Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I finally found out what part of Mexico Ian is from.

Am I studying abroad? Yes, lots of them. At first impression, I was glad to live in the US because I think the average American girl is prettier than the average Mexican girl. Yet I’m finding that Mexican girls have pretty cool personalities. Yesterday I had a second girl in 2 days tell me that I was really cool. American girls are never so blunt. And I wasn’t even telling that good of jokes. The first one said I was ripped, so she’s clearly delusional, but in a good way. Maybe I’ll come down here again to search for a potential wife because the marianismo of the culture idolizes submissive women, and I really enjoy getting my way so basically I want a doormat of a woman. Just kidding. But no seriously, I’m just kidding. Here’s another thing:
What do you call a dog with no legs?
It doesn’t matter. He’s not coming.
They loved that one! Jokes like that stopped working in grade school for me back in the States.

Anywho, I spent last weekend in Pachuca, Mexico. Llovana celebrated her birthday in a cabin in the woods with a group of friends. We drove an hour away from the city into the woods, and when we reached the cabin, there were tree-covered mountains on all sides, with a river snaking through all the mountains.

I was really lucky to find the group. The first Sunday I was here I looked up the closest Protestant church in the area. It happened to be Primera Iglesia Bautista. I've always admired how there can be so many First Baptist Churches. How are they all the first one? A missionary lady gave me the number of a missionary family hosting a group of college students. I've been running around with them ever since. They're all from the Bible Belt. When I came here, I knew I would have an intercultural experience. I just didn’t know it would be with so many with gringos. There are about 150 Americans studying here and one 1 Canadian. “I suppooze it’s kinda fun, ay?” He really said that!


Ben said...

thanks for confirming that people don't change cory. those buddhists almost had me for a minute. stupid buddhists.

sounds like fun, keep on trucking

Ken said...

Why didn't my comment post before? Anyway, great first line, did you make that up yourself?