Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Open to Public Scrutiny

...Though really, I doubt you'll change my mind, or help make it up.

I'm thinking that as I really decided to take Psychology because it was the closest to being Undecided without actually putting it down on the application (I couldn't put Undecided down because for my special online application, the option "undecided" did NOT exist. Others managed to put it down, but I pushed the U button and the drop-down menu did not respond. Bastards.), I might switch my major to Spanish. Not for international studies, not for education, just for Spanish. It means I can learn a third language, too.

Other than that...I'm pretty sure not much is going on here at CUA. The dork dorm remains ever the dork dorm.

Oh, and this whole "work" thing...it's so weird, now that it's finally setting in.

Anyway, that's the news over here.

I figured that even if it's a crappy post, I might as well let you guys know I'm still actually alive.


Ken said...

I hear ya on the work thing. Jesus Christ. College is harder than high school, who knew.

I think you should major in Economics. And get some wire-rimmed glasses that have no effect on your vision whatsoever. Every once in a while you should go out and fight evil, too. But that's just my opinion.

Ben said...

Ken's right, fighting evil's pretty much the next jogging.

Adrianna said...

You should major in Journalism and fight crime and then change your name to Peter Parker.

Spider mannnnnnn

Scott said...

Or major in journalism and become Clark Kent.


And actually...so far college is harder than second semester senior year, but NOT second semester junior year. THAT was hard.

X said...

i think its harder then junior year second semester, just because you gus aren't here. So we can't support eachother.

well okay, i just wanted to be sentimental and stuff, but really, no im not running into too much difficulty.

You should switch to sub-molecular-science so that you can work in a nueclear plant and then cause a freak explosion thus welding the mechanical arms to your body and becoming Doctor Octopus! (thats how it actually happens in the comics if anyone didnt know).

Or you could be a bussness major and become rich and become Batman!

of corse its your choice...

Ken said...

I don't think Mike would be a good bussness major. (Dude... I mean it's not that you're not talented... it's just....)

Miguel said...

I understand, Ken...CUA doesn't exactly offer a bussness major anyway.

J. Fugue said...

Be a math major. Be a math major!

Actually, I found my first week workload to be more than anything I ever had in high school - even more than having to read half of Godel, Escher, Bach in a single weekend. But now I'm doing all right and have actually gotten quite ahead on my work.

And Mike, I went to the dork/geek/nerd camp this summer.

Ken said...

Math majors aren't necessarily geeky. That guy in Proof was pretty hot, and he played in a band too. Matter of fact I distinctly remember a scene where he made out with a girl--also hot--and proceeded to stay the night.

I think some other stuff happened too but I can't remember. In conclusion, math is for lovers.