Thursday, March 23, 2006

Okay, So Tell Me If This Creeps You Out (As We All Wait Impatiently For Doug's Tales Of European Debauchery)

At the radio station, we don't get a ton of calls. In fact, at least a quarter of them are from the same dozen or so folks. Consequently, I haven't been concerned as I have gotten at least one call every Thursday morning from the same guy. Sure, it was a little weird when he called and asked me to repeat a story on scholarships for gay students, which we proceeded to discuss, with the conversation somehow turning to me answering questions about the guy who had the slot last semester (who I don't know.) But most of the regulars are pretty eccentric and this was tame compared to what regulars like Truck Driver Rick, Donna the cat lady, or Captain Marvel talk about. However, today he called to talk about a joke I had made on my rock show two weeks ago, and ask me about my grades. He called back ten minutes later and told me he had an extra ticket to the Glee Club Spring concert tomorrow and asked if I wanted to go. Now ordinarily I don't date older men, but a couple of my best friends here, one being my future roommate, are in Glee Club and I hadn't gotten a ticket before they sold out. And you guys know how devoted a friend I am. I mean, who else would donate a testicle to Ken? So I said sure. We talked about where to meet and he asked what color my hair was. I told him I was 5'11 and pretty goofy looking. He said, and I quote: "Oh, a tall boy, very good." Then after a second he asked me how goofy looking. I told him fairly goofy, but not a circus freak (agree/disagree?). Anyway, that tall boy thing seemed sort of strange. I tell ya, there's nothing nicer than getting calls from people who really like what you're playing, but sometimes I wish we didn't have a telephone in the studio. Especially when Captain Marvel gets drunk. Really I have no reason to be posting. I guess you guys could help me: what should I wear?

{He called a third time to confirm}


Nancy said...

Ben, stop leading people on!

Ken said...

Disagree. And I got a LOT of offers.

Scott said...

I can't wait for the follow-up to this.