Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Speed Blogging

So it is 3:13 am and I am waiting for my bus to NYC, and Ben decides he is sick of Ariel Sharon. So he turns to me, and I have like 10 minutes before I should get out to my bus, so I'm posting. I'm sure there will be a point to this post soon, but I don't know what it is yet.... Wait for it.... Wait for it... alksdhyfiwaje;slzdlc;/lk.... Yeah, if that is the point of this post, this blog has come upon hard times. Hard times indeed when "alksdhyfiwaje;slzdlc;/lk" is the point of a blog post. So I guess what I'm saying, y'all need to post more. That means you. Yes you. Unless your name happens to be Ben. Then I guess you really don't need to. Especially after that brillaint Ariel Sharon post. JK. I didn't mind it. Yeah, I guess his face gets annoying, but that's only if you check the blog like 2000 times a day. Anyway... bus time... Shalom.

PS: This space used merely to block the picture of an old guy when you first come to our distinguished blog.

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