Sunday, April 23, 2006

numbers galore!

Yeh, so I finally got me a cell. I don't want to post the number out in the open, but IM me via AIM at inuyasha247 or email me at inuyasha247 {@} hotmail . com if you want the number.(sorry for the funny breakup there, I just don't want my email address being picked up by spiders)


Scott said...

I just imagined a tarantula crawling along and grabbing your e-mail address and scurrying off.

Nancy said...

ew spiders are gross

Shinekaze said...

Heh, inventive to say the least. My acute arachnophobia (sp?) is the precise reason I don't want spiders grabbing my email... think about it. Huge spiders, the size of the ones in the Harry Potter movie, comes along, steals your email, and then proceeds to bog your email down with gooey, nasty spam. >_< (Nancy, I wholeheartedly agree, that's why I like spiders, wd40(or some other ignitable aerosol), and a match.