Friday, December 30, 2005

New Year's Eve...

I have recieved permission from the parents to host a smallish gathering on New Year's Eve at my humble abode. People would be welcome to arrive around 8 PM and things would wind down around 1 AM (as there is no way I have room for everyone to sleep over).

If everyone who would like to join me Saturday night would please RSVP I would greatly appreciate it. While I am sure my house can hold all of you, I do need a head count to stay within the boundaries my parents have set forth.

I will provide snacks and soda.
You may bring food of your own if you would like.
Anyone with alcohol, whether it be in their pockets or in their bloodstream, is free to NOT join the party.
If there is any question as to what you may or may not bring, please post or leave me a message on aim.

Again, please RSVP

See you soon!


Ben said...

Crack is still kosher, right JB?

John and Karolyn said...

We'd prefer that all plumbers stay within one's pants.

Thank you.