Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Movie Catch-Up

It’s really more that I’m too lazy to write full reviews of these, even though they're far and above the last couple I did write full ones for, but they all certainly deserve mention (and I know I barely wrote a word on X3, but in the end there was so little of the movie I really cared about…it didn’t suck, but it also didn’t really beg for any further thought). So it goes...


In the end, I guess nothing I can really say will make you NEED to see this, essentially a film of the presentation Al Gore has been making across the nation about global warming, but just know that it totally convinced me it’s an issue that NEEDS to be addressed immediately, and there are no real politics in there, besides the occasional Bush joke (but of all the people deserving to make Bush jokes, Gore should be the guy who gets to). It’s more frightening than a lotta horror movies out there, and Gore should get a lot of credit for the amount of research he’s done into a topic nobody cares about. And believe it or not, Al Gore is an entertaining, engaging speaker. If he’d been this good, he might have won the election. Oh wait…

See it if you care about the future of the planet.


It’s bleak as hell, dirty as sin, but the best badass movie I’ve seen since OLDBOY. The essential storyline is set in Australia in the 1880s and revolves around a police captain (Ray Winstone, who next year will kick medieval ass as Beowulf…yeah, THAT Beowulf) who offers a criminal (Guy Pearce, the guy from Memento) and his younger brother a pardon if he goes and kills his older brother (Danny Huston), a man with a far darker past. Every member of the cast is fantastic, especially Guy Pearce, who once again solidifies his status as the man. Easily the best Western I’ve ever seen, though I haven’t seen many (I do like Tombstone though), and it relies on themes of family and loyalty in the midst of criminals that I’m completely a sucker for. It is extraordinarily violent though, if that’s a concern, but if you’ve seen The Passion you can take it. Beautifully shot, completely gripping but with a really epic feel for its hour-forty-five running time.


I honestly can’t believe it, but right now this is my favorite movie of the year. If you want to get into the technicalities of filmmaking, sure, United 93 is superior, but I’ll almost always lean towards the feel-good movie, and that is this. The story, such as it is, revolves around the backstage activity of the final broadcast of Garrison Keillor’s famous radio program, but is done in such a way as the recreate the feeling of listening to the show. If you don’t like the show, you’ll hate the movie, but the rest of you will fall in love with it. Saying such actors as Meryl Steep, Lily Tomlin, Woody Harrelson, Tommy Lee Jones, Virginia Madsen, and John C. Reilly are fantastic in it is one thing, but when even I fall for Lindsay Lohan, that’s saying something. And Kevin Kline is surprisingly hilarious as Guy Noir, though a completely different version of the character than Keillor plays it on the show. Oh, and it’s directed by Robert Altman, who even at 81 and now with an Honorary Oscar under his belt proves he’s still got what it takes, more so even than almost every other director out there.

I absolutely love this movie, and cannot recommend it highly enough.

So that's the catch-up. Still have to see The Break-Up, Cars, and starting Friday...Nacho Libre.


Misha said...

It's ok that you're lazy, because I like these snippet reviews. This way I read all of it. I mean, it's not your fault that i have the attention span of a three month old child, but still, nicely done. And I want to see A Prairie Home Companion, cause I love that show!

Shakeer said...

Alright, there have been no posts in more than a week; get into the technicalities of filmmaking and tell us why Flight 93 is superior man.