Friday, December 09, 2005

So Apparently My Residence Hall Caught Fire

...I was over in my early christianity history class (it counts for humanities, of which I need a few) when my roommate calls me and is like, "Hey Mike, the fire alarm just went off, and the building's on fire, and the fire's in the bathroom right across the hall from us."

Literally, right across the hall. There are sprinklers in each room, and I didn't know how the system worked, but I thought that maybe the sprinklers in my room might've gone off, which would mean my laptop, printer, and every single book I owned would be destroyed. didn't make for a good studious mood for the last lecture of the semester.

Fortunately, everything is fine...though the bathroom's outta commission for a while.

The cause? Some toilet paper somehow caught fire. Weird.

Anyway, now I'm too busy being thankful that I'm not totally fucked for my finals and my final philosophy paper to really be able to pay attention in Spanish class...hmm...


Scott said...

The main building here almost caught fire when a dryer overheated. I don't live there, but I eat there...and that would suck.

imac said...

Someone in Desmet(the dumbass dorm) set the fire alarm off by burning a pop tart. That was the third fire alarm of the night too.

Nancy said...

The other day the fire alarm went off because someone didn't know how to cook. I was in the middle of eating dinner and was ushered outside into the cold without any warm clothing.

And before that, the bathroom across my room flooded. What is it with bathrooms being hazzards?

Scott said...

A couple people got caught having sex in one of the bathrooms here. Well, not actually caught HAVING it, but they walked outta the bathroom at the same time.

So I consider that a hazard.

KtHumm said...

okay. so OSU may be just crazy dirty or something, but bathrooms are dangerous for many reasons, mainly,

(yeah, scott!) people having sex on regular basises

one girl in my hall washes her feet in the sinks (gag!)

the heater makes this sound like its gonna blow up, it has caused me to end showers quite abruptly

the water heat will go to extreme cold, so you switch the dial to the hot side at which point it will try to boil your skin off

woo for being home and bathroom being a relatively safe place!

Ken said...

Someone's pants caught fire here.