Sunday, January 29, 2006

cool video

i dunno if anyone else has seen this, but i found it fairly amusing so decided to share it with the rest of you. enjoy

Friday, January 27, 2006

Hypothesis even less likely than that one that Al Gore was a robot, which of course was disproved when he gained thirty pounds and grew a beard second

only to Chuck Norris' (sorry, apparantly there is a title length limit): Brian McKnight took Linear Algebra and got the idea for the chorus of his song "Back at One" from mastering the Row Reduction Algorithm. Yeah, you know which song I'm talking about. And you like it. If you get over yourself, I can email it to you.

Yeah, what a crappy post. I know, I'll revert to the sophomore version of myself and poll you guys about something I have been staying up at night pondering. Who would win in a wrestling match, Stone Cold Steve Austin (in his prime of course):

or Robocop if all his weapons were gone:

I know, it's a tough one. Take your time.

post script
Y'all are just lucky I spared you from the Exodus pun I thought of while doing my Theology reading.

Friday, January 20, 2006

ND vs. Marquette

At the risk of being removed from the blog... I'd just like to mention that Marquette pulled off a win over Notre Dame!!! Well, to be fair, Steve Novak having a great game beat Notre Dame... details, details. Anyhoo, it was a fantastic game, and I never miss an opportunity to point out that Marquette isn't completely inferior... we can still get lucky, and this makes two (seriously though, UConn, how did we pull that one off?) ;)

Top Ten Films of 2005

This was something I wanted to do last year, but for whatever reason did not. So I went for it this time around. As far as I’m concerned, this was a fantastic year at the movies. I adore all the stuff in my top 10, and the 10 past that are pretty damn good, too, deserving of inclusion in someone’s list. But The Ten are the kind of movies that remind me why I love movies. I just love ’em. And reply away...what good’s one person proclaiming the best of the year?

HONORABLE MENTIONS – Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; Good Night, and Good Luck; The Constant Gardener; Shopgirl; Walk the Line; Thumbsucker; Syriana; Jarhead; Sin City

10. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN – That’s right, the gay cowboy movie! Only not really. At all. This is a love story, through and through, with all the joy and heartache and tragedy that comes with it. The best description I heard, for those who are nervous, is that it’s a 130-minute movie, and 129 of them are about men not having sex. All are fantastic; it’s just a beautiful, complex, layered film. Heath Ledger gives as good a performance as has been reported.

9. WAR OF THE WORLDS – Spielberg had a great year, in my opinion the best of his career. This is all the awe and wonder of the Spielberg of yesteryear with “Close Encounters” and “E.T.” with all the human drama that redefined him with “Schindler’s List.” It’s much less a summer blockbuster than it is a full-on war movie. Dakota Fanning deserves Best Supporting Actress; she’s incredible.

8. KING KONG – I think I’ve pretty much said everything I could about this. I saw it three times, and every time after the first I thought to myself “Can I really do another three hours?” But it doesn’t take long; by Jack Black’s introduction to the audience, I am hooked full-on. This is entertainment at its finest. Oh, and Kong himself really is the Eighth Wonder of the World.

7. MATCH POINT – Like “Brokeback Mountain,” this probably would’ve rated higher if I hadn’t known so much of what would happen. With “Brokeback,” I predicted most of where it would go, but in spite of that it still moved me and worked so completely for me. With this, I was simply spoiled on it, and had ended up seeing the trailer way too often (a major problem of going to the movies a lot). Maybe on second viewing I could watch it with fresh eyes, but for now it rests comfortably within me as a fantastic film, but one I was unable to be caught up in. Easily Scarlett Johansson’s best work since “Lost in Translation,” and Woody Allen is my pick for the best original screenplay for the year.

6. A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE – Existing on one level as an entertaining pulp thriller, and on another as the most complex, introspective film noir since “Memento,” it’s always a great film. It’s a fantastic example of why I don’t believe that longer is necessarily better: it clocked in at a mere 96 minutes, it’s a quick-moving but never rushed, thrilling film. Far as I’m concerned, Viggo Mortensen should take every actor award they give for his introspective, complex performance, and David Cronenberg should be picking up more directing nominations.

5. CINDERELLA MAN – Criminally under seen. Ron Howard's film was a victim of a poor release date, early June, when audiences are looking for thrills and escapes (and rightfully so). Also the title really turned off a lot of people. But even watching it again a few weeks ago, I was deeply moved and inspired. You’d have to go back to the classical era of movies to find a lead character as noble and flat-out good as James J. Braddock. Some might find that kind of goodwill and love cheesy or fake or whatever. I find it inspiring.

4. OLDBOY – If you would’ve told me, back in June, that this would not remain as my favorite movie for the year, I would’ve said you’re crazy. That nothing could ever outdo this. Nothing could be as epic, as heartbreaking, as moving, as original, as tense, or as riveting as this. And yet. Nonetheless, that this is number four is a testament to the final three, because this is a truly incredible piece of filmmaking. It twists and turns and wraps around your brain and dives into your heart, never once feeling forced or making you question the depths to which it plunges.

3. MUNICH – It's rare a filmmaker will come out with two movies in the same year. Even more rare they'd both be as good as these two were. You’d never know watching this that this began production in July of this year. You’d think Spielberg had been working at this for over a year, much of which would’ve been spent editing. And for a two-hour, forty-five minute movie, it moves like a train. I had to go to the bathroom from the start to the finish, but there wasn’t a chance you’d get me out of that seat. I was guessing where my chips and drink were, for I didn’t dare looking away. Most of the cast I was completely unfamiliar with, and they all solidified themselves as true professionals. Eric Bana, a guy I’ve liked even from “The Hulk” and certainly “Troy,” is especially good, lending a true soul, depth, and humanity to a movie that is essentially about revenge.

