Monday, November 28, 2005

The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

Thanksgiving was fun. The Pitmans are awesome. I forgot how much I love them. Claire has grown a ton. They are doing well. Spent a few hours in NYC before my bus to Baltimore came, so I just started walking around. Turns out that most of the Ivy league schools have clubs on 41st or 42nd st, around 5th avenue, where all the expensive stuff is. They are pretty much just upscale restraunts, so basically, expensive, and good clothes required, so I kinda just looked in and took pictures. Other than that... just kinda wandered. Had Thanksgiving meal with family friends of the Pitmans, but it wasn't bad. The dad is an Professor at the Naval Academy, which is cool. Went to DC on Saturday, saw Jen at Catholic, but sadly, Mike was still at Baltimore. Then monuments, which, considering that was my first time in DC, was interesting, even though it was late at night, and pretty much everything was closed. Anyway, it is definitely 5am, and I have a couple of essays to write before class at 10... hmm... Yeah, if the writing on this post is any way indicative of the way I'm writing in my essay, I'm screwed. Almost forgot... On my way back, in Baltimore waiting for the bus, I see it pull up, and let someone off, the driver closed the door, but I showed him my ticket, and he lets me on very quickly, telling me that he's going to NYC, but then tells everyone else around me that the bus is going to DC. Confused, he explained to me that by saying that he's going to DC, noone else will try to get onto the already full bus. So we passed 30 or so people, all with tickets to NYC, and somehow, I was insanely lucky enough to get aboard. The driver was defintely hispanic, and probably Puerto Rican, which would explain exactly what happened. The guy was a crappy driver, too, he barely stayed in the lane, and defintely pushed 80 on the Jersey Turnpike. Oh well, I'm here now.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Varsity House Sunday Night Fights

I had my first boxing match tonight.

Somebody provided the boxing gloves and mouth guards, and we did it in the Varsity House living room, with three one-minute rounds. I had no idea how entertaining boxing was. The two other Chippendale's dancers matched up against each other first. They were mainly jabbing each other. I figured, hey, I could do that. But then the guys in the next match up were throwing haymakers like crazy.

I was up next. I wasn't too worried cause my opponent was 5'9", 125 lbs (I'm 130 lbs), and he doesn't do sports, other than fencing. Tonight I got a new appreciation for having such a violent brother back in grade school (he's not violent anymore) cause those early years taught me how to throw a good punch. I knocked him down once. Man that felt good.

Next was a matchup between two brothers. The little one was aggressive enough to cream the big slow one. To close it all out, the main event had two of the biggest guys at Varsity House. This sure beats working on that term project in Spanish. I have to give a presentation with a partner that hasn't responded to any of my emails and, as far as I know, hasn't done any work. We may be going tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it though. It's on Cuba, so I'll be making fun of communism the whole time.

Babies! and The Gingerdead Man

Yesterday, on the flight from Chicago to Syracuse, I met the happiest baby I'd ever seen. (Her mom claims it's because she's an acupuncturist and knows where to prod her baby to keep her in shape. "See, I just work her stomach" [pokes baby in the thigh a couple times] "and she never, ever spits up!") Nancy, your people have weird medicine.

I also watched Traffic and 8 Mile, neither of which could live up to the movie I saw on Wednesday with Patrick and Cynda: a masterpiece starring the voice of Gary Busey as "The Gingerdead Man." In case you're my older sister and still can't read, that's "GingerDEAD." I'll give you a basic plot outline but since you're going to watch it soon I won't ruin the ending. Basically, a serial killer murders a bunch of bakers in a diner, leaving only the daughter alive. He's executed, but his psycho mother takes his ashes and delivers them to the bakery as Gingerbread Spices, which of course get baked into a gingerbread man. (Only one. And this works because one of the bakery helpers bleeds into the dough. Oops.) With the help of a nice big jolt of electricity, the cookie becomes a living, squealing, evil Gingerdead Man bent on finishing off everyone else in the bakery. Unfortunately, he's still only 12 inches tall.

Hilarity ensues.

