Thursday, February 16, 2006

Now For The Easy Part

It is quite stormy here in Indiana. A nice thunderstorm tonight accompanied by high winds and a tornado watch. So I'm pretty sure what I saw as I walked towards our 14-story tall library was indeed about an F1 tornado. Not sure, would have to discuss it with A for a few minutes. It was very fast, but it wasn't big enough to scare me away, I had a blog post to write. (Though I did step into the nearest dorm for a few minutes, because I am just the slightest bit yellow.) Anyway, I just wanted to say that I made the weight I was shooting for (it changed as of last weekend when I had to to drop it lower as I discovered the weight class I had worked to achieve didn't actually exist) and that my (first, hopefully) boxing match is Tuesday evening. So I have five days to bulk up before stepping into the ring as an underdog freshman. Please send prayers/steriods. But don't worry too much. Worst case scenario is that I get hit it in the head a bunch of times and let's face it (ha, pun!), I can only get better looking. I also had a Linear Algebra test this morning and finished and handed in a term paper for Theology this afternoon. So I've decided that if I get A's on both of those (unlikely), I will from this year forth celebrate the third Thursday (say that with an Irish accent) of every February as a holiday, which I will call Trifecta Day. And every year I will attempt three grand feats on Trifecta Day. So keep your fingers crossed, though the math test is already graded and I can't possibly have done as well as I think I did. I will say, however, that Monster, a Mountain Dew product (and thus Pepsi), may be the greatest thing since, well, since this blog was founded. I know, a bold statement indeed.


Ben said...

A trifecta of things I forgot:

-When I was clearly going to make weight this afternoon, I finally let myself relax and watched an episode of Boy Meets World from the third season. Glorious.

-I then proceeded to get my RA to cut a couple news holes in my belt, as I have been ruining all my trousers by stepping on the cuffs as the sag down.

-After weigh-in I went to the dining hall and proceeded to eat enough to require three hours in bed and seven Tums worth of recovery.

Adrianna said...

1) Ben you are going to kick ass.
2) I envy you... an F1... lucky boxer boy...
3) Two words: brass knuckles.
4) Nah, you'll kick ass even without the brass.

Ben said...

Make that ten Tums and I definitely should have said "treading" instead of stepping.

And I think I'm going to have them put my nickname down as "Gentle Ben"