2. ELIZABETHTOWN – Some will agree with me. Some will wonder how this is even on a top ten list. But even if this were a completely objective look at the year, I couldn’t bring myself to take Cameron Crowe’s latest off, because little time has gone by since that day in mid-October that I haven’t reflected on it. Its soundtrack brings me peace every time I start it up. I’m not crazy about this trend the studios are on of releasing movies on DVD four months after their theatrical release, but I can’t wait to hang out with Drew and Claire again on February 7th. I love this movie as much today as I did when I first saw it (and many of you’ll remember that reaction). That’s rare.

1. THE NEW WORLD – Wow. Wow wow wow WOW. I can usually count on a movie coming out, at least once a year, that moves me in a major way. “Elizabethtown” took care of that for this year. If that was as good as it got, it still would’ve been a fantastic year. But then something like this comes along. One that nearly moves me to tears. One so beautiful, so tragic, so breathtaking, so evocative, and so completely a masterpiece that I sit still for some time as the credits roll. For the runtime of the movie, I’m either on the edge of my seat, desperate to further immerse myself in it, or sitting far back in the chair, floored with each moment. This was an edge-of-the-seat movie. I love movies, but “love” is too small a word to describe how this worked on me. I can’t think of one big enough, and that’s justification enough for me that this is the best of the year. I’ll review it if and when I get up the courage to, and can find the words specifically about it, but until then, I highly recommend seeing it. Terrence Malick isn’t a director for everyone, but he’s definitely for me and he might just be for you.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Okay, here is the plan. We all transfer to Appalachian State University. It is a truely amazing school. Don't believe me? Just watch their promotional video.

It appears to be a wonderful, wonderful institution, so who is going to transfer next year? I know I am.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

One Acts

The one acts are this weekend. Go to them. They will make you happy.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

It's the Chronic-WHAT?!!!-cles of Narnia

In an effort to present stuff on the Internet that really is funny, here's this little short film that showed up on SNL a few weeks back, and has been downloaded like crazy ever since. Many of you have probably seen it, but y'know...I hadn't, so a ton are probably in the same boat.

the internet

A little bit ago i was just idleily playing with the internet search engines to see if i could find anything interesting by being random. Google came up with a few interesting results:
if you serach 'eat my shorts' you end up with this as the first picture result:

If you type in 'Jesus', the second link you get is a site called 'Jesus dress up' where you can dress Jesus in as any of the wonderful Oz characters’ costumes. He looks stunning in the good witch’s, Glinda I think, robes.

a last exploration the internet led to the search 'a bowler hat' giving me this picture as the first thing that appeared:

so yea.
i apologize if you find this post lacking in taste , but i had nothing better to do.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

My sister in the Hospital

This morning my sister was taken out of class and into the JHS office. No she wasn't in trouble she was having another serious migrane. The Office attempted to call my mom at work, home, and on her cell with no luck. Knowing that I was working at my Aunts again today, she called my aunt and in turn she called me at my grandparents. I was able to get ahold of my mom at work and she went at picked Laina up. Well the migrane was so intense that my mom decieded to take her to the emergency room. They did a CAT scan and pumped her full of Morphine THREE TIMES! they just sent her home not twenty minutes ago (she just walked in the door as Im typing this sentince). she says she took over a liter of an IV. really hugry and tired. Well I need to go get the Chinese food that I ordered, so if you could all keep her in her prayers, the last thing we need is another sick person in the family (mom, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother, cousins, uncle). Thanks

Friday Plans!

Tomorrow (Friday) I propose that all interested meet at JHS for mass. Us cool kids who were at the New Years fastivities already heard this plan, but Scott (not cool) did not. I recall mass begins at 8:35 (?)...yeah i know, as a former "Clarke's Bitch" I should know that time, but I quickly forgot all previous obligations soon after leaving the Campus Ministry Office. To reiterate:



January 6th.

8:35 (ish) am.


Clap your hands.

The Man's Club

Ben and I, two thirds of the rap group Ho Fuckers, hereby found The Man's Club for the good of men everywhere. Contact us about joining. Nitschke's need not apply.

P.S. Rest in peace, Ian. We did not lose you in vain. We vow never to lose another from this day until the end of time.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

An update

My marine friend has made it through The Crucible, which means he's basically finished boot camp. Thanks for any prayers that you may have, ugh, prayed.

Oh and John, I suppose I should of said this when I first mentioned it, but the person I'm talking about is Bryant Young. Crazy, huh.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Hey now you have something to do on Saturday!

So my family is having a open house on Saturday at 1:30. You are all welcome to come. You can see all the crazy people who have made me who I am! Hey and you'll get to see Dylan! Well that is if my parents can convince him to stick around. Anyway it goes till whenever and I am sure after my dutiful hosting responsabilities are over we can sneak away and go do something. You don't have to rsvp but I am a very curious person and would love to know if you're coming! If nothing else you should come for the free food! Don't worry Magda I made sure we got some gluten free stuff!

Hope you guys can make it.

P.S. This post had a lot more exclamation marks but I went back and erased them. I am sure you are all very thankful!


So yeah, before I go back to school, I want to get that sidebar in decent shape. IM or email me (address in my profile) whatever you guys want linked, whether it be your pictures, other blogs, or just cool websites you like and I'll see about putting them in there. Don't be shy. Alright, hope you're all enjoying break, see you soon.