It's probably the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life. It's probably the funniest thing Patrick's ever seen in HIS life, except Dumb & Dumber and Seinfeld. It's probably the weirdest thing Cynda's ever seen, except the time she got to see an inflatable sex toy wearing her clothes. I can't recommend this movie highly enough. It's probably the most fun Nancy and Ian ever--oh, wait, they didn't come.

Anyway, other Portland events: Mass at Jesuit, party in Spanish just like old times, Thanksgiving dinner with Dr. Gorman, watching Harry Potter, and Jesuit football crushing Barlow like so many beer cans in one of those big green rotating recycling machines at Safeway.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Hey all...updating on the thanksgiving situation here in brew town...

Ben is trashed off his ass

Scott totally just made out with some ugly girl from adrianna's floor

Skylar is currently peeing out the window of mccormick (sober)

David is sitting alone in his room, rocking himself to sleep

Adrianna has moved in with a frat boy and is planning her first pregnancy

Misha has abandoned Milwaukee to live in Sheboygan with her native people, the indians

And I just wish I knew what it was like to be with a transvestite....

But you can't always get what you want....but if you try sometimes you might just get what you need

(and apparently A needed some good man-loving)

All is well, and we miss you all...except for Misha, she's moved on

Speed Blogging

So it is 3:13 am and I am waiting for my bus to NYC, and Ben decides he is sick of Ariel Sharon. So he turns to me, and I have like 10 minutes before I should get out to my bus, so I'm posting. I'm sure there will be a point to this post soon, but I don't know what it is yet.... Wait for it.... Wait for it... alksdhyfiwaje;slzdlc;/lk.... Yeah, if that is the point of this post, this blog has come upon hard times. Hard times indeed when "alksdhyfiwaje;slzdlc;/lk" is the point of a blog post. So I guess what I'm saying, y'all need to post more. That means you. Yes you. Unless your name happens to be Ben. Then I guess you really don't need to. Especially after that brillaint Ariel Sharon post. JK. I didn't mind it. Yeah, I guess his face gets annoying, but that's only if you check the blog like 2000 times a day. Anyway... bus time... Shalom.

PS: This space used merely to block the picture of an old guy when you first come to our distinguished blog.

Monday, November 21, 2005

News: "Sharon quits Likud to form new party"

And he helped form his old party back in '73. If an old guy named after a mermaid can do it twice, I am pretty sure I can do it too, with a little help from my friends. I get by with a little help from my friends. Alright, Vincent out!

post script
That's my first ever reference to American Idol, please tell me it's not outdated.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Don’t just skip right over this thinking it’s my latest rant against all that is Potter. Quite the opposite, in fact. I really, really liked this movie. It’s not perfect, and I’m not suddenly the world’s biggest Potter fan, and no, I will not be reading the books (but that’s got more to do with that I just don’t read), but I did enjoy the hell outta this movie.

My only hesitancy in reviewing this is I have no knowledge of the source material, so I don’t know what to credit to Rowling or to screenwriter Steven Kloves, who penned the last three flicks as well. But in any case, someone involved in the writing process does one hell of a job juggling the various plots going on in the film. Everything feels like it matters equally, be the ominous threat presented right from the beginning, Harry’s participation in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, or even the romantic subplots brewing underneath. Whereas so many action/adventure movies this year threw in a completely uninteresting romantic subplot (HITCHHIKERS, BATMAN BEGINS, FANTASTIC FOUR, THE ISLAND), GOBLET OF FIRE really used it. Obviously, by the time Harry really gets in the shit, nothing else matters. That’s fantastic adventure storytelling – making every moment seem more immediately important than what preceded it.

And never letting up – never give your hero a break. Think of the worst possible thing he could go through, and do it. That’s what makes a movie like this.

And the flick moves like hell. In its two-and-a-half-hour running time, not a second is wasted and I never FELT the length like usually happens with many of that length. Doesn’t make them bad, but for a movie like this, you gotta keep your audience IN it.

And here was my biggest thing with Harry Potter in the past, which is really a personal problem – I never can treat any sort of fantasy as FUN. Comedic relief, fine, but when you’re dealing with magic and all these dark forces, it should never feel like a good time out in the park. The two just don’t link up for me.

