Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Okay, so this little tropical depression showed up in the southern Gulf and became a wee lil Category 1 Hurricane a little while ago. It's called Wilma and it's the only time a storm has ever had a W name. With Wilma, this hurricane season ties 1969 as the busiest on record. If there is another hurricane, we'll be calling it Hurricane Alpha because we're all out of names.

Oh yeah, Wilma ain't so puny anymore.

Here's the report:

OCT 19, 2005 3:00AM CDT

An hour ago, the RECON reported a pressure of 892mb, tied the 2nd lowest on record with the 1935 Labor Day hurricane. The eye is an unprecedented 2NM across -- and the aircraft is taking readings from the 700mb level. Typically, 700m is around 10,000'. In Wilma's case, it is 2,132m around 6,500 feet. 168KT in the SE Quadrant, just 3NM outside from the center -- is at least 175mph sustained surface winds.

To translate, this thing has an INCREDIBLY tiny eyewall (2 nautical miles...) and is moving really, really fast. Not only that, but it now has the second lowest pressure on record, which means that it has the potential to be the second strongest hurricane on record. The best way to describe this storm is a really, really big tornado. The only thing people in its path have going for them is the fact that this thing is hauling ass so it won't have enough time to stick around and cause major damage, and the eyewall (which contains the most destructive winds) is so small that the major damage will be very centralized. Due to a very strong cold front moving through the area, Wilma is set to make a sharp right turn and slam straight through Florida and come out the other side into the greater Atlantic sometime around Sunday or Monday.

For the record, the lowest pressure system on record is Super Typhoon Tip (870 mb), which was roughly the size of the entire western United States. This hurricane is incredibly tiny compared to Tip, and yet it has an incredibly low pressure.

So there's another Cat 5 storm in the Atlantic. This has been one batshit hurricane season, and there are still almost 6 weeks left.

CORRECTION/UPDATE: Wilma's pressure has now been measured at 882 MB, making it the lowest pressure storm in the Gulf and Atlantic Basin since the dawn of pressure measurement. This also makes it the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Gulf. Wilma also has the smallest eye that has ever been observed. It's a record breaker, this one. Hoooly shit. This storm dropped 100 mb in pressure literally overnight. It deepened at the rate of 9.7 mb an HOUR. 90 minutes from when it was reported to be a Cat 2, it became a Cat 5. Psychotic. It's like a diseased mutant bastard child of a tornado and a hurricane. Nobody's ever seen anything like this one.

Oh Hurricane Alpha. What will you be like?

PS. Click on the link in the title. That is some CRAZY eye movement. Like the eye itself is being pushed around by the storm.

PPS. Scott does movies. Alex does Tacos. I do hurricanes. We're like an entertainment-food-catastrophic weather event news station.


Magda said...

"It's like a diseased mutant bastard child of a tornado and a hurricane."

I love you.

P.S. You are listed in my cell phone as 'Adrianna Banana.' It has a rather nice ring to it, in my opinion.

Ken said...

I like how it's called a "tropical depression." I mean I'm not gonna lie, these are pretty depressing. I think you should post about the weather in Maui or the Dominican Republic. Sunshine! Happy people! Tropical prozac!

Katie said...

I love that I no longer read film reviews or the weather, because I like/trust Adrianna's weather reports and Scott's reviews more than those random "experts" I don't know.