the way you said it things almost sounded flippant. I'd reccomend avoiding anyone who gets that drunk more than once (cause after all, people are human, allow them once to learn what puking drunk is like).

That said...I do enjoy hearing about other colleges. I'm not on aim like I once was so this is how I learn how different (or similar) my experiences are to others. I do not like the focus on alcohol that some people seem to have developed, but that's a matter of personal choice. We're all adults now, time for people to make their own choices and face the consequences. "I may not like your choice, but I'll fight for your right to make it" and all that good stuff.

Oh, and Ken, as much as I never thought I'd say this...I do miss your driving. Even more, I miss my driving and car...

But yeah. In the words of the black eyed peas, "So tell me, where is the love?"


Pat said...

That's the spirit, Jeff. Ben, I thought it was funny.

Dave said...

At least the post isn't hurtful, so do what I do and take it with a grain of salt. Besides, its more fun to pull a Doug/Ken and use a one-liner to say "I don't care."

Cynda said...

right because saying something behind someones back is so much better than just telling them how you really feel.

Oh and you're right john how could I forget that you are such an advocate of letting people live their lives the way they want to and how you try so hard not to push your morals and beliefs upon them.

Oh how silly of me.

I do apologize I should try harder to follow the fine example you set for all of us.

Miguel said...

If you all don't calm down...go fight each other outside of the damn blog.

Jeez, I do not come online to check up on my friends to see them tearing each other's throats out online in a public forum. That's all I'm gonna say regarding the matter.

Ken, I miss your driving a hell of a lot.

KtHumm said...

wholy jeeze. everyone... where's the love?

right before i left for college my oldest brother said this to me: "Now Katie. college is a time to try things, figure out what, or who, you want in your life and what you don't. now, if you want to go and party, thats cool just be safe about it. and if you want to try some of the marajuana, that's alright too. just dont let them overwhelm your life. people, friends and relationships, and education should be topmost priorities. but... have fun too."

not word for word but you get the jist. and he did say 'the marajuana' by the way. good. good.

so. listen. do what you want. dont hurt your body or yourself. everything in moderation.

love. "love endures all things"


Jeff said...

Yes i was upset over it. Ask misha or dave, they saw me after it happened. And i don't express anxiety very well. Honestly it was just a post tho... i didn't think it would blow up like this.

yes ken, i do miss your driving very much. Next time we need to go faster in your dads beamer (its a beamer right?).

Ben the BJ joke was funny.

Magda said...

Fluffy bunnies and fields of daisies!

Anonymous said...

Pretty poles and plenty of petunias pleasently placed

Anonymous said...

or rather, pleasently placed petunias

Ken said...

Dude, Alex, you don't have post anonymously.

Anonymous said...

it wasn't me!

Anonymous said...

wait... damn it

J. Fugue said...

I don't think I ever remember Ken's driving, but that honestly doesn't say much about me...

Anonymous said...

Oh it was grand.

X said...

everyone, im not posting annonymously, sorry to disapoint you ken, i don't believe in that.

Cynda that seemed a litte harsh and I would agree with John to look at yourself and figure out where this anger is coming from.

Jeff Cynda does have some points however, i will leave you to decide which ones to embrase and the ones to push away, I trust your judgement. Althought it does sound like your judgement in friends needs adjusting.

Ken I do not miss your driving.

Ben your joke was clever.

Anonymous I do not like you attempting to impersonate me.

Hell, look on the bright side at least Jeff got a thrity commented post!