Sunday, October 23, 2005

A Week Back in Portland

-Got a coat (Gotta support those destitute Boyles)
-Saw Mr. Naggi at the airport (imagined that he was there to apprehend Cynda, visualized elaborate fight sequence)
-Told my parents I wanted to be a doctor in the corniest way possible (I was nervous and after being prompted to read my helpful fortune cookie fortune, waited ten seconds and spilled my guts)
-Failed to obtain a ticket to the Iron+Wine and Calexico concert, consoled self with drive through West Hills (Eastside is still better)
-Talked up Notre Dame to Dr. Gorman's Physics class (was doing very well until I couldn't find the right way to describe the trancendence of Charlie Weis and settled with archangel. How dumb is that?)
-Went back to see the kids at daycare (drew Pokemon for an hour and a half)
-Went to littlest brother Geoff's soccer practice and game (they are called the Ranger's but they definitely have not earned Gravy yet)
-Started a vinyl collection in preparation for the concept of the new radio show for next semester (Still working on a name, thinking something like The War on Adult Contemporary)
-Ran to old school, touched rim after nine or ten tries, first time touching a ten foot rim (can you tell I was proud?)
-Saw JV and Varsity play Aloha (disappointed by less than dominant teams)
-Did about 2.5% of the homework I told myself I was going to do (oh well)
-Realized, finally, that Notre Dame is my home (in the car ride to the airport)

post script
I also got a drunken email from one of the members of my section, which is not abnormal, this one was just funnier and less offensive than most. I will go back in my archives and see if any more are worth sharing. I don't know, it made me laugh.


Anonymous said...

It was quite cool, and a bit surprising, to see you at school Friday. Just be sure to make a guest appearance in first period E+M (or third period math) next time!

-- cfallin

Katie said...

We had parent's weekend this last weekend (that's the closest I've come to home since August/will come till Christmas), and I realized the same thing...I love my school, and it really is now my home.
Which is not to say I'm not looking forward to visiting Portland and seeing everybody again, because I definitely am.

p.s. I love drunken e-mails and drunk dials...the e-mails are better blackmail, more easily mass produced, but the calls are too funny.

Scott said...

Word up for touching the rim. I'd kill for that.

This still ain't quite home here, if only because roommates coming in and out of the room slash giggling at random things when high at two or three in the morning kinda keeps me from any real sleep.

Misha said...

Scott, I have killed for was brutal, but you do what you have to.
Yeah, this doesn't feel like home yet. What am I missing? I do miss my family a lot. And I know that I'm a Portland girl. No matter where I go.

Dave said...

I defiantly have the "this is home" feeling. I think going back will be weird, especially because its a long time from now. Of course, I too look forward to my marginally triumphant return.

Wow katie, solidarity in being sexiled and the home feeling... next thing you know I'll be swimming and you'll be using sleezy pick-up lines ;)

Miguel said...

I went swimming in the ocean of Bethany Beach, Delaware this weekend. The Atlantic Ocean in late October hurricane season was warmer than the Pacific in July.

Ben said...

I just taught the guys Hold 'Em High. We played for a long time and now they want to do a money tournament with it.

Scott said...

My freezer is warmer than the Pacific in July.

Magda said...

I love Hold 'Em High.

I also love the Pacific Ocean. Although I think I prefer the icy-cold Pacific off the coast of Oregon to the bathtub-warm Pacific surrounding Hawaii. Dunno why, but I do. I miss it so.

Miguel said...

I felt very cool telling my Florida friend I went swimming in the Pacific on a late December afternoon last year. When asked how that was, I told him, "You can feel the bronchitis culturing in your throat."

I like the Pacific, too.

Misha said...

High five for team falcon and team anti falcon! The Pacific Ocean is possibly the best place to be.