Friday, December 23, 2005

Girls can rock too. I guess.

Sleater-Kinney is an all-female Portland band that is pretty big on the indie rock scene. They are headlining at the Crystal Ballroom next Friday, the 30th. Opening is Stephen Malkmus, who is now touring with a back-up band, the Jicks. He used to be the lead singer for Pavement. Pavement was fairly revolutionary back in the early 90's. His new album is really good and he's living in Portland now too. And there is another opening act, Quasi. I didn't really know anything about them, so I used the amazing tool that is Wikipedia and found out it's an ex-husband and wife band. The wife is the drummer for Sleater-Kinney. (I wonder if she gets paid twice for the show?) The husband is also from Portland and used to be in Elliot Smith's band Heatmiser. Heatmiser was good. So it looks like a pretty good show all around. It's fifteen bucks. Let me know if you want to go. Unfortunately I don't have the bankroll I did last summer (damn caviar addiction) so I would probably have to collect prior to getting the tickets. Or you could go downtown yourselves. It would make you realize how much you missed hipsters. Unless you're Shakeer and have been living in hipster paradise. Anyway, I'm assuming they're going kind of fast. I'm gonna check it out tomorrow. I have no idea if anyone actually wants to go, this is a shot in the dark. Bang.

post script
New salutation for Ken: Bang Away, Auburn Thunder!

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Cynda said...

Of course girls rock. We are obviously the superior sex.

imac said...

I'd go but I don't get home until around midnight that night.

Ken said...

My panel of experts has examined the song you linked, Ben, and declared it awful.

Cynda, I heard guys are way better at poker than girls. Confirm/deny?

Ben said...

Yeah, I don't like it that much either. Don't judge them too much on that. (But you will hafta cut them slack at some point, realizing they are females attempting to compose and perform rock'n roll.) I should have linked one of those Stephen Malkmus ones. But I figured you'd be able to gather that one of them was lesbain and that would peak your interest enough to want to go. I guess you are not as gifted as the prophecy foretold. But check out the bottom link. And don't argue with Cynda; logic ceases to be relevant.

Shakeer said...

I thought Sleater-Kinney was from Olympia man.

Ken said...

I wasn't arguing, I was baiting! Big difference!

And yeah, Shakeer, I was going to ask... what's a band from Portland doing naming themselves off an I-5 exit deep in the heart of Washington State?

Ben said...

My mistake. They record here is what I meant.