So what this did so well is keep the wonder and the magic (not abra-kadabra, but the magic of the story and the imagery), but not make it SILLY. There really aren’t any wacky characters or situations thrown in. Sure, the larger context is that Harry is wrapped up in this game, but it never really seems like a FUN game. People DIE in these, after all.

The games, by the way, are fantastically realized. And here’s where I really credit director Mike Newell. The dragon sequence is a great chase scene. The underwater scene is simply beautiful. And that maze scene…pure suspense. Truly great suspense fantasy.

And the graveyard. When you have this much action and suspense throughout the entire movie, and it builds to something that TOTALLY pays off, it comes off so amazing. Look at Luke and Vader’s battle in EMPIRE. This was the closest I’ve seen to a meeting like that since. It’s every bit as horrible and incredible as the whole flow of the movie built it to be. Anything less would have been so underwhelming (Evidence A: PRISONER OF AZKABAN). And even though I knew nothing of Voldemort or the like, the second Harry sensed it I knew something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. So due credit to not only the writing staff but to Daniel Radcliffe, who overall does fantastic work here.

My problems with the movie are few and far between. The rock music in the dance scene really took it out of the world that was otherwise left entirely intact. Ron and Harry’s bout feels unfounded, and resolves itself with no actual fallout. And as far as I can tell, short of getting pissed at or worried about Harry and Ron, Hermione never really seems to have any problems, and acts mostly as the traditional fallback female role as the voice of reason. That, despite this, she remains a solid, real, and compelling character throughout says a lot for actress Emma Watson.

Right now, this movie's around 11th on my favorites for this year (I've seen 42). However, this is my favorite adventure film this year (unless you count WAR OF THE WORLDS), which I think says a lot in a year with BATMAN BEGINS. So yeah, for those of you who didn't already see it this weekend, I highly recommend it.

Oh, and the Superman trailer is incredible.

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Basement Board Weekly

Background: The whiteboard in the basement of Varsity House has been an anti-JP board this year. JP is our President, so we've been plotting mutinies and making fun of him a lot. I wrote this article on the message board.

More background: Varsity House has a new high-tech toaster. You're supposed to press the waffle button when you're making waffles, and then they come out perfectly toasted. Also, fire trucks came to Varsity House on Monday because someone left the gas stove on and the fan was off. James is his roommate, who considered waking up Jon when the fire trucks got here, but Jon was asleep. One last tidbit is that Jon is a senior and his girlfriend is a freshman.


NEWSFOCUS: Jon Powell's 11/14/05 Diary Entry (Uneditted)

Dear Diary,
I tride to wake up on time this morning. I normally turn off my alarm and fall back asleep. So last nite I put my alarm clock on the other side of the room, so that I'd half to get up and turn it off. It didn't work though. I ended up just dragging my bed over to the clock than turning it off and falling back asleep. That was the forth time I have mist my spelling class.
Today at brekfest I wanted to have some waffuls so I orderd some on the new toaster. Butt aparently, the "waffle" button wasn't working, so I decided to make a bananana. While I was cooking it, I notist a shiny red thing on the wall that sed, "Pull in case of fire." I saw that the gas stove was using fire. I thot that sumthing wasn't rite because it was suposed to be a gas stove, not a fire stove. So I tride to obey the red button butt I couldn't pull it off. But I think it broke cause part of it came down and than it started crying. So I ran away.
I was pretending to be asleep wen a bunch of red trucks showed up. I think they wer bringing me a lowder alarm clock cause it sure sounded like it. I thot I was in trubble because I mist class agin. So wen James came to my bed I pretended to be fast asleep, witch isn't really true, cause I am not a fast sleeper. It normally takes me from ten to twenty minits to fall sleep. Eksept for those times wen it takes longer. Than it is more like twenty to fourty minits. Butt if I am tired, it is more like five to ten minits.
I got to hang out with my girlfrend today. She smells really pritty. Maybe all young girls smell so good. My frends say I am robbing the cradle. Butt I think they just arn't vary smart because I no that I half not stolen any cradles. I like younger girls cause I am so much smarter then them.
Well, thanks for listening to me Mr. Diary. You are my best frend.

