Thursday, January 05, 2006

My sister in the Hospital

This morning my sister was taken out of class and into the JHS office. No she wasn't in trouble she was having another serious migrane. The Office attempted to call my mom at work, home, and on her cell with no luck. Knowing that I was working at my Aunts again today, she called my aunt and in turn she called me at my grandparents. I was able to get ahold of my mom at work and she went at picked Laina up. Well the migrane was so intense that my mom decieded to take her to the emergency room. They did a CAT scan and pumped her full of Morphine THREE TIMES! they just sent her home not twenty minutes ago (she just walked in the door as Im typing this sentince). she says she took over a liter of an IV. really hugry and tired. Well I need to go get the Chinese food that I ordered, so if you could all keep her in her prayers, the last thing we need is another sick person in the family (mom, sister, grandmother, great-grandmother, cousins, uncle). Thanks


Shakeer said...

Sorry, who is this again?

Chuck said...

That sounds pretty intense. I hope she gets well soon. I'll say some prayers for her.