Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wow, I Think His Jeans Are Tighter Than *Mine*: Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab In Concert

So I went to my second concert of my college career (the first was a Sister Hazel concert, my roommates bought me a ticket for my birthday and didn’t tell me where we were going until we got in the car…I was very impressed, seeing as I’d only known these girls for about a month and they pulled this whole thing off for me) this last Friday night, and it was awesome. We had great seats, 12th row from the stage on the floor, so we could see everything, and by the time Franz Ferdinand hit the stage, Cameron was packed.

The show opened with The Cribs, a band from Glasgow, I believe, and I enjoyed them…they were more Franz Ferdinand than Death Cab, but I liked it. I felt bad because they started EXACTLY at 7:00, and no one goes to concerts on time (except, obviously, Emily and I) so not that many people heard them. Meh.

Franz Ferdinand was next, and they were excellent. I hadn’t heard that much of Franz Ferdinand beyond “Take Me Out” (which, when they played, made the stadium ERUPT and almost everyone was singing along and jumping) and “40 Feet”, both of which they played, but after hearing more, I think I want to download more of their music. Unfortunately, the lead singer’s thick Scottish accent made it tough to understand him when he was talking, so I hope he wasn’t making a lot of jokes, because then he would feel bad when nobody laughed cuz we didn’t know what he was saying.

I think more people came for Death Cab than for Franz Ferdinand though, because when Franz Ferdinand left the stage, I saw a lot more people coming and not many people leaving. Death Cab was incredible, of course, and I enjoyed it a lot more this time seeing as I’d heard more of their music by now (when I saw them the first time, I’d only heard “Passenger Seat”). While they mostly played music from their new album Plans, they alsoplayed a great mix of songs from different albums, from Transatlantacism, to The Photo Album to We Have The Facts And We’re Voting Yes. It was very funny, though, when they would play slower, more intense songs like “What Sarah Said” (if you haven’t heard it, its on Plans, and I think it’s really sad and beautiful), people starting using their cell phones instead of lighters, waving them back and forth…they looked like fireflies, but at the same time, I got really excited when people pulled out actual lighters and waved them instead. The cell phone just doesn’t seem right somehow.

One of my favorite parts though was the types of people who were there, and what a random odd assortment of people came for this concert…you had the stereotypical people at an “emo/indie” concert, with the tight jeans (especially on the guys) and black band t-shirts to match their black converses, but then there were duke preps with their popped collars who you suspect are only here because they heard Death Cab one time on The O.C., junior-high aged kids that make you hate them for their superior music taste at that age (admit it, you were listening to Backstreet Boys, too, it's okay, we all went through it), adults our parents age…these bands have a big audience. For anyone else going to this tour, get excited, I really enjoyed it…except for the two sets of ridiculously strange 15-year old couples standing right in front of Emily and I, who continued to make out during the concert…so unnecessary. The only high lights were when one girl attempted to jump on her bf (…? Yeah, I dunno.) and they both fell over and Emily and I could not stop laughing, and then another time, when we were making fun of them, right when Emily turns to me and goes “oh my god, wanna make out?”, the song stopped and it was really quiet so it was really loud and I laughed really hard. Yes for awkwardness.

I’m excited to see y’all. I miss my Oregon. I haven’t been in so long.


Doug said...

Way to go Katie, now I don't have to make a post about the concert! I'll just add what I thought here. Didn't really care too much for the Cribs, they were just a standard opening band, so I wasn't too disappointed when I came in half way through their set. I must admit, I expected more from Franz Ferdinand, especially since I like them a lot better than Deathcab, but I wasn't disappointed. Deathcab, on the other hand, far exceeded my expectations for them. They didn't sound nearly as whiny and lame as they do on their albums, which was really nice, and the girl I was with (Her name is Emily, too) really likes them, so that was cool. I didn't like any one song in paricular, except the accoustic version of "I will follow you into the dark," which was the first encore song. I was able to make out what the Franz Ferdinand guy was saying, I guess he was introducing all of the band members, but he would scream the names, so while his introductions were grandiose, they were left unfulfilled by the fact that we didn't even hear the name of the guy he was introducting, but its not like I cared. He didn't make any jokes with us, though, so Katie, you might be fine. Awkward moments. My RA walks up to me and just stands beside me without me seeing her, and I turned around. That, and Emily and I were lying down between sets, and I notice that my Math TA was about five feet away from me with her boyfriend, and they were all over each other. And before Emily got to the concert, we were looking for her, but nobody could see over the mass of people, so Katie jumped on my back a few times to get a better view. Not that that was awkward at all, just kinda coincidental. (We didn't fall over, though)

Ben said...

Stop making new friends Douglas.

Katie said...

UPDATE: According to our school newspaper, Franz Ferdinand was apparently spotted later that Friday night partying at Beta, to see what a "real American frat party" was like. Sweet.

Ken said...

I couldn't go.

Scott said...

Wow, Franz Ferdinand had a Russell from Stillwater moment. Did he scream that he's a Golden God as well?

And isn't that your third concert, since you...saw...the Rolling Stones...blast!

Katie said...

Oh right, ha, good call. How could I forget, wow, blonde moment. That concert was...epic.