I love you,
Jon Powell.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Prayers greatly appreciated.

Today we got a call saying that there was a liver available for my dad. He is now in the ICU being prepped for said liver. They will be harvesting the liver in an hour or so and we will know if it is in good enough condition to be transplanted. The operation is scheduled for nine tonight. Anything can happen though and my mom and I are trying not to get our hopes up. They may decide in a few hours that it won’t work and send my dad home. Also, he is a very high-risk patient due to malnourishment and his social worker said that the speed in getting a transplant is a testament to how sick he really is. All we can do now is hope and pray.

I will most likely be in a hospital waiting room all night, so if you feel like you want to call feel free. The surgery can last anywhere from 5-18 hours and I’ll be honest with you, if I can’t have your friendly faces it would be really nice to hear some friendly voices.

Thanks for all your support. Please keep my dad in your thoughts and prayers tonight. It really means a lot to me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Hey guys, sorry to be depressing and everything, but my uncle is going in for some really serious surgery on the 17th and I'd greatly appreciate it if you all kept him in your prayers.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Very Klepto Thanksgiving

Greetings from Marquette-ville!

Today our usual dining hall fare of piles of crap and grease was magically replaced by a homemade Thanksgiving dinner full of meat, potatoes, and other good stuff. Like pie. I enjoy a good pie. Anyway.

So one of my friends couldn't make it to dinner because she had class and a variety of other things to do. Her parting words before leaving the line outside of the feast were "steal some shit for me, alright?"

And oh, we did.

First, we took a giant stack of turkey and ham, wrapped it in napkins, and gave it to our fifth floor liason to take up to my sixth floor liason's room before going off to work. She embarked, leaving us to the remainder of our dinner and to the most cunning part of our plan. Smuggling out a bowl full of mashed potatoes and gravy in a sweater is pretty hard work, but we managed not to stain anything and got into the elevator. If it started leaking gravy, the plan was to tell whoever caught us that Lydia (the sweatshirt bearer) had a condition. Of some sort. I dunno. We also swiped some silverware for the hell of it.

We got upstairs only to find a missed call on my sixth floor liason's cell phone from the fifth-floor liason... apparently she coudln't get into the sixth-floor liason's room to make the drop on the meat, so now she is at work with a large stack of turkey and ham in her backpack until 9 o'clock tonight. Oops. Oh well, a feast shall be had! And her backpack shall smell like meat!

Ah, it was a very klepto Thanksgiving indeed.


Check out the two first results from the title link! Oh man is that cool!

There we go. Much happier front page.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Front Page News.

Sex-abuse suits embroil Jesuits in Northwest
Lawsuits The Oregon-based province faces scores of cases, many involving priests in Alaska
Monday, November 14, 2005
The Oregonian

In the long shadow of the Archdiocese of Portland bankruptcy, an Oregon-based Jesuit province faces a growing priest-abuse litigation crisis of its own.

In the last few years, as many as 100 people have filed sex-abuse lawsuits accusing more than a dozen priests and volunteers of the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus, according to plaintiffs' attorneys.

The Northwest Jesuits are separate from the Portland Archdiocese and report to superiors outside the Vatican in Rome. The province covers five states -- Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska -- but the bulk of the alleged abuse occurred in remote Alaskan Eskimo villages that during the long winters are almost completely cut off from the rest of the world.

"There's no one to tell, no one to turn to, no one to talk to," said Elsie Boudreau, an Anchorage woman who was sexually abused by a Jesuit priest when she was a girl. Boudreau settled her case for $1 million in April.

The Rev. John D. Whitney, the Portland-based provincial superior, admitted that the Rev. James Poole had committed sexual abuse and apologized to Boudreau.

"We apologize to the victim of this misconduct, and to all who have suffered a loss of hope and trust," Whitney said in April. "We ask forgiveness as we strive to ensure that such actions do not happen again."

The Northwest Jesuits have paid about $7.5 million to settle lawsuits, far less than the $53 million spent by the Portland Archdiocese before it sought bankruptcy protection in 2004.

