Monday, January 02, 2006

Hey now you have something to do on Saturday!

So my family is having a open house on Saturday at 1:30. You are all welcome to come. You can see all the crazy people who have made me who I am! Hey and you'll get to see Dylan! Well that is if my parents can convince him to stick around. Anyway it goes till whenever and I am sure after my dutiful hosting responsabilities are over we can sneak away and go do something. You don't have to rsvp but I am a very curious person and would love to know if you're coming! If nothing else you should come for the free food! Don't worry Magda I made sure we got some gluten free stuff!

Hope you guys can make it.

P.S. This post had a lot more exclamation marks but I went back and erased them. I am sure you are all very thankful!


Scott said...

I'm almost positive I'll be able to make it. At the very least, nothing's coming to mind that'd get in the way.

Ben said...

I think I have tuba lessons.

Adrianna said...

I'm really sorry I couldn't make it... it was my brother's last night in town. Blah. Hope you had a good open house, and I will see you soon!