Sunday, February 05, 2006

Another Round Eye Bites the Dust

Japan is amazing.  You have to go. My week there was like being in a dream world.
Firstly, the flight was great. They had flat screens in the back of
each seat so you could watch anything from a selection of about 25
movies.  We also flew over an erupting volcano, which was so cool.  The
food was even good too.

So we get in late on Wednesday and go to our host families.  Mine had a
23 year old daughter (no Ben, that didn’t happen), 21 yr. old son (no Ian, that didn’t happen), an 11 yr. old son, and a dog (no Alex, that didn’t happen).  I saw the Dad a grand
total of ten seconds.  The mom was really cool though.  I liked them a
lot. The older siblings spoke English, but my Japanese is good enough that I got by without them.

On Thurs, we went to Odori Park and saw the house size ice
sculptures that they are making for the snow festival.  We then trained and our gym was tiny.  On fri we went to a middle-school, which was the high light of the trip.  Japanese
middle-school is grades 7-9 FYI.  Everyone went nuts, especially the
girls.  We were like rock stars, seriously.  I'm surprised we didn't
get any panties thrown at us. So many love letters....

The weekend was mostly gymnastics and a bit of sightseeing. I ate a lot of sushi and said goodbye to all the Sapporo girls. OK, just one. We also went bowling. The screen told you how fast your ball went, that was cool.  My host family also took me to the entertainment district of Sapporo. There were so many lights you almost felt dizzy.

We left for Tokyo on Tuesday.  We went up Tokyo Tower to the top observatory at
250 meters.  Tokyo is indescribably huge.  The next day we went
shopping, visited a temple and learned how to use a katana from a true
master, and then did gymnastics. I think they had the “special” smoke burning in the temple that day. Let’s just say I’m glad we didn’t have to take a drug test that week.  We left the next day.
I don't really know how to describe Japan anyway but an even more first
world county than the US.  Everything seems, at least, to be perfect.
You've got to see it for your self.

This post turned out worse than expected as there is just so effin much that I could talk about. Sorry.

Oh, and never play pachinko.


Ben said...

That was a great post, Chuck. And I just figured out what you meant by round eye. I'm glad because I almost asked if you meant red eye, as in flight. Will you have the chance to go back next year?

Nancy said...

I'm really jealous. I'd like to go to Japan someday, if only to see all those crazy Japanese people in their natural habitat.

X said...

sorry to hear that the thing with the dog didnt work out. Im going to have to talk to that bitch. anywho sounds like one hellofa good time. erupting volcano and a more of a first world country then the US, wow wish i could have been there.

p.s. like on bareback mountain

p.p.s. thats an inside joke

Misha said...

awesome post chuck! I'm glad you had a good time there. It sounds amazing, and I really do hope to go there someday.
Hey nancy, I'll go with you! you take care of the speaking japanese part, and I'll do the eating sushi part. deal?

Ken said...

Chuck, Japanese middle schoolers don't wear panties. Uh, is what I hear.

Chuck said...

I hope I can go back soon. The UW team might go to Japan next year. They'll be goin to a Tokyo area college though.

Sorry Ken, I wasn't fortunate enough to find out for certain.