Bankruptcy was supposed to allow the archdiocese to get a handle on priest-abuse litigation, but 18 months later little has been resolved. More than 200 sex-abuse claims are pending. And a judge has yet to decide the most explosive issue in the case: The archdiocese's claim that church law prohibits it from selling parish churches to pay off sex-abuse claims.

The Northwest Jesuits take the same position about such prominent Jesuit organizations as Gonzaga and Seattle universities, and Portland's Jesuit High School. But no legal proceeding has forced the issue.

Although dozens of lawsuits are pending against the Jesuits and a trial is scheduled to begin in February, Whitney said he has given no serious thought to following the Portland Archdiocese into bankruptcy.

"My primary concern really is trying to find ways toward healing," he said.

Pope Pius XI called remote Alaska "the most difficult mission in the world" because of the extreme conditions, Whitney said. The challenge of working in such a tough environment has drawn Jesuits from throughout the world.

Christopher R. Cooke, an Anchorage attorney who represents priest-abuse plaintiffs, said the remoteness of the villages proved ideal for pedophile priests. Many villages lacked phone service, and roads were not passable during the long winters.

Absolute trust

And the Yupik Eskimos, isolated by geography, language and culture, were taught to trust their priests absolutely.

"Their power was virtually unfettered," Cooke said. "There wasn't a policeman down the street you could talk to if something was wrong."

Cooke said documents indicate that when the Portland-based Jesuits learned about sex-abuse allegations as far back as 1960, they moved the priest to another village or another state. Cooke said that in some cases, pedophile priests from other parts of the country were sent to Alaska.

"They knew," Cooke said. "They had plenty of notice."

Whitney disagrees.

"We never dumped people in Alaska," he said.

Whitney also said plaintiffs' lawyers are reading too much into documents that they claim show Jesuits did nothing about sex-abuse allegations.

Although the province's headquarters are in Portland, very little of the litigation directly touches Oregon.

A suit filed in Multnomah County in September accused the Rev. John Schwartz, a former teacher at Jesuit High School, of molesting a student in the 1980s. Schwartz is no longer a Jesuit and works as a priest in the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Schwartz denies the charge, according to a spokesman for the San Francisco Archdiocese, but has taken a voluntary leave of absence from a church assignment.

Priest fathered two

A suit filed last month in Alaska accused the Rev. James E. Jacobson of sexually assaulting two women in Alaska during the 1960s and '70s and fathering two sons. Jacobson later was sent to Oregon and assigned to be a prison chaplain in Salem, where he worked for 25 years before retiring in August.

An article in the Catholic Sentinel said Jacobson was especially beloved by inmates on Death Row. He received the Salvation Army's national award for Chaplain of the Year and the American Catholic Correctional Chaplain Association's Maximilian Kolbe Award.

Whitney said he recently became aware of evidence that Jacobson had fathered children. Jacobson acknowledges having a relationship with two women, but denies sexually assaulting them.

The Rev. James Laudwein was working in a ministry for the poor in Portland until last month, when he was accused in a lawsuit of molesting a 14-year-old Eskimo girl in 1980. Laudwein denies the accusations against him, Whitney said.

Missionary work

The Jesuits, the largest Catholic religious order in the world with 20,000 members, were founded during the Protestant Reformation. They are known for education and missionary work.

In the Northwest province, Jesuit priests do missionary work among native peoples in Alaska, Washington, Idaho and Montana. They also teach at Jesuit colleges and schools, and staff more than half a dozen parishes, including St. Ignatius in Southeast Portland.

Whitney said the organization has paid for settlements with insurance, savings and by asking priestly communities to reduce expenses. None of the money has come or could come from Jesuit schools because they are independent organizations, he said.

That claim -- disputed by plaintiffs' attorneys -- echoes the most hotly contested issue in the Portland Archdiocese bankruptcy: ownership of the more than 100 Catholic churches in Western Oregon.

Archdiocese officials say that under church law, the parishes are separate entities. A bankruptcy judge in Spokane -- the location of one of the two other Catholic bankruptcy cases in the United States -- ruled earlier this year that the diocese owned the parish churches. Elizabeth Perris, the judge overseeing the Portland case, is expected to rule on that issue early next year.

