Thursday, January 05, 2006

Friday Plans!

Tomorrow (Friday) I propose that all interested meet at JHS for mass. Us cool kids who were at the New Years fastivities already heard this plan, but Scott (not cool) did not. I recall mass begins at 8:35 (?)...yeah i know, as a former "Clarke's Bitch" I should know that time, but I quickly forgot all previous obligations soon after leaving the Campus Ministry Office. To reiterate:



January 6th.

8:35 (ish) am.


Clap your hands.


Rachel said...

i meant "festivities" not "fastivities"...lame

Magda said...

*clapping hands*

Scott said...

Also, we're looking to do breakfast before mass at 7:20 at Tom's Pancake House (on Canyon, just before Cedar Hills), but if there's a huge problem with waking up that early, we could do breakfast afterwards, I just know there are some who couldn't do it then.

So yeah.

Oh, and I am definitely cool.

Adrianna said...

*says yeah*