Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Hey all...updating on the thanksgiving situation here in brew town...

Ben is trashed off his ass

Scott totally just made out with some ugly girl from adrianna's floor

Skylar is currently peeing out the window of mccormick (sober)

David is sitting alone in his room, rocking himself to sleep

Adrianna has moved in with a frat boy and is planning her first pregnancy

Misha has abandoned Milwaukee to live in Sheboygan with her native people, the indians

And I just wish I knew what it was like to be with a transvestite....

But you can't always get what you want....but if you try sometimes you might just get what you need

(and apparently A needed some good man-loving)

All is well, and we miss you all...except for Misha, she's moved on


Dave said...

HAR HAR HAR... gee rachel, that would be really funny, but all I heard was "blah blah blah, I'm a dirty whore"



Ken said...

He shoots, HE SCORES!

Dave said...

haha, for clarification... i didn't mean that to be mean, lol, fortunatly Ken picked up on it, thanks man. stupid inflection based humor... it'll screw me someday

Adrianna said...

When DON'T I need good man lovin'?

Ken said...

Wait, so how much of that was true?

Dave said...

guilty... and Rachel, I'm gonna invest in some drag... just a heads-up ;^)

Misha said...

All of it is true Ken.
Cheers, wish you were here,
love from Sheboyban
Or as we say here

Katie said...

The best part about that post...sounds like a regular Saturday night (yep, even the pissing out the window "sober", which is a reference to something a kid on the swim team did... if you haven't heard that story yet, let me know, it's a good one).

oh college.

miss you all, can't wait until Christmas.

J. Fugue said...

Haven't heard it myself, Katie.

Ah the craziness of college...

But I'm confused, how much of that happened?

Katie said...

Okay, so this kid got piss drunk (no pun intended) and couldn't find a bathroom, so he stuck it out the window and peed (there are lots of pictures of his back facing the window)...only problem, an RA walked by while he was doing it and he got written up.

I take that back, not the only problem: he lives in Brown, the substance free dorm, and would get in huuuuuuge trouble if he was caught drinking.

Therefore, he told the RA that he had not been drinking.

He had to have a meeting with a dean, who made him write a letter to the coach explaining that he had pissed out a window when he was sober (potentially one of the funniest letters i've ever read), and he had to do community service (yardwork in the Duke gardens for four hours on a saturday), which is a lot more than what happens if you get written up for just drinking (you get a warning. that's it.).
So we always make fun of him for it, stuff like "Now, there are bathrooms in every building, actually. Don't need to use the window." "Shut up, I'm sober." "Yeah well, you were that time too, remember?"