Monday, April 24, 2006

Who knew? Volcanoes!

Last night I walked down to the First Unitarian Church with a friend and her friend from Missoula who smoked at least 3 ciggarettes before we finally saw Islands. We got to the church and found a long trail of indie kids wrapping around the building. It's really interesting how all indie kids look alike. After waiting for about an hour after the show was supposed to start, they let us in. The first opening band was Snowden who wasn't bad except for the fact that all of their songs consisted of one line that was repeated over and over again. It was fun watching the singer swing his sweaty hair around to the beat because sometimes he'd get off beat and he'd have to stop for a second to get back on track. Anyway, the second opener was Cadence Weapon who rapped and probably only got to perform because he's the guy who raps in Where There's a Will There's a Whalebone. We sat outside for that set and amused ourselves by personifying this pretty white flower amongst the dirt and other coarse plants. It kept getting blown violently in the wind and Kim (the one who smokes) kept making distressful flower noises whenever this happened and I really don't know why we found that so funny but anyway back to the show. Why? played next and had a pretty big following. I could have sworn all of their songs were about sex but I could be wrong. Aaand after much waiting around Islands came on stage.

(this is Phil)

Despite some bad sound quality, Islands were really great. Especially since there are two stereotypical asian guys in the band playing the violin and various other instruments. During one song, one of them played the violin like a guitar. They started their set with Volcanoes and the crowd ate it up, although it might have been because they were on ecstasy. I say this because the group of people in front of us were off the wall. They kept jumping around and swaying and doing strange dances and being generally rowdy but Islands just kept playing unfazed. Someone also managed to crowd surf...That bunch certainly loosened up the audience but after a while they just got annoying. When Islands finished, they walked off stage over to a side door which led to an open room, flipped the lights on and just stood around drinking water and beer while the audience cheered them back on stage by chanting "U-S-A." But when that didn't work they chanted "Canada." It reminded me of Gus and Shakeer and Jack and whoever else was a part of that back in high school. They played Swans and something else. I'm pretty sure it was all just an act, but when the show was really over they just hung out in the same place. I'm really surprised no one went over to talk to them. I kind of wanted to ask Nick Thorburn if he would reveal what was under his long bangs. And compliment the show of course, maybe get an autograph.

Overall I thought I had the most fun at this concert than any others I’ve been to because everyone was so engaged with music and freely clapped and sang along. I only wish bands wouldn't take so long to get started. I'm also wondering how a church turned into a concert venue.

I saw Wolf Parade a couple weeks ago too, except in a far more grungy/clove smoking venue. They sounded fantastic live. Every one of the members had a bottle of Heineken and in the keyboardists' case, a very large towel. Spencer Krug (the guitarist/singer) was also smoking something when he wasn't singing. Even while doing all that they managed to play almost all of their songs perfectly, with some slight variations of course. They ended with I'll Believe in Anything and played Dinner Bells during the encore performance.

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Ken said...

To be honest I'd heard of exactly: zero bands or songs that you just wrote about, but I trust your judgment so I guess I'll steal them from The Man. Uh, borrow.

Most importantly, what is it about Missoula!? That place keeps popping up and it really has no right to at all. I hear about Missoula more often than I hear about the entire state of Idaho or either Dakota. I hear about it more than I hear about Montana at large.

Nancy said...

Islands is made up of ex-Unicorn members (you might have heard of them?). And Wolf Parade just rocks in general. I really thought I put that in the post somewhere but I guess not. And I don't know what it is about Missoula either, although I don't think I've heard about it as much as you have.

Ben said...

All I know is that they have a helluva Holiday Inn.

Shinekaze said...

Garh, I'm jealous. You lucky kids live in places where bands actually go. The best we get are crappy student bands. We were supposed to have some big concert down in Reser Stadium, but the band that said they really wanted to play it backed out when they were invited. That leaves us with no one coming to play. The Student Union was pushing for them to have a group contracted here like a week ago, but I haven't heard anything else about it, so I'm going to assume the whole thing is just cancelled.

Ben said...

Yeah Dev, JB and I are in the same position. And when we do get someone, like this Friday, it's effin' Matchbook Romance. Chicago is so close...

Katie said...

My roommate, Emily, would like to inform you, Ben, that she *loves* Matchbook Romance ("Tell him I love them. No, seriously, tell him. Love."...okay, I will.)

So they can't be *that* bad.

We're gonna see Guster and Rahzel the day after tomorrow, and Say Anything the night before I leave to go home (here's how that conversation went in my room:
Me: "Hey, Say Anything is playing at the Cat's Cradle on May 4th"
Emily: "Oh my god we're going."
Kristin: "Emily, we have an Environmental Science final the next day."
Emily: "It's Say Anything. I don't care."