Monday, May 01, 2006

DC Part 2: Genocide is Bad, mmmkay?

Well, I went to Washington DC again this weekend with 50 other kids from Marquette. We're part of DAC, the Darfur Action Coalition of Marquette. Think Nick Ohio on steroids and with a petition, and that's the DAC. Anyway. We took a 15 hour bus trip down to DC to go to this huge rally featurng keynote speakers Barak Obama and George Clooney. Also, Al Sharpton was there for some reason. All told there were something like 40 speakers and 2 musical acts (country and African music, sorry nobody cool and hip for you hipster indie kids), so it was quite the rally.

The bus ride down and back was pretty, for lack of a better word, interesting. Since the bus was full to capacity, nobody could really sleep for more than 10 or 15 minutes. That wasn't too much of a problem since people brought DVDs and we found out how to get those little bus TVs to work. So yeah I watched Anchorman for the 1,592nd time. And it was still good. Thanks to the group's strict "no pooping" law we made it to DC and back without the bus smelling too horrible. We also learned that the best way to pep up for a rally is to get a blue slushee from a truck stop and mix in sour patch kids, then pass that sucker around like hippies and a peace pipe. (By the way Ben, I did play Peace Train but only the 4 or so people near me heard it. I tried sir, I tried.)

The rally kicked ass. It was sunny and 70, so people were out in force-- I'm not sure of the exact number, but here's some pictures.

Unfortunately because my camera sucks, I couldn't get any closeups of the speakers. If anyone's interested in seeing a hi-res closeup of Al Sharpton for some reason, I can probably steal it from Jeff K. or Kate's cameras.

Since this was a genocide rally, the Jewish community was out in force. It was pretty interesting to see signs that said stuff like "JEWISH VEGANS AGAINST GENOCIDE", and every other sign was written in Hebrew. My favorite sign is still the large bold one that stated simply "GENOCIDE IS UNCOOL."

Bonus pic of a guy who climbed a tree with his sign.

So yeah, if you ever get a chance to go to a protest/rally in DC go for it. It's quite the experience. You meet a lot of cool people, get to see some pretty interestng stuff, and you get to feel good about doing your duty as a citizen (or something). That's all for this update from A's varied travelouge (now 90% Washington DC related!), I'm gonna go to class and then crash 'cause I haven't slept since Friday morning when I had to wake up early to help push a humvee up a hill, which is another story for another time. Shh I got a free t-shirt and a cup okay?


Miguel said...

Yeah, protests in DC are cool.

And if you come, you could give Michael a ring and he'll hop the metro down to the National Mall and say hey.

Because it's always cool to see Oregonians.

Ken said...

We have a chapter of that Jewish group here. Speaking of which, Mike, aren't you a member of "vegans against genocide in near-asia"? Something like that? I don't remember who told me that.

Miguel said..., I'm not...nor am I a vegan....weird.