Friday, October 07, 2005


Hey, Nancy recently pointed out to me that I haven't done movie reviews in awhile. I'd thought about it, and she's probably right. Then she ordered me that this has to change. So, without further ado, the last eleven movies I've seen ('cause ten ain't good enough).

THE ARISTOCRATS - Funnier than anything you'll see this year. Yes, funnier than 40-Year-Old Virgin.

THE BROTHERS GRIMM - The only thing worse than a bad film is a decent one.

THE CONSTANT GARDENER - Getting a lotta praise for all the right reasons. The smartest, most complex love story/political thriller EVER.

KISS KISS, BANG BANG (first movie in Boston!) - Doesn't come out for a few weeks, but I saw this like a month ago. Ha ha. It's decently entertaining, but hardly a must see. See it if you love "Get Shorty." Not "Be Cool." That's ass.

LORD OF WAR - I liked it better when it had drugs, starred the Depp, and was called "Blow."

THUMBSUCKER - The best awkward teen movie since "Rushmore." Seriously...see it. I don't know how you wouldn't love it.

PROOF - A good, but not great adaptation of a great play.

CORPSE BRIDE - Not as good as "Nightmare Before Christmas." But what is?

A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE - Incredible...if you like your thrillers, this puts most of the rest to shame.

DOMINO - Keira Knightley's hot. And she kicks ass. Along with Mickey Rourke (Marv from "Sin City"). Directed by the guy who did "True Romance" and "Man on Fire" with a script from the "Donnie Darko" guy. 'Nuff said. I actually have a full review sitting around that I could post since the bastards at Aint it Cool didn't use it.

GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK - One of many films that makes me wish I had the balls to be a journalist. A great film, ensemble cast of the year.

And that's all for now. Next week, the latest from writer/director/genius Cameron Crowe ("Jerry Maguire," "Almost Famous") and Philip Seymour Hoffman, who I am more and more convinced is the best actor working.


X said...

the first one you listed was "aristocrats" for a moment I thought it said "Aristocats" and, I was going to post that aristocats was probably a bit too juvenille for even you Scott and that it is not that funny, although the little cats are cute. Aristocrats makes alot more sense now.

P.S. If you are wondering, Aristocats is disney movie made a long time ago that follows three upper class kittens after they and their mother get kidnapped by the evil butlet that wants to inheret all the old ladies money, but because she leaves everything to her cats he must make it look like they ran away. Well they end up metting Thomas O'Malley the alley cat, (who is voiced by the same guy that does Ballo from Jungle book, it was made around the same time) and they find there way back with a bunch of adventures on the way. My cousins love the movie and my sister used to watch it all the time too, so I got quite used to it, cause who doesnt love a disney movie about cats?

Shakeer said...

My favorite thing about Thumbsucker was randomly deciding to walk into it on a pretty much a whim to discover that it's about a kid from Portland who goes to college in New York City. You guys should all watch it, especially if you happen to be missing Portland a lot, as I happened to be doing just before watching the movie.

Ken said...

That's "Baloo," Monday.

Scott, you're making me wish we had movie theaters where I go to college.

Ben said...

The Aristocats is one of the worst Disney movies ever. And Pitchfork has been having ads for Thumbsucker for weeks. I need to see it.