Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Having Fun and Doing Stuff!

About a year ago (obviously the Christmas season) I was trying desperately to remember the name of my favorite Christmas carol, but alas I could not. So I was asking everyone what the song was and kept telling them it was about having fun and doing stuff. Unfortunately no one could help me. Until that is SCOTT came to the rescue!!! And told me the song I was referring to was in fact called "So This Is Christmas."

Now for an Outsider exclusive. That's right boys and girls, ladies and gents, refined young women and booger pickers, an interview with Benjamin David Vincent himself.

Cynda: "So Ben what's your favorite Christmas Song."

Ben: "well cynda, I'm glad you asked because this is a matter I've been thinking a lot about lately. I'm just not sure. I think it is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen." It's the closest to true. But there really isn't a perfect Christmas song. Many of them are very good, but they're all missing something. I would like to think that the perfect Christmas carol can still be written. Until then, mine is Gentlemen. But that is subject to change because I haven't heard all of them and know I'm forgetting some."

So now that Ben and I have shared I invite all of you to tell us your favorite Christmas songs!


Magda said...

Carol of the Bells... My absolute favorite.

Especially the version by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It's fun to dance to.

Shinekaze said...

I hate 'em all. Christmas. BAH HUMBUG!

Miguel said...

word, Ben. I agree. Though there's this advent song "My soul in stillness waits" that's like my favorite song ever.

Scott said...

"Hark! the Herald Angel Sings" is my favorite of the classics. Especially Amy Grant's rendition, as well as the one in A Charlie Brown Christmas.

My favorite modern Christmas song is either Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas is You" (you all know you love it) or John Lennon's "Happy Christmas" (which I just found out is the actual name of "So This is Christmas," Cynda).

Katie said...

OH SCOTT. Mariah Carey HANDS DOWN. I love that song, no's not Christmas till I hear that song...although the little girl in Love Actually (who yes, actually does sing it...I watched the commentary from the director, and that little girl really is singing, I was blown away) does an amazing job too.

Also, Amy Grant's "Breath of Heaven" mom used to sing along and she has a gorgeous voice, I loved it.

Traditional? What Child Is This.

Misha said...

Breath of Heaven is amazing. I loved that one in choir! And Carol of the Bells is a classic. All I Want For Christmas is You is great too, and Katie, I watched that movie with you in your house, and I remember staring at that little girl in awe. But my all-time favorite is O Holy Night. Best by far. Captures the Christmas message and is so beautiful! Hey, am I going to be back in time for the Spear-Cope carol singing thingy?

X said...

"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas" -Gayla Peevey

my sister sang that one for her 42nd street audition.

as for my favortie i would say..."police shot my dog"

either that or the Star Trek: Voyager opening song

no gay jokes please

X said...

hippo site:

"Christmas Don't Be Late" -Alvin and the Chipmunks

Ken said...

Funny you should ask! My roommate Tony just sent me what has become my favorite Christmas song of all time: "Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey". I'm sure you will agree. Here, give it a listen!

Dave said...

Carol of the Bells, definatly my favorite