Sunday, March 19, 2006

Spring Break '06: The Revenge of Sally Ann Furnace

Well, I just got back to Brew City after what amounted to a whirlwind 10-day tour of the East Coast by my buddy chum ol-pal Kate Sko(czalek). Emphasis on the whirlwind. We covered at least 800 miles, including the Appalacian mountains, Washington DC, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and a whoooole lotta Philly. As I speak Kate is currently sleeping somewhere. I'm not sure. I should probably go find her at some point and poke her with things, because that is my job here in Cobeen. Along the way I met some crazy people, some not-so-crazy people, and some absoultely batshit insane people. And Nancy Tsang. Anyway, because you busy college people enjoy pretty pictures instead of words:

Kate Sko and some juice in the airport, shortly before she was patted down by a very burly woman because she lost her photo ID.

Kate's block in the Mayfair neighborhood of Philadelphia. A whole bunch of little identical row homes made up every block. Kate's boyfriend/fiancee lives a block up.

Kate's grandpa's Christmas tree farm. He's a retired civil engineer and one of his daughters is also a civil, so we talked shop (well, granpa was kinda sleepy/on painkillers for a broken sternum, so we just kinda sat around with him).

Kate's in the Army. I made her promise me that she wouldn't make me go back to Arlington.

A really pretty sunset behind the Washington Monument in DC.

The White House, complete with some security dude looking at us.

Me taking a picture of Kate taking a picture of someone taking a picture (not pictured). We were bored?


NANCY TSANG, with whom I watched "V for Vendetta" a second time. In two nights. Ah good times.

We stole chalk. Rebels.

Highlights not pictured above:

-Driving to the Jersey shore at 3 AM to watch the sun rise. (IT WAS COLD. But pretty. No pics becasue I left my camera in the car and was too busy spooning for warmth to go run back.)
-Almost but not quite stealing food from the UPenn business school with Nancy.
-Bubble tea place!
-Watching Dan's video of "that time we got bored, happed to know someone who had some dynamite, and blew up Kate's TV"
-Getting lost in the foothills of the Appalacians for two hours after eating at someplace called "Snuzzle's" on Sally Ann Furnace Road. BEST ROAD NAME EVER. However, we still do not know how it intersected with itself and then became another road entirely.
-Hanging out at Chris's house. The Engmans fed us well.
-Figuring out just what the hell a Wawa is.
-5 mile run around some big lake in Virginia.
-The 100-mph return from DC in post rush-hour traffic. ("I SEE A HOLE!" "ohmygodi'mgonnadiecrazyeastcoastdrivers")
-Matt just kind of showing up one day. He's from Detroit. Go figure.

And a whole bunch of other stories that are either bizzare, incriminating, hilarious, or all three. Mostly all three. But that's my spring break in a nutshell. I have more pictures which will wind up places. For now I must figure out what my chemlab is all about and try to fix my iPod, which apparently hates airplanes or me or both... yeee-haaaa!


Nancy said...

that tea is definitely better hot than cold.

Magda said...

Ooh, that sounds like fun. Party on.

X said...

so what is a "wawa"?

Nancy said...

it's like a 7-11 with a subway in it..and good coffee.

Misha said...

hot bubble tea? i don't know if i trust you nancy.
mmmm, my favorite is strawberry milk bubble. you should try.

sounds like a crazy fun time

Nancy said...

oh, I was merely referring to a black tea A got at the Bubble House, but they do serve hot bubble tea too which isn't so bad..depending on what you get. Like, hot fruit bubble teas are terrible. I haven't tried favorite is almond.