Friday, November 04, 2005

The Joys of Science

I think my physical science teacher is bipolar or something. Most days, she just lectures, but there are also days where she brings us candy and tells us stories, or gives us balloons to play with in class, or throws action figures around the room to demonstrate some principle or other. It's pretty ridiculous. But on those days, I look forward to the homework assignments, because they're things like to go float in the ocean (and write a paper about it), or build a circuit, or color the periodic table so it looks pretty. And sometimes she lets us grade each other's homework assignments. (Bad idea.)

Last week, we were assigned to... get this... write a poem about elements. So the night before class, I whipped out an amazing piece of poetry in about two minutes (Cynda helped), which I thought I'd share with you guys, because I received an outstanding grade on it:

Es - Einsteinium, a genius you are
Li - Lithium, with you I shall go far
Eu - Europium, you come from distant lands
Mg - Magnesium, I'll find you in my hands
Er - Erbium, you have a strange name
N - Nitrogen, from the air you came
T - Thallium, your name is even stranger
S - Sulfur, you are a source of danger

Oh, please... hold your applause. Anyway, the dude who was grading my poem liked it so much that he gave it 120 points out of 30. Yeah. That good.

Although I think I preferred the haiku I made up before class for a girl who hadn't written a poem... It's sheer brilliance, let me tell you.

I love elements.
Especially Au - gold.
They are my good friends.

She got an insane amount of extra credit for that as well. And you know what's really funny? The teacher actually put those grades in the gradebook. (Although she hasn't let us grade each other's assignments since.)

My other professors are all relatively normal, and I especially like my political science class because apart from being a really good teacher, the guy's like a stand-up comedian, so he makes things interesting.

But is it just me, or does anyone else have a teacher who's on drugs?


Cynda said...

No but I am and apparently you are too if we came up with a poem like that!!

Ben said...

The chemisty teacher who apologized to the class for the difficulty of our last test is Scottish, and does little dances sometimes and on Halloween he came out with a Shrek mask on. Apparently he used to give out Iron Brues (the most popular drink in Scotland because they helped get over hangovers, he said) to kids who answered questions right, but he hasn't done that yet.

And you know Feebeck dropped some acid back in the day. Schaal would be more of a glue-sniffer though. Who the hell knows what Mr. Simmons did. He probably invented his own drugs.

Ken said...

That teacher is totally ripping off Cornell Engineering there. Balloons, action figures, coloring in, and poems? It's like we're in the same class, six hours apart!

Oh and yeah, my math teacher is on drugs. He takes about fifteen different meds... for cancer. Thanks a lot for bringing it up.

Cynda said...

Geez Ken get with the program!Hawaii doesn't observe daylight savings time so you are actually only five hours a part in actual time and more like 11 or 12 if you were to fly there!

Magda said...

Well, she actually told us she used to eat glue. Or paste or something. Because apparently, it tastes good.

Ken said...

That's my next assignment!