Saturday, March 04, 2006

Come See "Getting Out" at UP, SAT and SUN!!!

If you happen to in portland this weekend for spring break or whatever, you really should come see the play that I am in at the University of Portland, Getting Out. I portray "The Doctor" and am a really mean guy that beats up on the main character. It it deffinatly not a feel-good play but its fun and its only 10 dollars. Anyone who can come really should. The basic outline is that the main character Arlene has just been released from prison after 8 years and has to confront her past in varieing ways, whether it be her former pimp, her mother, or the series of flashbacks that take place in which she is portrayed by a different actress. The acting is very intense and I highly recomend it to all of you. So tonight and tommorow are our last two performances (Sat the 4th at 7:30 and Sun the 5th at 2:00) and I appologize for not posting earlier, but I have been quite busy. I hope anyone who is in town can make it.

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Ken said...

Got two or three more weeks to Spring Break, but break a leg, buddy!