Thursday, December 08, 2005

A note from DC

This morning, Mr. Wendt collapsed during first period. While on the
floor in room 60, his heart stopped and through the CPR and our staff's
ability to administer a defibrillator, (we have two at school,
thankfully) his heart started and breathing resumed. He was taken to
the hospital where he cannot have any visitors but you can email him at

As of this writing he is alert, speaking with his family, sitting up,
and doing much better. He admitted to not having breakfast this morning
and for someone who has to monitor blood sugar, that may not be the
wisest thing to do. We are thankful for the quick thinking of so many
people here to help him this morning. At Mass this morning, many
students prayed for him. We can't wait for his return.


After 10 months gone from Jesuit, Fr. David Olivier SJ returns today. He
is assigned to the Jesuit Community to serve where needed and to pray
for the works of the Society of Jesus. We welcome him back. His foot
seems to have healed and he is ready to go.


Scott said...

Unfortunately, I never had a class with Mr. Wendt, but I was so glad to hear he was okay. Hopefully he'll continue to recover well.

And that is so awesome that Fr. Oliver's back. Wow...couldn't believe he was gone as long as he was. Though now there's that whole system in place, it'd be awesome if he could do Knights again. Wasn't the same without him.

X said...

wow, thank God that Mr. Wendt is recovering! Thank you for posting this Cynda, I will be sure to pray for him. Mr. Wendt was one of the best teachers I had at Jesuit, and continued to help me through senior year as well. And as for Fr. Olivier that is great! Thanks again!

Ken said...

Wait, what's the new system?

Scott said...

I heard Rombach's running the show now...I'd imagine they'd keep it that way, but one can hope.

imac said...

It was Amy Dunn's sister that gave him CPR.

Scott said...

Carrie Dunn? That's intense. Go Carrie.

imac said...

Yeah, apparently it saved his life.

Shinekaze said...

The CPR and the portable Defibrilator that Jesuit keeps on hand is what saved his life.

Adrianna said...

Thank God he's okay... I love that man, he's the best English teacher I ever had... praying for him.

X said...

Mr. Wendt and Carrie Dunn were on channel 8 news tonight. They did a segment with her being interviewed and how she saved his life and all and then they said that he will be having a bypass surgery later this week (monday I think). just letting everyone know.

Katie said...

i LOVE the dunns.

Shakeer said...

Rombach is running the show? I thought he was retiring or something.

imac said...

In case you were wondering, Mr. Wendt collapsed because of a potentially fatal form of arrythmia and has already had a heart attack. He has several arteries that are blocked and needs a quadruple bypass. The surgery is scheduled for monday but it may be moved up.

Ben said...

Rombach is teaching physics (taking Mr. Simmons place) because he was burnt out from being the Dean of Students.