Trial scheduled

The most immediate legal issue on the horizon for the Jesuits is a trial scheduled for February in Nome involving Poole, whom five people have accused of sexual abuse. The Jesuits and the Diocese of Fairbanks have settled two Poole cases, including the one with Boudreau. Poole lives in an assisted living facility in Spokane.

One reason that Whitney said he is not considering bankruptcy is that he is seeking to have the courts say the Jesuits are not liable for dozens of sex-abuse allegations against volunteers. That would significantly reduce the number of lawsuits.

Still, he acknowledged that the organization cannot afford to continue paying big settlements.

"If all the claims come though in million-dollar increments, we'll be in trouble," Whitney said.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Concert Review

Yesterday I went to see my first a-capella concert here at Cornell. I always knew that it was a big thing here, and I was finally going to see a concert! I was excited... little did I know, I would be sorely disappointed. Apparently it was put on by the Gay-Straight Alliance or something, I'm not sure, but it was a bit... y'know. They were okay, but there was this one really annoying new kid, obviously he was the gay part. He really sucked. You were able to pick out his voice really easily from the other ones, it just didn't harmonize well.... it was really bad. I think he was retarded, too. Since he is new to the group, they introduced him along with the other new guys. But he couldn't read or write, so they had do an interview instead of him just writing something down like prom court or something. I forget how it went exactly.... but he said that "College was fun.... The Waiters were fun.... His interests were... having fun, etc. Either the guy was the most boring guy ever, or was definitely handicapped in some way. " The mental handicap would explain why he has been "shaving his pubes and leaving them on the toilet" (anonymous tip) So I guess I really shouldn't make fun of him. He looked awfully familiar, too... Maybe one of you will be able to tell me who he reminds me off...

But anyway, I don't know why I paid $9 to see them. And they only did one decent song the whole time "Southern Cross" by Jimmy Buffet. I actually like theirs better than Buffet's... but other than that... Even "We Didn't Go To Harvard" was sub-par.

PS: I really should have left early, especially since my roommate called, telling me that he locked himself out of his room. But I knew better than to just leave in the middle of a performance, so I stuck it out. Besides, I had a friend performing, and I mean, how would you feel if a friend came to see you, but then left 10 minutes into the show? I mean, I wouldn't let him forget about it. EVER.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Let's Play A Little Game!

I could have just linked this, but it's more fun to do it yourself. Today, when Ben instant messaged me to ask for my goat porn collection, I told him I would post it on the blog. So I opened up good ol' Internet Explorer and tried to type in the URL. Usually even with a moderate amount of crack cocaine in my system I can do that. However, tonight I'd added some powdered Ritalin to the mix, and so instead of typing "", I typo'ed miserably and ended up with "". The result? CORYYYYY!!!

Seriously, that's hilarious. I think as bloggers we should take this as a compliment.

Go team!


Hey everybody, remember that time Ken single-handedly defaced the St. Ignatius statue at Jesuit by taping a tequila bottle he found to its hand? How awesome was that? Ken's the man, despite what Pat thinks. Anyway, some jerkoff stole his idea here at Notre Dame and duct taped a liquor bottle to Fr. Sorin, except Sorin doesn't have a hand that's perfect to tape bottles to, so they just stuck it to his crossed arms. Lame. And I bet he did it with some friends, unlike our Eagle Scout who went solo. Junior year Ken Colwell is infinitely cooler than the most-likely upperclassmen who pulled this sorry replica of his prank. I don't think we knew how good we had it guys.

post script
No, I'm not bitter Kenneth.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yep, She Deleted It.

I love my team and especially my roommates, and I would never want to see any of them in trouble.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Joys of Science

I think my physical science teacher is bipolar or something. Most days, she just lectures, but there are also days where she brings us candy and tells us stories, or gives us balloons to play with in class, or throws action figures around the room to demonstrate some principle or other. It's pretty ridiculous. But on those days, I look forward to the homework assignments, because they're things like to go float in the ocean (and write a paper about it), or build a circuit, or color the periodic table so it looks pretty. And sometimes she lets us grade each other's homework assignments. (Bad idea.)

