Friday, March 24, 2006

Whoever built a platform between platforms 9 and 10 must have been high

I have now lost all faith in Harry Potter. Whoever thought that a platform could exist there is a total idiot. I'll load a picture eventually, but i'm lazy... But King's Cross is in a horrible area of London, there are, or at least used to be drugs and prostitutes everywhere. I actually didn't see much of this, just one really bad transvestite. Anyway, platforms 9 and 10 are off on the side of the station, in a very not-busy part of the station, where anybody would notice hundreds of kids passing through a solid wall. Plus, there is a cart in the way prohibiting anyone from just walking through. I did however, attempt to gain access to the platform by running head first into the wall, but failed and split my head open. BTW, I'm not joking, I really did split my head open. More on this later. Other HP-related news: Cannon Athletic Club is on Chudleigh (Chudley) St. and Fawkes is the name of a gunpowder export who ploted to overthrow the British government. Dublin was... Dublalicious. Pretty touristy. Pretty much the only shops that were open downtown were Irish gift shops... and PUBS. Hellua pubs. Basically non-stop pubbage. The worst part of Ireland was the 6:45 flight after St. Paddy's. That sucked. At least the hotel was nice. Much better than this shit-hole I'm stuck in in London. We have 4 people in a 2 person room. And the hotel is so cheap that it advertises the basic amendaties that it cuts to save money. Plus, the hotel is near King's Cross, which, as I said, is shitty. Plus, London is Hellua expensive. The rugby was fun. It is really nice to play again. We lost by a ton, though. It was bad. We lost to old men, it was kinda embarassing. I started to play well again about 10 minutes into the second game. I had three tackles in a row. It was great. Tackle, up, tackle, etc. I got up for the fourth tackle, hit heads with somebody else trying to tackle him. I'm down for about a second, but get up and try to ruck. I see blood dripping down everywhere, but I figured it was just my nose, which had been bleeding since the first play. As usual, I just shoved grass up there, and kept playing. Well, it turned out that I had split my head knocking heads, and was bleeding quite profusely. Some guy from the other team took me and the other guy, who got a concussion to the hospital, where I got 3 stitches. Luckily, health care is free in England. I heart Socialism. That was yesterday. Today, went on the London tour. Took one of those sight-seeing buses, then toured Tower of London. That was about it. Won't see any more than that, though, we leave for Amsterdam tomorrow.
I'm back in Ithaca now, I wrote that earlier part before and am too lazy to change it. My friend told me to tell people that I split my head open trying to run into platform 9 3/4, so that's why I said that... Anyway, Amsterdam. Uh.... Amsterdam was fun. Went to the Van Gogh mueseum, which also had a exhibit with Rembrandt and some Italian, Cavarggio or something. Then we went to this really cheap free market thing, which is a bunch of cheap clothing and stolen shit. And fries with mayonasie. Then the Anne Frank house, which was really creepy and really depressing. It makes her diary so much more powerful being in the place where she wrote it. We then decided to relieve this tension by going to the Red Light district, which was really close by. Pretty much what you'd expect from a Red Light district, lots of porn stores, strip joints, and prostitutes in the windows of the stores in the alleys. Yay prostitutes. Anyway, that was about all. We only spent 1 full day in Amsterdam, so we didn't get much time to see everything. Bad thing about the hotel, though. The room was pretty much the size of the 4 beds that were in the room, so It was pretty packed. Also, my room was the only one with a balcony, so all the potheads smoked on the balcony all night, causing the room to smell very strongly of pot. I was kinda suprised we didn't get stopped at the airport for just reeking of the stuff, but we made it, and now I have to wash the smell of weed out of all my clothes. I also have to get the stitches removed from my head today, and some homework, but if I think of anything else that happened and I neglected to mention, I'll post a comment.


Magda said...

"Yay prostitutes." That is such a Doug thing to say.

Also, fries and mayo sounds absolutely disgusting. And that sucks about your head. But I'm glad you hd fun. (You did have fun, right?)

Doug said...

Oh yeah, defintely had fun.

Shakeer said...

speaking of which!