Sunday, December 11, 2005

JHS Wins State Football Championship

Congrats to all involved...I must admit, while I'm incredibly proud of you, I'm also insanely jealous we couln't pull it off last year. I'd love to hear comments on the game.



Katie said...

i talked to dave stecher this morning, and he's so excited...there's a picture of him with the trophy, he's pumped...i'm so happy for them, oh jesuit football.

KtHumm said...

The game was a nail biter from the first kickoff. Lincoln dominated the first half, even though the scoreboard had us up 7-3. Their quarterback threw wherever he wanted and our defense seemed to be scrambling. We missed 3 field goals which hurt deep.

During the second half our offense picked it up and our runners were able to get some sizable gains. Lincoln would rally once we got into the red zone though and we had a hard time finishing off the rush with a TD. Lincoln stopped us on the 3 yard line once i think. Then on the third missed field goal attempt everyone was like "No! Are you joking me?" and then on the jumbo-tron is Meaghan Madden (sp?) close up slow motion of her mouthing "Noooooo! Nooooo Waaaaayyyyy!" That was pretty funny.

With 5 minutes left it looked like JHS was going to lose with a score of 10-7. Lincoln couldn't get a first down, however and were punting from deep Jesuit territory. The student section started cheering "Block That Punt!" as the players lined up. Collin Quade gets loose from the middle and blocked the punt. A Jesuit player jumped on the loose ball on our 3 yard line and in one play we had a TD putting us up 13-10. Thankfully Roselli made the extra point for a 14-10 lead.

Lincoln had like 3 minutes to score but threw an interception. We couldnt get the first down, unfortunetly, and punted it off. Lincoln got one or two first downs before a huge play. Lincoln quaterback throws the ball deep to one-on-one coverage. The Jesuit player trips up (some say the Lincoln player nudged him, who knows) and the Lincoln player is all alone. The ball goes right through his hands and all the Jesuit students start breathing again.

Lincoln turns the ball over on downs and we run out the clock. It was a good game to be at. The rushing of the field was chaos and all the pushing was so dangerous on the icy steps i'm surprised no one got killed. I saw one girl go down but a big burly guy grabbed her from the ground before the rest of the student body trampled her. 600 students and three two-foot wide stairways onto the field was crazy.

Anyway, good game. Lincoln even had a TD called back on a holding call. Replays show obvious holding but all the Lincoln fans won't admit it. Everyone thoguht JHS would bulldoze them, but it was a tight game between two great teams. I'm just glad we came out on top.

And of course, all the students and players and parents took a knee on the field and said an Our Father. Gotta love jesuit. You know i do.

Ken said...

God I wish I had been there. So intense.