Tuesday, May 30, 2006


You know it's bad news bears when even I don't feel like posting. bad news grizzly bears even. Anyway, here's a list of stuff that went down before, during, and after my adventure in central Washington this weekend, in order of least to most interesting. Kind of.

-on drive, listened to all Led Zeppelin's studio albums, in order
-made it in three and a half hours. mostly to spite nancy's mom
-drove home barefoot due to extremely waterlogged shoes
-took a nap on an indian reservation
-ran into, and hung out with, samuel higgins
-saw my first real-life bong
-was asked if I had a joint, twice
-decided, for very minimal reasons, that i hate yakima
-was nonplussed by rogue wave
-had more fun watching architecture in helsinki than any other band ever
-was throughly underwhelmed, even more than last time, by sufjan
-enjoyed iron & wine's set (he finished with my three favorite songs)
-witnessed barrel fires and slip and slides down hills (once on a picnic table)
-stayed until 1:45 to see the end of the flaming lips set
-decided wayne coyne is the best showman in the world
-jammed to ben harper like it was junior year all over again
-was standing in line, in shorts and a tshirt because it got really hot, to meet sam beam of iron & wine, when the worst hail storm i've ever experienced in my life hit. for ten-plus minutes, with two short respites.
-would not leave to find shelter or my coat, was saved by kindly gentleman with extra hat and jacket five or six minutes into storm
-met sam beam, who blew away all my expectations
-wished you were there

post script
the shins were good too. their keyboardist is a major tool though


Katie said...

oh sheltered little benji...is weed not big at notre dame? it seems like its *everywhere* at duke...i guess i thought that was par for most schools. maybe not. mm. not that it matters for me...NCAA mandatory random drug testing, wooo.

anyway, i'm glad you had fun...oh, by the way, anybody else (i know you are, scott) going to the counting crows/goo goo dolls concert?

Misha said...

good god in heaven i want to go to that concert. my sister says that she may have a ticket for me. i may cry if i cant go...as i cried for sasquatch.

haha...your first real live bong. ben i love you.

i wish i had been there with you

Adrianna said...

I would give my right lung/kidney to go to that concert, but alas no tickets.

Cielle and Lacey said...

Didn't realize you had sucj excitment on your weekend.