Friday, January 27, 2006

Hypothesis even less likely than that one that Al Gore was a robot, which of course was disproved when he gained thirty pounds and grew a beard second

only to Chuck Norris' (sorry, apparantly there is a title length limit): Brian McKnight took Linear Algebra and got the idea for the chorus of his song "Back at One" from mastering the Row Reduction Algorithm. Yeah, you know which song I'm talking about. And you like it. If you get over yourself, I can email it to you.

Yeah, what a crappy post. I know, I'll revert to the sophomore version of myself and poll you guys about something I have been staying up at night pondering. Who would win in a wrestling match, Stone Cold Steve Austin (in his prime of course):

or Robocop if all his weapons were gone:

I know, it's a tough one. Take your time.

post script
Y'all are just lucky I spared you from the Exodus pun I thought of while doing my Theology reading.


Scott said...

Robocop, dude, hands down.

Ben said...

But he's not flexible!

imac said...

It's definitely robocop. Period.

Misha said...

I'm gonna go with Stone Cold. If Robocop's weapons are gone, he's worthless. I mean, it would still be a close one, but Stone Cold would take it.

Scott said...

Part man. Part machine. All cop. He's a cyborg. Flexibility is unnecessary when you're made of, or covered in, steel.

Adrianna said...

I'm gonna have to agree with Misha here--- Stone Cold would make Robocop tap out.

Or just jump around in tights. That would work too.

Pat said...

I wanna hear the Exodus pun.

Katie said...

I had my first slow dance ever to Brian McKnight's Back at One. Big day.

And yeah, I own that CD.


Ben said...

Alright it really sucks, but for you, Pat my punning partner, I will:

Forty years in the desert? No sweat.

You may all feel free to cease to be friends with me.

post script
Another poll: how many guys remember their first slow dance song?

Misha said...

"I Swear" by All for One.
You all know which one that is.

And Ben, I would not cease to be your friend over that. I've seen worse.

Misha said...

but i'm not a guy...but still, that's pretty impressive, isn't it?

Ken said...

"Until this guy falls down on me..." You guys should stop kidding around. Obviously Ben Vincent would win that fight. Without even stepping in the ring.

imac said...

Didn't have one...obviously.

I agree, though, Ben would win that hands down.