Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Oh Look, I'm Famous! Kind of.

So the rosters are up for Duke teams. Including Swim Team. Of which I'm a member.

That's me: (unless the link doesn't work, in which case, it is not me.)

Yes, I'm getting a haircut, this weekend, in fact, because yes, it's ridiculously long.
And yep, there's a movie with me talking!...and looking up at the prompt above the camera so I'm not really making eye contact. I apologize.

Initiation update:: Last task (before initiation...ha, oh god.): Learn the first names and last names, hometown and state, year, what they swim, and a random fact...for every member of the team.

Feel free to peruse the rosters and see how many people that is. Quite a few.

And I have to know them by Saturday, and since I have a midterm tomorrow, I will not start studying for this swimming quiz until Friday.

I think I'll make flash cards.

p.s. since people have been talking about concerts, I just bought tickets to the All-American Rejects/Rooney/The Academy Is concert in November. I'm excited. DCFC is coming later this month, but they're sold out...oh well, I've seen them before. Yeah, Durham might be a little sketch, but we have an awesome cheap concert music scene.


Misha said...

You couldn't remember your name, hometown, swim events and major without looking at a teleprompter?
I could rattle off your info without a teleprompter! Except the religion thing. You're majoring in religion? I didn't know that. You think you'd tell family.

Adrianna said...

Man you are just such a pimp, kid.

You enjoy movies and cooking! And teleprompting!

Scott said...

Holy crap your hair did get long. How long has it been? Apparently long.

Anyway, that's cool. I know I'VE never been on a website, never mind a VIDEO. Well done my friend.

Ben said...

Well, ten or eleven of us are listed on Jesuit's homepage in a thing about AP socres. But that doesn't really count. Do you guys have that alumni email thing? I think Andy Van Pelt screwed me!

Katie said...

Oh Misha, are you really surprised that I needed a teleprompter? I can't remember anything.

KtHumm said...

kt bz

i am entertained at your forgetfullness of lake oswego, swimming fly freestyle and IM, and majoring in religion.

p.s. that is quite a lot of peoples names to memorize.

p.p.s. i love the personal information including middle name and misspelled little brother's name