Sunday, February 19, 2006

Most Amazing Video Ever

It's just a guy running around Russia free-climbing buildings. It wasn't working so hot when I just watched in on Google, but click the link to download it for your computer.


Nancy said...

I could do that.

Ben said...

No, but Chuck could.

It's a good thing that video wasn't around during the Cold War. We probably would have just given up.

Ken said...

If by Chuck you mean Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris could do that at five years of age, while blindfolded in a straitjacket fighting ninjas. And Chuck Norris is as American as... Chuck Norris. Screw you Russia, and all your figure skaters and illegal caviar.

P.S. That was definitely French rap. Make your own, Russia.

Shakeer said...

Man I could take him.