Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Because I Can; Dave's Last Weekend in Summary

By the insistence of Nancy and the encouragement of Ben, I have been persuaded to contribute my blurb to the blog. Well, ok, Nancy said she'd kill me and I always tell Ben that I'll post and then don't. The only marginally interesting event to recently occur was last weekend's debate tournament in which I was ranked 10th out of around 32 people in the novice category. I brought home a gavel with "M Jack Parker Invitational / Novice Parliamentary Debate, 2005-10th Speaker" engraved on it. A little hardware earned is a little spirit boosted ;) The more interesting story is my acquisition of the nickname "the van guy." I'll try to keep it short, but basically we had stayed up all night playing drinking games (I didn't drink... I felt like the loser freshman who wants to drink with the upperclassman but can't hold it as well... I didn't want to be that kid :P). Anyhow, around 4:00 I decided I was hungry, and (being sexiled from our room) everyone else decided that finding a 24hr. restaurant would indeed be the best course of action. So we went out and ate (in retrospect, it is surprising that we weren't kicked out...), and upon returning one of the ladies from another team announced that she had never seen the sunrise, and wanted to know if anyone wanted to join her. Being the chivalrous individual I am, I agreed to accompany her so she could enjoy her sunrise without being subjected to the gloom of solitude. Long story short, we ran around looking for the best spot to watch from, and I decided that a moving van in the lot would provide the perfect vantage point (completely neglecting to observe the balcony attached to the hotel...). So around 6, a guy in a pickup decked out with the standard contractor equipment (ladder on the side, nails rolling around in the bed) showed up and yells "hey, do you know whose van that is?" In an effort to satisfy the man's concern that we might be trespassing, I answered with the brilliantly witty "No, sir." He didn't seem to see the wit of my statement, and proceeded to inform the front desk, who informed the owner of the van, who informed my coach, who informed all his coaching colleagues (we have the coolest coaches; they're basically college kids who graduated by accident ;). So the next day I was waiting in a room waiting for one of the semifinal debate rounds to begin (which I was observing, not participating in), when her coach walks in and says (in a voice loud enough to be clearly intended for the whole audience) "Which one of you Marquette kids kept my debater up all night on top of a van in the Best Western parking lot?" Clearly he had slanderous intent... which of course resulted in a chorus of laughter at my expense. So from then on, everyone present (and some ppl I didn't think were there...) called me "the van guy." I might add that the implication that we had, uh, relations boosts my ego, but isn't accurate (to the disappointment of my teammates). Once again, I didn't want to be the teenager trying to score with the 20 year old... lol. Cool as that would be for me, it probably wouldn't reflect well on her ;) So anyhow, I had a blast, didn't sleep at all (literally, and the weekend is catching up w/ me), came away with a gavel and a reputation to show for it (not that any of you couldn't have), and I am looking forward to the next wild weekend vacation/party (who would've guessed?) we call parli. debate. Goodnight all, and keep it classy fellow bloggers.

p.s. - the link is to a similar gavel... not a picture of mine - mine has a gold band ;)


Nancy said...

What the hell? I did NOT say I'd kill you. Ok, now I'll go back and read your post.

Ken said...

Kickass post. I can't think of anything witty to say whatsoever because that post was so good. (Wait, no, I can never think of anything witty anyway.) I'm jealous. And thanks for making me miss my van even more, you man-whore you.

Scott said...

PARAGRAPHS, man. I dunno, but that was an exercise to read. Damn good story though...I've always wanted a gavel.

Katie said...

it's happened to me a little more often than i'd like.

i enjoyed your story. yesss for college nicknames...Nick the Diver started calling me BeEasy a couple weeks ago, and so now pretty much the rest of the swim team does...no story there, just my last name changed for fun.