Thursday, February 09, 2006

Your friend, Horseradish tree

So if Ken's not flying you into Ithaca to see that concert, you can replicate my typical Friday night and sit on your couch, wrapped in a quilt, knitting socks with a cat on your lap (it takes practice! or a really lazy cat) and watch Death Cab play on Austin City Limits on PBS. Not being a huge fan myself, I am more looking forward to the second act, My Morning Jacket. Usually I watch my soaps, but I'll make an exception for that. ACL has some good concerts this season. There's a dry period for a month after this show, but on March 11 they have Wilco and Bright Eyes, and the following weeks have Modest Mouse, Damien Rice, The Flaming Lips and The Shins, Jack Johnson and Rilo Kiley, Ben Folds, The Killers and Spoon, and then the season is wrapped up with Franz Ferdinand. There are some oddball shows peppered in there, but I'm excited, mostly because now I have something to tell Doug to do when he whines to me about his lonely Friday nights. Saturday nights are even better, because you can hear a whole hour of Shakeer doing his radio show online, starting at two in the morning eastern (they're archived for you sleepy kids on the East Coast). That's at and you know that if you don't listen, in about two years you'll hear about some band that all your cool friends dig and you'll be the unhip one and then Shakeer will levitate by, cross-legged, and tell you in the most non-condescending way possible, that he played them on the radio a few times a couple years back. But wait, there's more (favorite line of the kid who used to play pretend Yu Gi Oh with me at daycare). When you've decided there just aren't enough ways to hear good music, NPR decides to do this thing where they get great bands, play them live on the radio, then save a streamed version on their website. Sometimes you can even download them. That's the thing that's linked, because I thought you kids might get lost. Our boy Colin Meloy is the newest one up there (Wilco, Interpol, and Bright Eyes are in the archives.) So there you go, some stuff to listen to while you wait for that mix CD I'm making you that will take forever because I've decided that composing those will be my token artistic effort in life. I could have been an artist, but at the age of six I was told to study geography.


Misha said...

Not a huge fan of Bright Eyes. Actually, I may go so far as to say I just don't like them. Maybe I've just never heard a song I like. Feel free to try and change my mind if you want to!
But gosh do those other ones sound exciting! Modest Mouse, Damien Rice, The Flaming Lips, The Shins, Jack Johnson and Rilo Kiley, Ben Folds, The Killers and Spoon, and Franz Ferdinand?? That is way cool!

Ben said...

Sorry, I was unclear on the NPR thing, there are a lot on the main page (Scott, you'll dig the Iron+Wine and Calexico), and then the next page over is the archives. And I'm not a huge Bright Eyes fan either, but I figured he'd appeal to some of us.

Scott said...

Well, for whatever sick reason, Boston doesn't play Austin City Limits, which is a damn shame 'cause I've been getting into My Morning Jacket (yeah, what now).

At any rate, Fox is showing the final four episodes of Arrested Development tonight at 8, so if you find yourselves with nothing to do (or have a VCR), I highly recommend it.

Cory said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

Ben said...

Cory! Hey buddy! I hope you haven't taken up lying.

post script
Yeah, apparantly Austin City Limits is on Saturday nights. Would have sworn it was Friday and Soundstage was Saturday, but whatever.

Cory said...

lol :-D

no i haven't, but i have discovered that large doses of creatine does wonders for my body composition.

did i say creatine? i meant Pro Rated whey protein supplement. it's makers are pretty sure that it's patent pending formula will eventually be approved by the FDA.