Sunday, October 09, 2005

"Skinny Old Men In Very Tight Pants" or "The Rolling Stones Live In Concert"

So, I went and saw me some Rolling Stones last night.

Me and 59,999 other people. Give or take.

It was SO GOOD...such a spectacle, these guys who played ridiculously well, with Mick Jagger pouting and prancing and thrusting across the stage in lots of different outfits, the most diverse crowd I've ever seen, age-wise and social status-wise (and about 70% of them drunk), a huge screen, these HUGE fire pillar things that shot out of the top and made the stadium really hot every time they turned on and a stage that extended down this huge catwalk to go straight into the crowd and throwing their guitar pics...or their actual guitar, if you're Mick Jagger (the crowd went NUTS).

They played some new stuff, from their new CD "A Bigger Bang", but those didn't get nearly the reaction their old stuff did, like "Wild Horses", "Dead Flowers", "Satisfaction", "You Can't Always Get What You Want", "Jumping Jack Flash", "Honky Tonk Woman", and others. The only one I didn't hear that I really wanted to was "Get Off Of My Cloud", but I survived.

Mick is in really good shape for a 60 year old...he called it "Dur-ham", but he also called Harvard the Duke of the North, so it was all okay.

Favorite Quote, courtesy of Keith Richards:
(walks up to the microphone, looks around, takes a pull on his cigarette, rubs his eyes, and grins)
"It's great to see you all...ah hell, it's great to see anything."

Oh Keith, I love you.

They played for about 2 hours...the opening act was a guy from Phish, but I didn't get there in time to see him, so I don't know how he was. It was awesome.


In other news, initation is tonight. ("What, it's tonight? What was all that other stuff you had to do, Katie?" That was freshmen tasks. This is the actual initation.) We are to meet at the bus stop with a swim suit on under our clothes, a towel and a pair of goggles at 5:00 to be taken somewhere by the seniors to become real swimmers. And I have to know all that stuff about the whole team, so I'm studying all day today, pretty much. I'll be happy when it's over.

Oh, and Fall Break is this weekend (and if I didn't have to stay here and train, I would have been in Boston visiting Ellie arrrrrgggh instead I get to be humiliated along with the rest of the freshmen swimmers) and almost all the freshmen are gone except some athletes, so the campus is pretty much dead, even the dining halls are closed. Rather lonely, but I get to hang out with my team, so whatever, it's all good.


Adrianna said...

Hot damn that sounds incredible... oh Katie. Pimp.

Ben said...

I didn't get a phone call.

Scott said...

Don't worry, Ben. I got a phone call, only made out that she was at the Rolling Stones concert, couldn't hear the rest and was subsequently filled with jealousy.

Ben said...

She got Cake from me though, until my phone died.

Scott said...

Oh, well, in that case it sounds like you were due.

Katie said...

Ben, I'm sorry, it was just that:
1. When I bought the tickets, I called Scott and left him a nice long voice mail to make him jealous, so I thought it would be fitting for me to call him during the concert as well
2. When I told you I got tickets, you said it wasn't worth that much money...I thought you must not like them, so I didn't think you would want me to call. But I apologize profusely. Had I known, I would have called.
p.s. I can call you from the next concert I go to...All-American Rejects, Rooney, and The Academy Is?

Ben said...

Haha, don't bother with that pack of losers.

Really, it's okay. I don't know the first thing about The Stones.