Thursday, October 27, 2005

Because I hate my TA's

In case you didn't know, I am an asshole. So there I was, doing my computer science project, and I got really, really bored with it. We had to write something that used RSA encoding, and the way they had us do it was far too easy. So I decided do it the way we did it last year in number theory. I used the Euclidean algorithm for GCD and for finding integer solutions to 1=ax + by. Then I threw in some successive squaring. Luckily, I still had the successive squaring program on my calculator. Unfortunately, I changed the Euclidean program so that Jeff couldn't mooch it off me, but I forgot what I did, and had to redo the whole program by hand. Hellua annoying, but it was fun. But basically, I used math that I'm pretty sure none of my TA's know how to do. They are going to be so hellua confused. Yeah, so that's my story. I used upper-level math on my Computer Science 100 project. I just hope that my TA's don't dock me because they don't know what I did, or think that I plagierize... But I have no need to worry, I'm no Pat, I keep my number theory honest.


Scott said...

Wow, SOMEONE'S in a bragging mood.

That said, hope you do stick it to the TAs. Show them for trying to do the teacher's work for credit. Which might show the teachers that they shouldn't be dumping their piss-work on grad students. They deserve better.

Doug said...

Yeah, sorry, I'm really proud of myself for some reason... and btw, anyone else from number theory last year could do it. I didn't do anything brilliant, or anything.

Ben said...

It's not bragging if it's true. It's something else nearly as derogatory, I can't remember what. Boasting?

And he's being too modest. Five or maybe six of the kids actually programmed that thing end to end by themselves. I quit after seven or eight lines.

Anyway, way to go Doug, that is going to confuse the hell out of those stupid Cornell TA's.

Ken said...

Now Doug, just 'cause they don't speak any English doesn't mean they don't speak *math*. :D

Scott said...

FYI, that comment above was sarcastic...

It's like Kid Rock says:
You say cocky and I say WHAT?
It ain't cocky if you can back it up

Katie said...

Scott, I never thought I'd see the day that you'd quote Kid Rock.
I'd expect Robert Plant or Joni Mitchell or John Lennon or fuck, Kurt Cobain, but Kid Rock...oh how college changes us in those little ways.

Scott said...

You never knew I dig Kid Rock? I have for...gosh, years now. My dad actually turned me onto him. One of many reasons my dad is far cooler than I.

For some reason, I don't have any Kid Rock on my iPod...that'll have to change.

But yeah, the Kid's where it's at. One of the few rock stars we have left.