Saturday, May 06, 2006


I'll give 50 bucks to whosever first to post a picture of a baby they can prove is genetically their own. Yep, that's a Ulysses S. Grant ladies and gentlemen. Go!

post script
This is so going to come back and bite me when I'm an impoverished med student (knock on wood.)

post post script
Oh yeah, dibs on godfather.


Shinekaze said...

What the fuck prompted this?

Hammerin' Helda said...
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Ken said...

Ben, economically speaking it's still not worth it. I would do that right now, but genetic testing costs more than $50 and the stress it would put on little Striker is worth something too.

P.S. Alex, I'm used to seeing new pseudonyms, but that's really a new low.

Misha said...

Ben, I would make you my baby's godfather. You just wait.

Katie said...


John and Karolyn said...

I'm thinking it will be Pat to give birth first. Definitely.