Last week, we were assigned to... get this... write a poem about elements. So the night before class, I whipped out an amazing piece of poetry in about two minutes (Cynda helped), which I thought I'd share with you guys, because I received an outstanding grade on it:

Es - Einsteinium, a genius you are
Li - Lithium, with you I shall go far
Eu - Europium, you come from distant lands
Mg - Magnesium, I'll find you in my hands
Er - Erbium, you have a strange name
N - Nitrogen, from the air you came
T - Thallium, your name is even stranger
S - Sulfur, you are a source of danger

Oh, please... hold your applause. Anyway, the dude who was grading my poem liked it so much that he gave it 120 points out of 30. Yeah. That good.

Although I think I preferred the haiku I made up before class for a girl who hadn't written a poem... It's sheer brilliance, let me tell you.

I love elements.
Especially Au - gold.
They are my good friends.

She got an insane amount of extra credit for that as well. And you know what's really funny? The teacher actually put those grades in the gradebook. (Although she hasn't let us grade each other's assignments since.)

My other professors are all relatively normal, and I especially like my political science class because apart from being a really good teacher, the guy's like a stand-up comedian, so he makes things interesting.

But is it just me, or does anyone else have a teacher who's on drugs?

Thursday, November 03, 2005


I saw Dr. Gorman at PSU today.

Also, my best friend since way back when left for Marine boot camp last week, so any prayers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I Figure It's Blogworthy

Hey guys, I'm alive...

Anyway, as freaking-huge-term-paper season looms over me, I find myself more and more able to procrastinate. Hence, this blogging. I should be working on an oral presentation in Spanish right now, in addition to actually trying to get my Psych group to do some work on our project due Tuesday. I should also be determining what kind of syllogisms Socrates uses in "Crito," and putting his arguments into centristic and Aristotelian logic form...but suffice to say, I'm not.

Instead, I'm letting you know that I got knighted into the brotherhood of Esto Vir, a group on CUA's campus. Basically, it consisted (still does, but this is a history paragraph now) of guys who were tired of the stereotypical man being the crass, loud, binge-drinking, sex-obsessed, tactless, faithless, superficial jock who lives at the end of the hall. So...well, rather than trying to make every male change from that stereotype, their goal was to gather like-minded guys together so as to validate their beliefs, to show them that they didn't have to capitulate. And, should their example of true manhood inspire people to shape up, that's awesome. The group started out four years was a small group, but it's survived. They chose the patron saint to be St. Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei (he was the newest saint at the time).

So yeah, we went through this five-week formation period, where we talked about the five lifestyles we focused on: Prayer, brotherhood, self-sacrifice, chastity, and fortitude. Then we went to the beach at the end of week 5 for a retreat, and that was sweet. Then began the week of fire, which is like initiation, but everybody does it. Basically, we go to Mass daily, and starting on Monday (it's technically correct) morning, we wake up at 1 AM to say a decade of the rosary. Then at 2 AM Tuesday, we do the same thing. Then 3AM Wednesday, 4 Thursday, and 5 Friday. And Friday we fast for 12 hours. Then we either do service or pray a whole heck of a lot on Saturday. Sunday's initiation, where old knights renew their vows, and Aspirants are knighted in. There's a sword and everything. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, that's the story. I'm off to get some sleep, because...well, it's that time of day when I realized I should get more sleep.

Have a good one, guys

The Big City

So Nancy is apparently going to NYC next weekend, and, wants me to come down too. I was skeptical at the time, and told her I'd tell her later, because I didn't know then. But now I have made up my mind. I, Douglas Puett, will venture forth from Ithaca into the wild unknowns of the big city.... Syracuse. Me, with the rest of the Rocky cast are putting on two performances on Saturday. Needless to say, NYC is out of the question. But compared to Ithaca, anything is a big city, so I doubt that I'll actually be able to tell the difference.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I Am Such A Loser Sometimes.

I lost my cell phone last Thursday.

Felt like I had lost a limb or something...the mourning period was terrible, kept thinking I was hearing ringtones and it was just SO HARD.

Now I have a new phone...but no numbers.

My number's the same, text me your numbers or over AIM or whatever.

Thanks guysssss.